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"What have I gotten myself into?"

Alec asked himself, leaning back in the chair he is sitting in his office. He crossed his hands together behind his head as he ponders on about the question. Three months have passed since the whole Jam Pony event and now he sit here in his small office asking himself the same question he asked himself three months ago. 2IC of a city full with transgenics, transhuman, and even anomalies who use to resident in a military/government facility called Manticore. A squad of X6s he could handle but a city was…

At least in Manticore they didn't have to worry about people holding up sign that say "Go Home Freaks," or a sadistic cult wanting them dead. Or living in a bio-toxic city, where the buildings are falling apart and nothing in the place works. At least at Manticore they had livable sleeping quarters and working electricity and actual good food to eat. But one thing Manticore didn't provide for the now Terminal City residents was freedom.

Life in Manticore was a prison and if living under this condition mean freedom then so be it. Anything was better then months of training and living in the dark room where you'll be sent to Psy-ops for failing a mission. Yeah Terminal City was the home sweet home for all the Freaks of the "genetically empowered" and test tube born by the hand of Manticore.

So again he asked himself the question, "What have I gotten myself into?" Simple really. Only one word come to mind and that is …Max. The raven hair beauty with a major attitude… well use too. She may still have her bad girl, independent side to her but she also have the leader and caring for a city of transgenics side also. If it wasn't for her, none of the residents here wouldn't have a clue where to go out here in the real world nor would they know how to survive. Also if it wasn't for her he would be dead by now. The new life Alec and Max have now have change a lot in them. They grew a little these pass few months but not completely. They just grew a little serious. A responsibility like theirs would do that to you.

Alec turned in his chair to face the window behind him. Standing up, he looked out the window to see the active transies walking about doing there own thing. Most, thanks to the inner circle, are doing their job to make Terminal City a better place. Thanks to that they have working electricity, running water, food, weapons just in case a seige, and security. So Max may have gotten him into this jam but at least he is helping her helping the transgenics live.

And speaking of the raven beauty, here she comes now. Alec watched as Max makes her way up the stair towards their office. Well his office to be exact since she just busted into it.

"Alec do you have the list of the newcomers that arrived from last week," Max yelled at him from the door once she closed it.

"Hey Max, nice to see you, I'm good by the way," he said sarcastically.

"Sorry Alec but I really need that list."

"Yeah yeah," he whispered rolling his eyes.

He went back to his desk and rampage through his desk filled with paper. Quickly scanning the papers, he finally found the list and handed it to Max.


"So what's the verdict this time?"

"It's not much but we're good. We went up on the amount of newcomers from last month so that's telling you something. They're all not dying out there. At least they're making it through here."

"And that's good news; soon we'll have a whole city full of our kind in here."

"Yeah which remind me that we have a meeting today about stocking up for more supplies. Since we're getting new people here we need to stock more on what we need. So I asked Joshua and Biggs to go around and see what we needed and what we already have."

"Uhm…any chance on asking Logan for…"

"No I wasn't planning on it," Max interrupted.

Alec studied his still friend and watched her fidget with the paper in her hands. She may be putting her mask up but Alec could tell she wasn't comfortable with the question. Any question or anything dealing with Logan. Every since she told Logan that she is with Alec, she been avoiding Logan. And Logan constantly keep trying to reach her in anyway he can, to talk to her. Leaving Alec in the middle of their "not like that" relationship. Personally he wants out of it. It don't feel right and he's not the type of guy to steal other men women.

"Max when will you tell Logan that we're not together? The guy calls practically everyday and I'm tired of talking to him for you. I'm tired of being in the middle of this when I shouldn't have been in it at all."

"I know and I'm sorry but it's the only way I could get Logan to understand that he's not safe with me or at least out of danger."

"Danger or not Max, we need his help and you're the only person he'll talk to."

Silence engulfs the room before someone knocked at the door. In peeked a young X6 with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

"Sorry to interrupt sir but there's a guy here to see you Alec. He says he is a friend of yours."

Alec frowned when Max turned from the X6 to look back at Alec. Not sure who it could be, personally Alec has lot of friends or people who he considers to be friend, he nodded for the X6 to let who ever it to come in. The boy left only to come back in with a male X5 with black hair and green eyes behind him.

"Hey how's it going," the guy waved and smiled at the two confuse transgenic before him.

"Do…do I know you," Alec asked looking the guy up and down, trying to scan his mind for anyone back in Manticore to fit the guy description. The guy was practically huge, bulk with muscles with an Italian look to him. The face looked kind of familiar but Alec couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"You might not remember me; I've change since home was destroyed. But my designation is 568."

Alec frown relaxed until it turns into a shock expression. Max looked at Alec confuse at the change of expression. The guy just smiled at Alec as he sucks his hands in his pocket.


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