Gold Is Power

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Full Summary: In Haven City, Lower Elements all the technological genii gather up on this day to compete for the Lower Elements' Annual Techies Competition. This year's challenge, competitors have to make, design, and program a virtual game! Well, Foaly has been the 1st place winner 299 years straight, and is boasting about his soon-to-be 300th win. But when Artemis Fowl enters the competition himself, everything Foaly dreamed of was shattered and Holly, Root, Mulch, the Kelps, the Butlers, and Foaly himself find themselves trapped in a virtual reality game of doom, which is rumored to be impossible to win!

Meanwhile the Fowls decide to take a family vacation…without the Butlers! And worst of all…without technology! Our beloved Arty, not only gets to know his parents and the rest of his family a lot better, but he meets…a girl!

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Chapter One Foaly the Grump

In a swift and fluid motion the pod rolled its way off the railing, straight down into the void. All too quickly, a current of magma and immense air pressure began engulfing the craft to the point where a rusty bolt almost gave way. All you could make out of the titanium egg were the fins sticking out from the spherical vehicle at odd angles. The pod went spinning and spiraling it's way towards the surface at such a tremendous force, it was a wonder how the metal casing didn't give in.

Maneuvering at all it's got inside the century old chutes, nearly avoiding and dodging the deathly sharp stalagmites, the craft expertly steered it's way out of the dying flare and glided through the cool air. Steam started hissing from the egg as cold air met hot metal. Without a single hesitation, the craft abruptly swiveled on it's axis, the engines purring and the pod vibrating and clattering, and promptly it teased on to the docking zone and safely hovered above the landing pad, where it steadily lowered until it came to an all-around stop. The nodes clicked, fastened tight into the grooves, and all at once a mechanical door swooshed open.

Captain Holly Short breathed a deep sigh of relief as she exited the pod vehicle and stepped out onto the surface. She had rode pods countless times before as an LEP captain, but she just never got used to the feeling of the pressure seemingly squeezing you into nothingness.

She looked out onto the clear night sky. It was filled with beautiful silver stars winking right at her. She let out a gasp as the beauty of it all filled her from head to toe and she felt warmth in her heart. One day, we will once again return to the surface…and I long to see the day. A sudden buzz on her radio knocked her out of her reverie and she was forced to snap back into LEP mode.

"Holly, we don't have all day here! Just pick up an acorn and complete the ritual so we can get back to the mission!" It was Foaly's voice of course. Holly groaned in annoyance. During these days she absolutely couldn't stand Foaly. He was very stressed for time, and he badly needed Holly's help. Holly terribly wanted to refuse, and see the darn centaur deal with his problem on his own, but she couldn't. She was his friend after all and he badly wanted this. Holly knew that she herself had asked Foaly for countless things and he had saved her in more than one occasion. It was only part of her nature to help out a friend. But these days Foaly could act like such a bossy, know-it-all, drama-queen!

Holly picked up an acorn and strapped on her wings. It was at precisely this spot where it all started…

She quickly kicked off and zoomed off about two miles away from Tara, burying the seed in a small garden at some nearby children's park.

"Holly, I've already got the shuttle ready. Can you hurry it up any faster? We haven't got all night!" Foaly whined. Holly quickly switched the radio off and tried to calm her anger. She tried to reconcile herself that she wasn't doing this all completely for Foaly…she badly needed to perform the ritual, and always longed for a visit to the surface. Which was quite rare nowadays when Haven was actually quiet and peaceful for once. No, she was doing this because she wanted to see an old friend, who had kidnapped her about three years before…. Now it was time to return the favor.

Artemis Fowl sat in the meditating position, his forefinger rubbing his temple. His skin was as pale as ever and his features…emotionless. The only real difference was that he had indeed kept his word in trying to keep fit ever since the last adventure. Every day since then, he spent the mornings walking or jogging with Butler while pondering on his next activities. His ravenous hair, which seemed a deep contrast compared to his skin, was also quite a bit longer. Other than that, he was much like his old self, the ever-calculating, criminal mastermind. However, now instead of robbing people off their gold and keeping all valuables for himself, he settled on robbing famous art pieces and donating them to museums and the likes.

