This is my first attempt at writing a "Bones" fanfic.Please R&R, it would be highly appreciated.
Also I must say, I don't exactly know what's gonna happen next..

Chapter 1. The Gunshots

- Bones, look out!

She turned around and saw a man pointing a gun at her, she heard the gun shoot several shots, then she was on the ground with a heavy man on top of her. She was unharmed, but the man on top of her was not. The man disappeared when he heard the mallguards call out.

- Booth?

- Hi, he smiled at her where he was laying, face to face with her.

- Booth, would you get off me? she tried to get him off of her.
She pushed him off and when he turned on his back, he winced a bit of the pain.

- Are you OK?

- Yes, I'm fine. Peachey.

- Stop kidding around. Are you shot?

- Yeah, no biggie. Help me up.

She helped him up since she couldn't see where he'd been shot. He stood up finally, a bit unsteady.

- Where are you shot?

- In my leg, not to mention my ass.

- Stop kidding.

- I'm not.

He turned around a bit unsteady. She looked down at his gorgeous, welltoned butt. There, in his pants, where a small bullethole and from it came blood.

She fought off the sudden urge to burst out in laughter. It was not funny. He took two bullets for her.

- Come on, I'll help you to the car and then I'll call an ambulance.

- I can't sit down Bones, he said and looked at her with a warning look.

- Oh, well you can lean onto the car can't you? she choked a giggle.

- Yeah.

They went to the car that stood and waited for them out in the parking lot. She called an ambulance while walking.

- They will be here shortly, she said to him as she steadied him on their walk.

Booth limped and walked as good as he could. At the car he leaned onto it, trying to get off his leg.

The sirens were soon heard and the ambulance pulled into the parking lot.

At the hospital

Booth was in bed, lying on his stomach. Bones was seated in a chair next to the bed, trying desperately not to laugh. It certainly wasn't funny. Booth had willingly taken two bullets for her.

- Can I do anything for you Booth? she enquired.

- No, not at the moment.

- You want anything from your place?

- No. Not yet. I'll be needing clothes later, but not until I get to get out of here.

- Why did you do it? she asked yet knowing the answer.

- If you have to ask, then you don't know me by now.

- But why take a bullet for someone else? Let alone two?

- Bones, I would have given my life to save you. That's who I am, that's what I do. You're my friend. That's what friends do.

They went quiet, neither knowing what to say.

- Well, I guess I'd better be heading off to work, Brennan said.

- Yeah.

- I'll come back later to check up on you.

- Sure, see you later.

At the Jeffersonian

- How's Booth? Angela threw the question over Brennan as soon as she entered the lab.

- Can I come in before I get questioned?

- Sorry, but we're worried here, Angela said.

- He's gonna be just fine. He has two gunshotwounds. It's just fleshwounds, he'll be just fine.

Angela calmed slightly.

- What happened?

- Well, we were investigating a case down at the mall. A man was said to be found mumified between two walls. We got there, but no such thing had occured. Instead we got shot at by a stranger. That's how Booth got shot.

- When can he get out of the hospital? Angela asked.

- Don't know, not for a few days I'd reckon, Brennan answered slightly unfocused on the question.

She wandered off in her minds to what had happened. Booth had thrown himself at on top of her to protect her, not hesitating for one second. Why? He said it was because she was his friend and that what friends does, but she wasn't too sure if she'd do the same thing.

- Hello, Earth to Brennan, she suddenly heard Angelas voice talking to her.

- What?

- I asked what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the hospital with him?

- I was there, I coulnd't do anything for him so I went here to get some work done, what's wrong with that?

- Nothing, except that this is Booth we're talking about.

- Yeah, so? He's a big boy, an FBI-agent and all. I'm sure he can manage without me hanging around.

She sounded professional but inside she was emotionally unstable.