A Retelling of History

Author: JustAnotherPseudonym

Disclaimer: "Kim Possible" belongs to Disney that includes all the characters related to the show and so on and so forth.

Rating: M because I don't like dealing with ratings and I'm sure this story will rate an M eventually.

Summary: This is Kim/Shego pairing. This is a story about Kim and Shego and their relationship with a young girl that the tellers of History thought best was left untold.


She had finally come back from the leave of absence she had taken to figure out all the drama in her life, well, their life now. Trying to remembering the details of how everything had happened actually gave her headaches at times. One day she was teen superhero world saver and the next she was that precious girl who was in over her head. Her personal life had been blasted onto the front pages of tabloids, newspapers, and world news venues. Suddenly no one really cared about her superhero world saving days, all they cared about was the scandal. Everyone was enthralled by watching yet another hero fall from grace, the fact that she happened to fall from the heights of heroism straight into the arms of another who had made the same descent made the gossip all the louder and more vicious.

It seemed like everyone was trying to make speculations about the 'relationship of her downfall'. Some of what they said was outright false, some false with a little bit of truth and yet others managed to speak a lot of truth with the lies still tied in. No one could get the story right, no matter her efforts to get out the truth, which was far simpler than any of the gossipers wanted to accept.

Simply, she had made a decision to not be a superhero anymore because she was tired of it and for once wanted to put what she wanted in life before what the world expected of her. Her decision to do so just happened to have been sparked into life by one individual, who she now fully admitted to the citizens of the world, was more important to her than saving the governments of the Earth from a hostile takeover by some crazy. For once, she wanted the governments to rely on their own selves instead of relying on her. She suggested to them they should perhaps hire a really good accountant who could make sure billions of dollars were no longer being wasted on a single screwdriver but instead be put to use to enhance their self defense against death rays.

She managed to stay away from the world saving chaos for two years before it called or rather screamed at her to come back. She was offered lots of money and lots of support. She was offered anything she could possibly want that was within the masses' capabilities if she just agreed to return to a life she was admittedly damn good at. Since her view of the world had altered in that two years of having a life of her complete own, she accepted the money and the extra support because she knew that she needed it in order to maintain the freedom she had so recently acquired.

Within a six month period that consisted of hiring and firing employees, extensive training sessions, occasional arguing and a massive attempt at organization, Go-Possible Network was ready to launch. Its first mission: to investigate a site where a notorious geneticist was suspected of continuing her inhumane research on human subjects. Due to the extensive information Go-Possible Network had been given on this particular scientist they accepted the mission free of charge, and as Kim Possible along with Shego, her partner in anti-crime and life, had entered the geneticists labs they were reminded yet again of why their first mission was pro-bono.

Large cylindrical tubes stood ten feet tall and were filled with a red liquid that gave witness to the sorts of experimentation one Dr. Twiz Lee was carrying out. Inside the tubes were human beings, but they weren't put together right. Some had an arm where their head should be while others had a face in their chest cavities. The races and ages of the tube experiments varied from one tube to the next but they all had their gruesome deformities and lifeless existences in common.

Kim had reached out to one of the clipboards attached to a tube and pulled it out of the metal clip holding it. "This one is marked as a failure," she had said softly.

"Not surprised," Shego replied just as softly as she made her way completely around one of the tubes. "None of them look good to me."

A moaning from the back of the lab had grabbed both of their attentions driving them to it in its pain. On a shiny metal table laid a young small female curled up. Her body lacked the deformities the others had and on her chart it had read "Success."

"She's brilliant isn't she?" Lee's voice had filled the room via an intercom system. "It took me over ten years to make her." The lab's doors sealed shut and the lights turned off the only sources of light were the tubes casting off their odd red glow. "You will be the first two to see her in her glorious debut."

"We've come to shut you down Lee," Kim had unnecessarily told the ceiling.

"If you two can defeat my creation then I will go with you willingly." Lee answered.

Kim turned her attention to Shego whose eyes were intently focused on the figure on the metallic lab table. The Experiment had been slowly raising itself from the table but had yet, at that moment, to open her eyes. Neither Kim nor Shego attempted any action to remove themselves from the slowly rising female. "You've still got that stuff the Doc whipped up for us right?" Shego had asked Kim, wanting to quickly eliminate the creature Lee had created.

Kim nodded and reached inside a side pocket of her cargo pants and pulled out a tiny black box. She opened it and pulled out a syringe full of a complex chemical that was supposed to immediately destroy any creation Lee could have come up with. All Kim needed to do was get close enough to the experiment to inject her. "Try to hold her down while I stick her."

