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Chapter 2. The Flashback


- Bones, come on, we need to go now, Booth said while getting up from sitting in the red couch in her office.

- I can't just leave everything just because you call for me to go with you, Brennan said with anoyance.

He was always doing this to her, she thought. Just came and said that they needed to go to find a body somewhere that had been slain rather than dying of natural causes.

- Bones, we've been through this so many times, why even bother? I need your help and well, we're partners. You have to come with me, that's just the way it is by having a partner you see.

- I never wanted to be partners to begin with, she said clearly irritated.

Now Booth started to get irritated himself.

- Bones, you better come with me now or Goodman will have something to do with this. Don't make me do that.

- Fine, you go to him then. I have a body of a possible Civil War soldier to identify.

Now he couldn't take it anymore and just went towards her, bent over and lifted her over his shoulder and carried her out of her office.

She was now furious and started to kick and hit his back.

- Bones, lighten up. Stop hitting me. I don't want to go to Goodman and this is the best way to get you out of that office of yours.

Angela smiled behind her computerscreen where she was building up a face of that very Civil War-body. The face that started appearing on the screen was actually quite attractive she thought before she realized what she was doing. The body was just that, a body, the person inside of it was dead and long gone.

Zach and Hodgkins stood and just stared at Booth carrying Brennan over his shoulder out of the lab and out to the parking lot where he placed her on the passengers seat in his black SUV.

- Sit still now, Booth said warningly to her.

- Fine, she said and crossed her arms over her chest.

- Good.

Booth got into the drivers seat and started the car and drove off to the mall.

At the parking lot he stopped and parked in an empty space near the building. It was night and not many cars left. The shops were closing for the day.

They both got out of the car. Bones had her forensics overall on and when she saw Booth's handsome figure in his dark suit and white shirt and dark tie she couldn't help looking down at her own appearance and tried to straighten out the overall and fix her hair a bit. She put her hair in a ponytail and went after Booth who had started walking towards the building. She ran so she could walk beside him. He led her to a wall where there was an opening.

- Ladies first, he said with a smile and showed with his arm that she should go first.

She grabbed her flashlight and went inside the opening.

- Which direction? she asked Booth.

- Left, he answered.

She started going left, enlightning her way with the flashlight. There were pipes and alot of dirt and dust there. It tickled in her nose so she put on a face mask. Suddenly the light from the flashlight hit something, a figure. She started walking with more determination towards it. But suddenly the figure started moving and she let out a scream that startled Booth. He shone in front of them and saw the figure that moved.

- Booth, I thought you said that the body was dead.

- That's what they told me too, Booth answered.

Suddenly the flashlight hit something that made the light bounce back and he reacted instinctively.

- Bones, we better turn around now.

- What for.

- You see over there. That body has got a gun which is starting to come this way.

- Yeah, I see.

They turned around and almost ran back to the opening. Booth had of course drawn his gun just in case.

- Booth, I want a gun. I need one right now, she said.

- Forget it Bones. You're not getting a gun.

- Fine.

Finally they reached the opening and got out. They went towards a stonepillar to have as a cover just in case the body got out and started shooting. Of course the body was no longer a dead body since it had moved. Now it was a person, probably a man judging by the size of him. She wandered off a bit in her thoughts. Suddenly Booth cried out:

- Bones, look out.

She flipped around and saw the "body" standing there pointing a gun at her. He shot several shots and then she felt Booth throw himself at her to protect her and nailed her to the floor. The security guards that heard the shots came running with their weapons drawn and shouting at the figure to freeze, but he turned around and ran out of the mall.