It somewhat kept him satisfied and somewhat amused, seeing his anonymous name in all the newspaper magazines and on TV. Countless times they had called him generous, self-less, and even a hero. Artemis shuddered at the word, it was completely the opposite of what he really is…or was? Artemis didn't know. He never exactly regretted his criminal ventures. The thrill of executing a brilliant plan was what he lived for. It was simply the Fowl way. But, he knew he couldn't return to the monster he was three years ago… and that thought always crossed Artemis' mind. Was he going soft?

Whether or not he was, the fact remained that he was a Fowl. The Fowl side of him will never give up criminal deeds. But the Artemis side of him has a conscious and sometimes he feels guilty for his actions. Especially lately, his parents had a long talk to him over dinner, claiming they were disappointed in him. Artemis just couldn't shrug it off this time…the last thing he wanted to do was disappoint his parents, it wasn't just the Artemis-side of him, it was simply honor. It was the way he was raised. Will they be disappointed in me now? If they knew what I was really doing? Artemis sighed. He had always had a feeling that his father knew precisely what he was doing…at first, his father seemed a bit proud of him. Every morning he would read The Irish Times with a smile played on his lips. But not anymore…

Artemis Senior was now completely obsessed with his family. He wanted to know everything about how school was going, and what his son was doing every minute of everyday. He had talked to Artemis several times already; always it ended in him wanting the family to become completely legit. Artemis II, knew what he was doing wasn't precisely legal no matter the intention, but he was a Fowl! And that was that.

Artemis was suddenly startled of his thoughts by a creeping Butler settled right behind him…

"Sir, I believe we have a visitor." Came the deep, resonating sound from the large Eurasian man.

Artemis II stood up to a height of five and a half feet, while relatively tall, was still no match to the ever seven foot man beside him. His left eyebrow arched slightly.

"Friend or foe?" The Fowl heir asked furtively.

"Friend." The bodyguard responded. Artemis knew exactly who was trespassing then. He didn't have many friends…

In response, the teenage boy pulled out a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and made his way downstairs. His bodyguard trailing after him, with his own pair of sunglasses.

"What about my parents?" Artemis asked on his way down.

"Mesmerized, apparently. They have both fallen asleep upstairs."

"With no memory of the past twenty minutes I expect. I wonder what they could want of me this time…" Artemis was already downstairs near the kitchen when he came to a sudden stop. Just two feet in front of him, he saw a slight blur.

"Hello, Captain. Would you be so kind as to step into the visible spectrum?"

Suddenly, a three-footed elf appeared out of thin air. Her auburn hair was cropped up in spikes and her ears were pointy. She was wearing the usual LEP uniform, and her helmet rested neatly under her arm. Her right hand hovered right above her neutrino.

"Alright, Fowl. Spill it, how did you know I was here?" Holly Short asked curiously. She didn't look much surprised that Artemis had spotted her; rather, she seemed to have been expecting it.

Artemis waved his hand as if it were nothing and said, "A few months ago I added a new defense system. I simply constructed a rather simple mechanism that detects extremely high frequencies and vibrations. Quite annoying actually, it mostly picks up radio signals and satellite feeds. But tonight it picked up a very faint vibration…you as it happens."

Holly growled viciously, sometimes Fowl was no better than Foaly himself. "Show-off."

Artemis smiled his trademark vampire grin, "I try. Now, to what do I owe your company?"

At that moment, Juliet walked out of the kitchen with a tray of Earl Gray tea and finger sandwiches. She smiled upon seeing Holly and set the tray on a small, yet very expansive coffee table.

"So Holly is here! Looks like your thingamajig actually works, Arty." The teenaged girl squealed in delight. Artemis winced at the last two syllables and followed Juliet into the sitting room. Holly smirked upon seeing Artemis' face and hovering at about two feet trailed after them, Butler followed close behind keeping a sharp eye on the Neutrino.

