Don't Leave Me This Way

Summary-It's the day before Sam's wedding day and Dean has to give the speech at the rehearsal dinner…..he doesn't want to let his brother go. John is alive, Mary is still dead and it's been a year since they killed the demon

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or the guys the CW does (I wish I did!)

Setting: Some fancy Italian restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas with the banner "Congratulations Sam and Jessica" on the wall. Sam is sitting at the end of the table with Jessica and Dean is across from them. a small group of friends and family are sitting around the table eating.

"Ok…I think that we are all set for the wedding tomorrow everyone knows where they are sitting and the best man Dean and the maid of honor Alexandria will walk together first since there is no flower girl…."stated Pastor Mick as he checked off all the details on his list of wedding details

Sam looked very nervous as he pushed his plate away and took Jessica's hand. He needed reassurance about everything before the big day…Sam didn't want anything to go wrong.

"Sammy…son you look like you've seen a ghost" said John laughing "or maybe it was a demon"

Sam looked at Dean and they both forced a laugh at their father's "joke" it wasn't one to them. Dinner was almost over and it was time for Dean to give his speech to his brother and future sister in law…

"Sammy….sorry man, I mean Sam I can't believe you are getting married! I mean after all we've been though during the last couple of years. After mom died and dad took off you were the only one that I could count on, you are my best friend. Jessica, you are marrying a great guy really and I'm not just saying that because he is my brother. You guys are going to be so happy. Sam, just one promise you need to make me…don't leave me this way I mean don't leave me as you see me know remember me in happier times like when we were younger before everything happened. Jessica, make me the promise that you will always be happy no matter what. I love you guys." Dean said with tears in his eyes.

Sam, with tears streaming down his face went over to his older brother

"Dean, I could never leave you, I love you, you're my brother and I want you to be happy not depressed like you are" said Sam giving him a huge hug

"Dean, I can make that promise to you" said Jessica in a calm voice

The Next Day: Wedding Day-People are arriving at the church...they are starting to notice that dean is not there yet.

"Where the hell is dean?" screamed John at anyone who would listen to him "he is the best man and he needs to be here"

Dean runs in…

"Sorry I'm so late I had to pick up a couple things" said Dean obviously drunk

Dean and Alexandria head down the aisle, half way down dean stops in his tracks…

"Where is Sam? We have a bride but not a groom………" said Dean

Jessica comes out to see what all the hold up is and notices Sam isn't at the church, she runs out crying. Meanwhile, Dean's cell phone rings

"Dean…it's me Sam. I am at the motel across the street" said Sam with a calm voice

"Sammy! Dude, you are supposed to get married like now! What's up?" said Dean in a questioning voice

"The demon isn't dead, Dean….I have a feeling there are more like it coming…tell Jessica I'm sorry" said Sam

Might have a chapter 2 if people like it!