Author's note: As promised, here's another dabble! Enjoy!

The sun was setting over the New York skyline, a brilliant hot-pink disk sinking behind the unforgiving silhouettes of the skyscrapers. On a rooftop, a young turtle stood, his arms spread open to the dying rays of the sun. The light enveloped him, setting his reptilian skin aflame. In that moment, he was alone in the world- just he and the sun. The discomfort of the gravel biting into his feet fell away, the cacophonous sounds of the city grew silent… and all was still.

He stood there, smiling, with a face that so very rarely smiled those days, as the sun warmed him down to his very core.

But good things never last, and altogether too soon the sun vanished under the horizon, and his world came back into focus. Sirens screamed, mothers yelled, gravel crunched under his two-toed feet, and the stiffness in his muscles told him that he had been standing there for far, too long.

He took a breath, and shook out his limbs, ignoring his complaining joints. There was no reason for him to be up here, now that the sun was gone. The streets were calling his name...

There was work to be done.