"Nice to see you again, Juliet," Holly said, "And you too, Butler."

"Likewise, fairy girl." Juliet grinned; Butler merely nodded politely and was as silent as ever.

Artemis took his cup of tea and began, "I take it the invitation I gave you several years ago still applies then?"

"It was hardly just an invitation. You've kidnapped me, be courageous enough to call it what it is. But yes…it still applies as you never took it back." Holly said, "You know, I'm not going to mesmerize you, you can take off those stupid sunglasses."

"Hmm. I think I'll leave them on, thanks." Artemis replied coolly, "You've never answered my question, Captain Short…"

"Typical Mud boy, always straight to business. You haven't changed much at all, have you? Well…we were good friends last time I checked, the least you could say is 'I've missed you' or something nice for once."

"Something nice for once."

"Very funny…I like you better without the jokes." Holly scowled, Juliet giggled, and Artemis smirked, his fingers laced together and resting on his lap. His slightly tilted head and eyes fixed on her made her shift in her seat and she continued.

"Well, I'm on a mission as you probably already know. To kidnap you. I've got orders where I'm to take you down to Haven, and then everything will be explained there." Holly said.

"And what exactly am I to do at Haven?" Artemis asked, quirking an eyebrow as he said this.

"Top secret, Mud boy. Actually, I'd love nothing but to tell you, just to get that stupid centaur all paranoid, but I'm being monitored."

"I've heard that!" Foaly's voice issued from Holly's helmet. Holly once again turned the radio switch off and continued, ignoring the centaur's sudden outburst completely.

"Anyway…it's your call Fowl. If you would like to help, we've got a shuttle waiting and if not, well it doesn't really matter to me anyways. For once, Haven is actually peaceful, looks like it'd be quite a while until we actually save the world again…"

Artemis nodded understanding the situation completely. Foaly obviously needed help with something…something top secret. Probably an invention of some sort…more out of curiosity, Artemis nodded and took the sunglasses off his eyes. Upon looking at Butler's cautious glance, Artemis nodded reassuringly. Juliet and Butler also took off their spectacles.

"And what of my parents?" Artemis asked.

"They're mesmerized for the next twenty-four hours." Holly responded.

"That takes care of everything then…"

"Yes. And I have my moon-belt and cam-foil so I could probably transport you –"

Artemis shared a nervous look with Butler and both shook their heads. "Um. I think it would be better if I just drive us there…" Butler suggested.

Holly smiled remembering their last trip by moon belt. She was rather disappointed that she wouldn't be able to have another chance at frightening Artemis, zooming through the countryside with the young boy dangling down beneath her, yelling at the top of his lungs has become quite a hobby of hers in the past few years.

"Spoil sport." Holly retorted. Juliet giggled and ate the last of her sandwiches before joining Butler, Artemis, and Holly to the Fowl Bentley.

Once they reached the Underground city, the Butlers and Fowl had to be covered in Cam-foil just in case any fairies were to see them. It was true that Artemis Fowl was a friend to the People, after all he had done to save them, but some fairies were still quite prejudice against Mud men, and would no doubt cause havoc.

Still inside the small shuttle, Holly drove all the way to Police Plaza where she led the seemingly 'invisible' humans through several offices and down countless hallways into the Ops Booth. Artemis made sure to take everything in and was quite surprised to find that Police Plaza was quite empty. Perhaps it was the late hour, or maybe because Haven truly was peaceful as Holly had mentioned before. Artemis was interrupted from his thoughts when he saw Holly kicking upon the door to the Ops booth. Apparently it had been locked. Holly had waited patiently for several seconds until finally resorted to kicking and pounding on the door, which did not in the slightest bit budge.

Artemis raised his eyebrow looking amused at the steamed elf, while Juliet took a more hands-on approach and joined Holly in pounding on the door.

"Are you looking for Foaly?"

