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Spoilers: general sixth season

Written for the Geekfiction Summer Sizzler Ficathon.


There was something odd about the whole thing, but he wasn't too worried. When you're eight, finding someone who'll collect bugs with you is a summer miracle, even if she is a girl.

He showed her the prong on a beetle's leg, and how to catch a moth without hurting it, and told her why orb spiders spin the webs they do. She built him a sandcastle and told him why a top stays up when it spins, and taught him how to blow dandelion clocks.

They built a menagerie for the insects and ate ice cream, dripping on purpose to lure ants. They climbed a tree and talked about wonderful things; they waded in the surf and collected seashells. The dandelions told them it was four, and six, and two, but no one ever called them home for supper, and the sun never set...

...shining on and on...


Grissom peered blearily at the light-edged curtains before realizing it was late Saturday morning and they didn't have to get up. Sara rolled over in the circle of his arm. "'Wake?" she mumbled.

"No." Grissom let his eyes slide shut again. "Weird dreams."

"Yeah." Sara sighed, her body going limp with resurgent sleep. "The clock says it's three..."

Grissom opened one eye, squinting at her, then closed it again. He'd think about it later.


They laughed, and chased each other down a green-and-gold hill, and there were always butterflies, and another clock to blow.