Before either Kim or Shego could move the figure had opened her eyes and turned to Shego, whose hands were lit up with her unique green tinted plasma, and spoke. "Help me."

It wasn't the words that managed to hold Shego's movement; it was the color of the girl's eyes. They were red, completely red with maybe a splash of black where the pupil usually existed, but more importantly Shego saw humanity in the girl's eyes and suddenly the mission turned into a search and rescue instead of a search and destroy.

The only living experiment Kim and Shego had found was the young girl, they estimated her age to be maybe twelve. It didn't take long for them to apprehend Lee since the Doctor was heart-broken that her one successful creation had failed to live up to her great expectations. Lee had even gone so far as to shout, "Failure" at the young girl since the girl had betrayed her by accepting the help of the two strangers rather than staying around with the crazy Doctor who had put her through countless tortures.

Shego and Kim took the young girl back to their headquarters and had her thoroughly examined by doctors they trusted implicitly. The results to all the tests were decisive statements along the lines of, "It's inconclusive" and "I can't be sure". All the young girl could offer about her genetic makeup was that often her gene therapy was painful. The girl was unique and one of a kind.

Her one of a kindness is perhaps what made Shego and Kim so sympathetic and in part empathetic towards the girl. It is also perhaps the reason why, against massive protests, Shego and Kim took this girl into their lives and into their home.

So despite the fantastic histories of each of these women, Shego and Kim, and the many stories that could be told about them—and indeed have been told about them— this story isn't about those histories. This story is a simple recounting of the story History has seen fit to respectfully forget due to the wishes of the surviving Possible relatives who thought it best to let sleeping dogs lie. It is of great fortune that today History—after much work and negotiation and with the written permission of all surviving Possible relatives— allows the experiences of one Kimberly Ann Possible and one Shego Possible—a.k.a. Sherri Go—and one Genetic Unnatural that eventually went by the name Halyn Possible to be told.

Chapter 1

It was just past three in the morning and Shego could only hope that this time Halyn would stay in her bedroom, in her bed, asleep. The girl had only been living with Shego and Kim for two days and in those two days exhibited great reluctance to be left alone in the dark. Reluctance, perhaps, wasn't even a strong enough word. The girl was terrified. When Halyn had managed to fall asleep she awoke screaming from the nightmares that filled her dreams.

The late hour and lack of sleep is probably what had Shego looking over Halyn thinking that perhaps she and Kim weren't qualified to handle the girl. Neither of them knew what they could tell Halyn to make the dreams disappear or how they could respond to her when she managed to let slip one of the horrors she had endured at the hands of Doctor Lee. To an extent, Shego understood Halyn's fear since she herself had been poked and prodded after she and her brothers had been hit by a meteorite, but the similarities in their experiences were far and few between.

From what information they could gather on Halyn's past, they had learned that Halyn was bought by Dr. Twiz Lee from a mother who cared more about the considerable amount of money she had been offered than she cared for her child. Dr. Lee had injected Halyn's mother with certain compounds that altered the very genetic structure of the unsuspecting fetus. Once born Halyn was already vastly different from all other babies. She had been born with red eyes, her skin was somewhere in between shades of brown and red and so thick that a normal needle couldn't prick it, and her hair was like black silk. She was exotically beautiful and reminded Shego of the myriad of mythical characters from stories of Ancient Greece and Rome.

"You told me I couldn't watch over her all night last night," Kim put her arms around her girlfriend's waist, "what makes you think I'd let you do it?"

"Because I'm better at it than you?" Shego leaned back into Kim's embrace. "And because it's hard to leave her."

"I know."

So when Halyn started to scream again from another nightmare both Kim and Shego were there to calm her down. They were both there to tell her that she was safe and that the woman who had tortured her for ten years no longer had the capacity to do so. They did everything they could think of to try and make the girl believe that she was free from the living nightmare and would eventually be free of the sleeping ones as well, and for the second night in a row they stayed and watched over Halyn hoping that their presence would give the girl some respite from the horrendous existence of her dreams.

The same routine repeated itself for a week before Kim and Shego gave up on standing outside of Halyn's room and instead invited Halyn into theirs. It wasn't the type of situation that either Kim or Shego enjoyed, but they understood that they couldn't stand outside of Halyn's door waiting for the girl's screaming to bring them closer to her. The advice they had gotten from one of the psychologist that had somehow ended up working for Go-Possible Network, was to keep close to Halyn so that the young girl could learn to trust them with her safety. Perhaps the two had taken the advice a step further than the psychologist had intended, but Halyn did manage to sleep through the entire night after their third night of sharing. Somehow, the girl had also even managed to smile when she woke up and told her guardians that she had a relatively good dream.