Everyone turned to look towards the voice that suddenly spoke and discovered Major Trouble Kelp and his brother Grub Kelp walking down the hallway towards them.

"Is that –Artemis Fowl?" Grub Kelp asked and upon looking at Butler he dove behind Trouble Kelp. Trouble stopped right there and then and took a few cautious steps backwards.

Holly just sighed and crossed her arms, "Yes, we're looking for Foaly. It was Foaly who made me bring Fowl down here. Apparently, he needs his help."

"And…why…why couldn't Foaly just…just come up to the surface?" Grup Kelp mumbled.

Holly and Trouble both scowled, "Because Foaly is too paranoid and busy to make such a trip. He says he cannot risk anything to happen to his precious technology stuff. So he sends me on my day off, to do his dirty work." Holly said bitterly.

"He made me go all the way to Atlantis for him to pick up some micro-disks!" Trouble said.

"I was his personal assistant for the whole day! I had to get him his coffee! And fresh carrots! He said he was too busy to do it himself. Wait until mommy hears what that naughty centaur made me do! I had to polish his hooves." Grub Kelp whined.

Upon looking at the blank faces of the human company, Holly gave herself the responsibility to explain. "This happens every year. See, every year in Haven there is some geeky competition. The LEATC. Lower Elements Annual Techies Competition. Usually Foaly and his usual group of tech boys enter and compete against each other. And for 299 years straight, Foaly has won that competition. You'd think he'd get a life.

"They treat the contest as some huge event and usually people don't stop talking about it for a whole week after it ends. It's quite annoying. The winner wins this huge trophy and a ton of fairy gold. Then their invention gets patented. Every year around this time, Foaly gets all caught up with this competition. He gets rather grumpy and gets on about everyone's throats from lack of sleep. But after the competition he turns right back to his normal Foaly self. See, normally the competitors have a whole year to invent something for the next competition, but what with Foaly being the LEP's technological genius and all, he gets a whole week off right before the competition where he has to come up with an invention to enter to the contest. At first I felt for him, he gets really stressed out about coming up with something, and you know Foaly and his ego…he has to come up with everything completely perfect and extremely hi-tech. But now, he's gone too far. Just yesterday he bribed Mulch into helping him with his invention!"

"What much help could Mulch be?" Artemis asked.

"Well, this year's challenge is to program a game, you see. Mulch happens to be the gaming champion above and below this Earth." Holly smirked.

"I see…and he needs my help with his game, so he could win the competition?"

"Yes. He's obviously desperate then." Holly joked. Artemis narrowed his eyes, sending her daggers. If looks could kill…

"Who judges the competition?" Juliet asked, trying to change the topic.

"This year it's the usual hosts, Brenda Oaks and Alden Thatch. As well as a couple of Haven's top gamers. Mulch included." Trouble replied.

"But wouldn't it be cheating if Mulch helps out Foaly?" Juliet questioned.

"As I said, just yesterday Foaly bribed Mulch into helping him with his invention. It doesn't take much to convince Mulch. But, your right it's completely cheating. Not that it makes much of a difference; everyone cheats in this competition, because that's the only way to go up against Foaly. Some people simply hire a group of Techies to build something for them, and then they claim it as their own invention." Holly said.

It was at that moment that they heard a clopping noise. Everyone knew at once that it was Foaly. He came from the other side of the hallway with a smug look on his face.

"Why, if it isn't our favorite Mud Boy. So, Robin Hood, stolen any more finger paintings recently?" Artemis chose to ignore the question and instead fixed Foaly with one of his icy glares.

"Foaly. I must admit I'm quite surprised, you've finally admitted myself to be the better genius." Artemis gave one of his famous vampire smiles, "but you know, I would've agreed to come down here, have you sent an e-mail. The whole kidnapping charade was a bit unnecessary."

"Dream on Mud boy." Foaly snorted and clopped his way over to the Ops Booth where he typed his password and had his retina and finger print scanned, simultaneously sliding an electric key into the door.

"Now, you must be dying to see my invention."

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