a song fic to Avril Lavigne's Unwanted

Disclaimer: I don't own credits to the song or to the show Without a Trace

All that I did was walk over
Start off by shaking your hands
That's how it went
I had a smile on my face and I sat up straight
Oh, yeah, yeah
I wanted to know you
I wanted to show you

Samantha knew she had to be brave. She had to show him she was fine without him. She could be professional. But his erratic behavior was something she could not ignore.

When he almost stabbed the suspect, she knew something was up. So what if they weren't a couple anymore? She could go over as a concerned colleague right?

You don't know me
Don't ignore me
You don't want me there
You just shut me out
You don't know me
Don't ignore me
If you had your way
You'd just shut me up
Make me go away

He misunderstood her. He tried to shut her out of his apartment.

The look in his eyes told her everything.

She wasn't his girlfriend. They were barely friends. To him she had to right no be here. Possibly had she admitted her feelings to him last year before he broke things off, he wouldn't be shutting her out now.

After she talked to Danny, all she could was hope that he would go to the NA meeting.

She sat alone by the phone. She willed it to ring.

Suddenly it ringed.

"Sam, I'm sorry I was really rude to you before," Martin stated.

A smile spread on her lips.

He seemed like the old Martin again.

"How was it?" Samantha inquired.

"It's a step in the right direction. Thanks for coming although I wasn't a great host," Martin stated sheepishly.

"Maybe we can do it properly once you feel a bit better?" Samantha quipped.

"Sure. Just name the day and time. I'll be good. I promise," Martin said.

Samantha laughed.

"I'm sure you will," Samantha stated.

Okay I'm continuing it with the song Sweet Time by Jesse McCartney.

Martin was feeling much better as the days went by.

He waited for Samantha to give the day and time. He didn't mind waiting. She could take her sweet time.

Take your sweet, sweet time
I will be here if you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I will be here for you baby, anytime
Ouch ooh

Martin recalled the concern and love in her eyes when she confronted him. He decided he would never make her feel unwanted again. He felt awful afterwards for shutting her out.

She took him aside and said," Saturday, ten a.m, at your place, you get to play a good host."

They exchanged a smile.

Martin decided that even if this date didn't bring them back together, he wouldn't stand in her way.

I won't ever stand in your way
wherever your heart may lead you
I will love you the same
And I will be your comfort everyday
Do you hear the words I say?

They attempted making crepes, but it was a disaster. The fillings wouldn't stay put and they ended throwing it at each other.

Samantha laughed more brightly than ever before. Martin couldn't help but stare at her. She went to get cleaned up.

After they both were cleaned up, Martin switched on the radio and pulled her into a dance.

Take your sweet, sweet time
I will be here if you change your mind
Take your sweet, sweet time
I will be here for you baby, anytime

" Sam if you want to give us a second chance, I promise I'll give you the space if you need it. Most of all I want you to know I love you and I'll be there for you," Martin promised.

"Martin I don't think I need the space. This past year and everything that happened was enough to show me that I should have told you long ago that I love you," Samantha stated.

She leaned closer and they shared a kiss.

This time they would take their sweet time in making sure their relationship blossomed.