It took four months of sharing before Halyn had found the courage to return to her own room, and finally explore her own existence as a free and independent entity. That also happens to coincide with the same time that Kim and Shego realized that they were parenting the child instead of doing their best to make sure Halyn survived. They also happened to realize they were parenting a very unique child who did indeed have special skills that were a result of the genetic tampering she had undergone.

"Halyn eat your vegetables, please." Shego asked for the forth time just barely managing to control the frustration in her voice. The last thing she wanted to do was raise her voice to Halyn and scare the child away. Kim had been called off to a mission in the heart of the Congo and since they never left Halyn alone with anyone else as of yet, Shego was the only adult around and she knew losing her temper wouldn't be good. Not for the first time, Shego wished that it had been her turn to go off on some world saving mission instead of staying with Halyn who had obviously decided to be especially stubborn.

"No." Halyn replied softly, yet vehemently and pushed her plate back towards the center of the table. "I don't need the nutrients this broccoli will give me."

"Yes you do," Shego had long since lost her own appetite but forced herself to put another bite of her own broccoli into her mouth.

"No I don't," Halyn said slowly. "My body's nutrient counts are at their capacity since you and Kim supply me with nutrients three times a day."

Halyn's words penetrated Shego's frustration. "What do you mean?"

"It is part of my…genetic conditioning. I was…designed to require less energy intake than other humans. The doctor thought the current human eating patterns were inefficient and wasteful."

Halyn was a child and sometimes it was hard for even Shego and Kim to remember that. She didn't speak like a child and certainly didn't act like one. Halyn had no concept of fun or happiness or personal enjoyment. She had close to no concept of any emotion at all except fear. Her whole world had been built around efficiency and strength and if she failed to meet the expectations set for her she was punished, which led her to understanding better than most the fear of failure. Lee's intent had been to create an army of her genetic creations and take over the world. Lee's ideas weren't original by any stretch of the imagination, but that didn't mean much because whether original or not Lee was still crazy and still ruined lives and the majority of Halyn's childhood.

Shego had a temper, she could admit to that, and every time Halyn shared with her something the good Doctor had done to her Shego had to hold back her fury. She wasn't alone in her reactions. Kim reacted in a similar way. Killing was wrong, they knew that, but every time Halyn shared something with them they wished the doctor dead ten times over. Shego even went so far as to imagine she was the executioner. "Why didn't you say something about your…conditioning," it was always hard to find the right words, "before now?"

"I needed the nutrients." Halyn's gaze was on the table in front of her. "There were…tests I experienced prior to your arrival."

"Okay," Shego nodded. "I'll let Kim know about your…biology." She stood up and grabbed her plate and then Halyn's. She dropped them in the kitchen sink then told Halyn she was going to go outside for a moment. Once outside Shego lit up her hands and threw a few plasma missiles into the clear night sky doing her best to release some of her anger.

A few moments later Halyn joined her in their backyard. "I have upset you."

Shego turned her Halyn her hands still lit. "Yes you have." It's not what she meant to say and it sounded a lot harsher than she intended but she was angry. She was especially angry for Halyn who didn't currently have the capacity to be angry on her own behalf.

Halyn nodded, understanding Shego's anger and its root better than anyone would have given her credit for. She walked up to Shego and reached out for the woman's glowing fists. Shego pulled back, "I'll burn you." Halyn shook her head and reached out again for Shego's glowing fists. Trusting Halyn's ability to identify her own limitations Shego kept her hands alight. Her touch was gentle but cold. The plasma from Shego's hands engulfed Halyn's.


"My body absorbs your energy and changes my own chemistry to adapt." Halyn pulled her hand away and threw her own missile of plasma into the sky then turned back to Shego. "Your genetic structure has been implanted in my own DNA."

"What does that mean?"

"It means," Halyn lit up her fists with plasma, "I have absorbed your abilities." She extinguished the plasma flames. "It does not last, though. Dr. Lee could not figure out how to make my dominant DNA accept changes for long periods of time. It looks at the change like a harmful foreign body and my immune system correct the abnormality."

Halyn wasn't bragging about her abilities, in her own way the girl was cursing them. Shego knew something needed to be said, but she didn't know what it was. Kim needed to be there, because Shego knew that Kim would find something to say. She would say something that would mean more than anything Shego could come up with, but right now Kim wasn't around. Shego was alone. "It's not fair."

"I don't understand."

This time it was Shego's turn to nod an understanding beyond what most would give her credit for. "Come on," Shego lit up her hands again. "You should at least use this while you have it."