Well, here it is! The sequel to "Super Cool Concerrt People"! This will have more action, more romance, more suspense, morre characters, and more chapters!

Synopisis: as the Huntsclan puts their plan in action, Rose and Kellen's old friend comes to MFMS. Can he help find out what the Huntsman is planning?

Genres: Action/Adventure/Romance/Suspense/Drama

Pairings: Rose/Jake, Kel/Cat, Leah/OC, Spud/Trixie/Kyle

Disclaimer: I do not own ADJL. All I own is Ben and Leah, and the plot. Cat and Kel belong to ADJLFanatic and IronHand respectively.

A/N: I know in "Breakout", Rose tells Jake the plot, so, if I don't get this done by the time it airs, this will be an alternate universe fanfic.

Chapter 1: The New Kid

On a cloudy day in April, Ben (Short for Benjiro) Kishi walked through the halls of Millard Fillmore Middle School. He was the new kid. Just moved to New York from Bethesda, Maryland. He immigrated to the USA from Japan with his parents when he was three.

Leah was walking briskly towards her locker. She was trying to put her iPod under her sweatshirt so she can listen to music during class. She accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry." Leah said to the person.

"Don't worry about it." He replied.

Leah was looking at a tall, slim, Asian boy her age. He has almond shaped eyes, and longish jet-black hair. Realizing she was staring, Leah blushed and quickly regained her composure.

"I'm Leah." She said extending her hand. "Leah Benson."

"Ben Kishi." They shook hands.

"Well, I'd better get to my locker." Said Leah.

"Me too."

Leah turned left to her locker. Ben went down the hall a little further and turned right to his. As the two got their books out, the realized their lockers were near each other's.

"Wow." Leah said.


"Hey, my friends'll be here in a minute." Said Leah. "Do you wanna hang out with us?"

"Sure!" Said Ben enthusiastically. "I just moved here, so…"


"Hey, Leah!"

Jake, Trixie, Spud, Cat, Rose, and Kel were approaching. They waved.

"Hi, guys!" Leah answered back.

"Who's your friend?" Asked Spud.

"This is Ben Kishi." Leah explained. "He just moved here. Ben, this is Jake, Trixie, Spud, Cat-"

"Ben?" Rose said suddenly recognizing her former friend.

"Rose? Kel?" Ben said. He also recognized them from elementary.

Everyone else was confused. "You guys know each other?" Leah asked.

"We knew each other in Elementary." Rose replied.

After an awkward silence, the bell rang. They all headed off to their classes.

Just before lunch, Leah caught up with Ben.

"Hey." She greeted.


"You uh, didn't sound too excited when you saw Kel and Rose."

Ben sighed. "We've known each other since kindergarten. When we were nine, I told them…" He turned away. "You wouldn't believe me."

"You're a dragon, aren't you?" Leah whispered.

Ben's eyes widened. "How did you know?"

"I can read minds." Leah explained. "I can also move things, and heal any sickness and wound."

"Oh." Ben sighed with relief. He did not like keeping secrets.

"Jake and Cat are also dragons. And I guess you know Kel and Rose are in the Huntsclan." Added Leah.

"We stopped being friends after we found out each other's secrets."

Leah nodded knowingly. "Stick to the status quo."

"Why do you trust those two? They're evil!" Ben said appalled.

Leah explained all that Kel and Rose did the past year. How the four of them found out each other's secrets, how Rose and Kel saved Jake and Cat's lives twice…

"Look," Leah continued. "Just give them another chance. I'm telling you, they're legit."

Ben thought for a minute. They do sound legit. He wasn't too sure about this.

"All right." He finally said. "I'll trust them."

Rose and Kel were heading the same direction.

"I can't believe it." Said Rose. "Ben is here."

Kel nodded. "I know. I feel so bad for shunning him."

"Me too."

The four of them arrived at the cafeteria.

"I'll leave you three alone to talk." Said Leah. She headed into the cafeteria.

"So…" Kel started to say.

"We meet again." Ben finished.

"Look, Ben, we're really sorry." Rose said sincerely.

"It's okay." Replied Ben. "Leah told me what you guys did."

"So…we cool?" Kel asked hopefully.

"Like the other side of the pillow!" Said Ben.


Meanwhile, the rest of the gang was discussing how to get information on the Huntsman plot. Rose, Kel, and Ben joined them.

"Hey, guys." Greeted Jake. "What kept you?"

Leah already explained to her friends about Ben, Kel, and Rose's friendship.

"We made up." Kel explained.

"Great!" Cat said.

"Dudes, how are we going to uncover the master plan?" Spud asked.

"I have something that might help." Said Ben.

They all looked at him, interested.

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