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Chapter 6

They took Halyn to a highly classified maximum security facility. They put her in a cell deep underground and chained her to a chair that was both heat and cold resistant. The head of Global Justice stood in front of her with her hands behind her back and welcomed Halyn to her new home, then left the young girl alone in her darkened cell that was especially designed to maintain sensory deprivation.

Halyn pulled at her restraints, already knowing that they would not break. She was strong, perhaps stronger than most other humans but she didn't possess super strength. At least, she hadn't developed super strength yet if she had indeed been genetically engineered to acquire that ability.

Her eyes, however, could change shape and color so that she could better see in the myriad types of environments that existed in the world. She had adjusted to the darkness and could see with absolute clarity the starkness of her surroundings. There was no bed, there was no sink, there was nothing but the chair with its restraints latched into the floor, the padded walls and the cold dark gray cemented floor. Halyn could hear her breathing reverberate off of the floors and absorbed into the walls.

She sat with her head bowed down and concentrated on her breathing. She counted how many breaths she took until she heard the locking mechanism on the door unlatch. She had taken three-thousand four-hundred and sixty-two breaths by the time the door had been pushed open and an overhead light had been turned on.

Halyn's eyes adjusted once more to the amount of light offered to them. She focused on the figure that stood in front of her then turned her head away. Nothing had been explained to her once she had awaken from the drugs she had been injected with during her unwilling transport. She wasn't even entirely sure who she had been taken by, but realized that the details didn't exactly matter since she suspected the probable results of her kidnapping would not alter based on whoever now possessed her.

Dr. Twiz Lee had always told Halyn that she was too important to ever be killed or disposed of. Dr. Lee had ranted on and on about how Halyn was truly one of a kind that no (in)sane scientist would ever choose to turn away from the chance to study her and discover the genetic secrets that lied within her body.

"Kim and Shego have spoken to me about subversion." Halyn spoke to the floor.

"I didn't really have a choice. I mean, at least we weren't friends. We don't really know each other." The figure took a seat in front of Halyn's restrained form. "And to be honest, you could have done a better job at hiding your abilities—at protecting Kim and Shego."

Halyn lifted her head. "Did Dr. Lee create you too?"

"She helped, a little, but mostly it's like what you said before. I'm natural." Kiora played with her shoelaces putting her attention on the black strings instead of the eyes that looked down at her. "It's all in the DNA, Hal, you know that. They made me from a tube. I'm supposed to be the ultimate soldier, just like you. We were just made to fight on different sides."

"You are very different from me."

Kiora shrugged. "GJ was easier on me than Lee was with you. They let me know a little bit about the world outside of the training facility."

"So my guardians knew everything?"

"They told me to lie to you, Halyn, but…You were a test given to them to see how trustworthy they were, y'know? GJ just wanted to see if they would tell them the truth about your powers. I mean, it's not like you're really a secret to GJ."

Halyn's hands tightened into fists and she pulled weakly on her restraints. "Dr. Lee told me I had a sister."

Kiora shrugged again. "She didn't lie. Welcome home, Halyn."

"So where did they take her?" Shego angrily asked the small group of people sitting around the table in front of her.

A small man with ruffled black hair timidly raised his hand as he opened his mouth to speak not quite sure if the already irate Shego would accept what he had to say. "We don't exactly know."

"What do you mean you don't know?" Shego's voice lowered a few octaves. "They left us a note telling us they took her; obviously they want us to go after her."

"T-technically," the man sputtered, "they left you a grade."

Shego's hands went to her hips. "I understand that they felt Kim and I failed some idiotic test they somehow believe they put together."

"You mean they didn't put it together?" He asked not truly expecting a response from the overly furious woman who paced back and forth in front of him.

"We found out where she is," Kim stormed into the room, hardly paying any attention to the fact that Shego's arm was poised to strike out at one of the men sitting at the table.

Shego's arm dropped. "Where?"

"A small underground cave in Iceland."

"Iceland? What the Hell is in Iceland?"

Kim threw a satellite image onto the table then pointed at an image clearly visible despite its topographic surroundings. "GJ's new headquarters."

Shego picked up the images and took a closer look at them. "So we were right. They've been preparing for our return."

"Um," the man that had braved to speak before opened his mouth once more. "What's going on?"

"Global Justice doesn't like people they don't control," Shego answered.

"They' never really trusted me," Kim added.

"Then why let you come out of retirement?" The man asked. "Why beg you to come out?"

"Don't be stupid," Shego chastised. "Kim and I are the best there is. They needed us to save their pathetic asses."

The man nodded. "Fair enough." He peeked over at the image that was still on the table reading over the information that his associates had been able to gather. "You're going to after Halyn?"

"Is there a reason we shouldn't?" Kim asked before her partner had a chance to curse at the man for his apparent ignorance.

The man shrugged, "I don't know, maybe because they want you to?"

Shego turned to Kim, "Who hired him?"

"You did," the man answered before Kim could. "You enjoyed my honesty." He added with pride, not so stupid to think that he's words wouldn't further upset his employer.

"You're fired, Maeron." Shego turned back to the man, igniting her hands as she did so.

Maeron stood up, not quite as shaken from Shego's anger as others might have been. "Shouldn't you give Halyn a chance to escape on her own?" He directed his question at Kim hoping that she would listen to him without the death-like glare that Shego was looking at him with. "If Global Justice knew about her, that just means she had to have run into them before and gotten away since she was in the hands of Dr. Lee." His face contorted in confusion for a moment and he rubbed at his chin, "Unless of course, Dr. Lee worked with GJ and this whole thing has been an elaborate setup."

"You're just now catchin' up to that now, are ya?" Shego sarcastically asked. Vowing not for the first time to try and surround herself with geniuses that weren't so stupid.

"Oh," Maeron sat back down in his chair. "Then how do you know Halyn isn't part of it?"

"We don't," Kim answered, "but we can't risk it. She may need our help."

"Or she may be waiting to kill you," Maeron pointed out, voicing a thought that had run through more than just his brain. Most of the people working for Kim and Shego were somewhat weary of Halyn since they had first met her. The girl didn't seem normal and most of them doubted that she could be loyal to anyone considering the conditions in which she had been raised. For all intents and purposes, the woman that had raised Halyn was a crazy insane mad scientist.

"Then we'll have to stop her," Shego looked over the people in the room, and then walked out of it. She was done with talking to people that had no opinions she cared for. They had to go after Halyn, that much was a given. What they found when they found her was something that was a little less a given. Shego doubted that Halyn worked with Global Justice, the girl didn't seem like she could pull off fooling both her and Kim so long. Halyn wasn't the type to be a spy. She was too…innocent.

Still, Halyn had been someone else's project since the day the girl was born. She was taught to not have a personality and to have no emotions of her own. It would be easy for her to betray someone, since she was built to be a simply tool to be used for world domination.

Shego felt a hand on her shoulder, and she turned to face Kim—the only person in the place who would dare walk up behind her and try and lay a hand on her. "She wouldn't work for them," Kim whispered.

"How can you be so sure, Kimmie?"

Kim slid her hand down from Shego's shoulder down to her partner's waist. "I can't be completely sure, but I do trust her and I know that you do too. We have to save her."

"We're going to Iceland?"

"Maeron already has the jet ready."

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