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"Kurt! Oh, Kurt, no." Ororo moaned, holding her dying husband.

"...Mom, I can help!" Nea said suddenly as she moved toward her father. Everyone else waited as she placed her hand on her father's back and closed her eyes. The girl's hand glowed with a soft purple light. Moments past before Kurt gasped, the life returning to his eyes. Nea smiled tiredly. They all watched in wonder as the bullet seemed to remove itself and the wound healed underneath her hand.

"Y' just full o' surprises ain't y'?" commented Gambit..

-Back at the Mansion -

"We have another sister?!" Chane and Kiesha, the younger twins, exclaimed together. Theresia (TJ) and Kris were there also.

"Ja," replied Kurt.

"Why didn't we know about her sooner?" Chane's blue eyes were as curious as his voice.

"You have to understand, this was a very painful topic for your father and I." Ororo replied, "We... we thought she was dead. She disappeared in an explosion and we couldn't find her."

"So where is she?" asked Chane.

"Come in, Nea." called Kurt. Slowly the door opened, and Nea shyly entered the room.

"Hello," she said shyly looking down at the ground, then she looked up with her light purple eyes and met each gaze. She walked quickly over and sat down next to Ororo.

"I know this is going to be a bit strange for everyone," the wind rider said, "but I'm going to expect you all to be accepting and welcoming."

"Of course!" said Kiesha, she got up and went over to Nea. "I'm Kiesha!"

"Hi," Nea said smiling.

"I'm Chane," said Chane, waving from his seat. Nea smiled at him.

"And you met Kris and Theresia earlier." said Kurt.

-A week or so after Nea first comes to Xavier's-

"Hey Nea!" Shara called, waving her hand.

"Yeah?" asked Nea, turning to the dragon-shifter.

"You wanna go shopping?"

"Uh, I would but I have to do my homework first."

"You have all weekend!"

"So? If I do it now I don't have to do it later."

"Hmph... you're such a goody-goody"

"...Yeah... so?"

"It's not a good thing, goody-goodies are so... so perfect." said Shara, emphasizing her last word.

"Being a 'goody-goody' is not a bad thing, anyway I'm not trying to be perfect or a 'goody-goody', plus you make failing sound like a good thing."

"I'm not failing!"

"I didn't say you were."

"I give up!" Shara said rolling her eyes. She left Nea in the hall where she was. Nea sighed. She was beginning to like this place, but she could never help feeling somewhat out of place. Being a perfectionist was hard, she just wanted to do her best. She went to the library, sitting down on one of the couches facing the door and started on her homework. She liked it there in the library, it was quiet and had a calmness to it. Grabbing her headphones she put on her favorite CD and worked in silence until she heard someone enter the library. Looking up she saw it was the boy who had come along when she was rescued. His name was Brandon, he was tall and of average build, though his hair was white.

Brandon did not notice Nea and was grumbling about some assignment he had to do. He looked up and jumped, apologizing, "Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize you were there," Nea noted that his face had turned red.

"That's ok," Nea replied turning off her music.

Brandon came over and sat down on the couch across from Nea. "So...how do you like it here?"

"I like it."

"That's it?"

"That's all you asked me."

"... I guess you're right-" he was interrupted by someone calling his name in a most irritated fashion. Christine, his twin sister, though she looked like his opposite with her jet black hair, came through the wall looking severely ticked off.

"I DIDN'T DO IT!" Brandon yelled as his sister came towards him.

"BRA- oh hi, Nea!" she paused, "Please excuse my entrance but I must speak with my brother."

"I didn't do it!"

"Suuuuure you didn't! Where's my money, Brandon? Where did you hide it?"

"I don't have it!"

"You spent it already?"


"That's what you said last time!"

"Yeah... but you have no proof this time!"

"I don't need proof! one offense is enough evidence!" Christine growled. "Sorry about this Nea." Christine added before lunging at her brother. Brandon took off, making use of his superhuman speed. "GET BACK HERE!" Christine yelled after him.

Nea blinked as the two siblings left the library. She put her headphones back on, laughing quietly to herself. Silence was restored, but it was soon broken again as Kris entered the room. "Hello, Kris." Nea called from her seat.

"Oh hey, Nea. What are you doin'?"


"Ah, whatcha listenin' to?"

"Oh it's just some symphony type music."


"Yeah, I've always liked how it sounded, do you play an instrument?"


"Cool, I've always loved the violin... when-" she stopped.

"When what?"

"Nothing, it's not that important."

"By the look on your face I'd say it is."

Nea sighed. "When I was taken away, I wasn't always held by Widlong. There were these people who tried raise me and make me believe that I was their child. But I didn't believe them and never once referred to them as my parents. I think it irritated them, but they just didn't have a parental feel to them if you know what I mean. They gave me a violin, as something to do, and I immediately fell in love with playing it. I couldn't help it, it was a way to escape all their pestering and questions about how my powers were developing. It was an escape from the fact they were just using me to get more information on mutant development. The whole parent thing was just to see how my powers would develop under a calm family environment. They obviously thought it wasn't working and that's when they handed me over to Widlong." Nea shivered as the memories came back to her, Kris who had sat next to her, put his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, it's ok,"

"I know, I really want to continue playing, but I don't know how to ask Mom and Dad about it."

"I'm sure they'll want to know about it."

"Yeah. I guess you're right... By the way, thank you for listening."

"You're welcome. Any time."

Their conversation was rudely interrupted as Brandon and Christine phased through the wall near them. Christine landed on top of Brandon who gasped as she pressed her knee into his gut.

"Where is it, Brandon?" Christine growled.

"If you kill me I can't tell you."

"HA! You just admitted you did it!"

"I did n- fine. I'll go get it if you let me up."

"You think I'm that dull, Brandon?"


"Oh! Hi, Nea, didn't think you'd still be in here. Hi, Kris..." Christine looked up with a guilty grin on her face. Brandon groaned, craning his head around.

"Get off, Christine! Hey, Kris, can I have a little assistance?"

"I already have one short-tempered sibling... I don't need yours after me."

"I don't have a short temper!" said Christine defiantly and glared down at her brother before he could make a comment, "I just don't appreciate it when my brother takes my money!"

"I'll give it back! Just get off!" Brandon squirmed impatiently. Christine got off her brother, who's ego was throughly bruised.

"Well I'm done, so I'll see you guys later." Nea got up from her seat, gathered up her books and headed for the door.

"See ya." called Christine. Kris got up to find the book he had originally come in to the library for, leaving Christine and Brandon alone. Brandon realized his sister was looking at him kinda oddly.

"What! I'll give it back!"

"You like her."



"I do n-"

"Brandon, I'm your sister. I notice the details. Like the fact that you turn red whenever you're around her... And you keep shifting from one foot to another, you never do that."

"I do no-"


"Don't tell anyone!"

"Oh so you do like her!"

"I didn't say that, just don't tell anyone your suspicions!"

"Fine, as long as you give me my money back!"

"I promise."

"Alright, my mouth is sealed."

"For how long?"

"You know I wouldn't tell unless you provoked me."

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