AN: Okay from here on out the chapter are going to be long. So it might be less then five chapters or the same amount I said I was going to have. Thank my beta for her time in correcting my chapters again. Anyway, here is the chapter, I hope you like it.

The sun shining through his bedroom woke him up from his slumber. He was face-down on his bed looking at the paint chip walls, unwilling to get up to greet the day of his presence. Personally he didn't want to wake up at all due to the event yesterday, knowing that another person he cared about fell under Gabe's spell. He was helpless and drained from all this…fighting. He was tired of fighting something he knew he couldn't beat and knowing he couldn't stop the inevitable. Max was going to be one of Gabe's followers and he couldn't do anything about it except watch. No, lying there felt much better than fighting a battle he couldn't win. The sound of his bedroom door creeping open caught his ears and he listened as soft footsteps made their way inside. With the sound of his door closing shut, he spun into action. With his speed, he blurred to his intruder, grabbed him by the neck and pushed him against the wall. The intruder clawed at Alec's arm to try to pry his hands from around his neck.
The intruder's voice strained to call out Alec's name and he realized the voice was of a feminine tone. Finally getting a good look at his intruder, he was met with disheveled raven hair and dark brown eyes from in between staring up at him. He quickly removed his hands and watched as the woman rubbed at her neck idly. "Max, I'm sorry. I thought you were an intruder, I didn't mean"
"It's okay Alec, I'm not hurt"
He opened his mouth as if to say something else but closed it when nothing seemed to come out. He let his breathing and heart beat calm down a little from his panicked state before asking her his questions.
"Max what are you doing here"
"I came to see you"
"Me? But you shouldn't be up right now; we weren't expecting you to wake up until at least five more hours now. How"
He was stopped by Max's fingers covering his lips, ceasing him to continue.
"Shush, no more questions"
Removing her hand, she replaced them with her lips. She moved them slowly and gently across his as she moved her hands up his chest and around his neck to tangle in his dark blonde hair. Alec was shocked to say the least. He wasn't expecting this to happen. Max realized he wasn't responding and opened her eyes just a little to look at his confused eyes.
"It's okay Alec." She said moving her kisses alongside his jaw.
"But Max"
She interrupted him again when she captured his lips again but this time forcefully. Moving her hands to the side of his face to still him from moving away to try to talk, she moved her body even closer, igniting a response from him. He sighed into the kiss as he started to move his lips with hers. His hands moved to her face to angle it to get better access as his tongue moved across her lips for entrance. They were both engaged in a hungry kiss. Max pushed forward, causing Alec to break the kiss as his knees hit the back of the bed to fall, sitting down. She smiled at him and removed her tank top. Straddling him, they continued their feverish kissing and touching. In the process Alec lost his shirt but couldn't seem to recall how it happened. This can't be happening, Max isn't suppose to be here, Alec thought, his conscience making sense of the whole situation.
"Max, wait," he said but Max was caught up with torturing him with her mouth on his neck moving down to his shoulders. Her hands moved from his shoulder to between them, moving up and down his chest. "Max wait, we need to st"
Alec was stopped again but this time not by Max's hand or her lips. This time it was something painful in his upper chest. It seemed his words were stuck in his throat due to the pain and his arms fell limp from Max's back to his side. Max moved her body until she was face to face with Alec, smiling at him. Another sharp pain shot through his chest and he fell backwards on his back with Max still straddling him. He felt as if he was paralyzed but he could still feel that aching pain in his chest. Moving his eyes, he looked at Max and then to her hands to see a bloody knife. Lifting his head up a little he looked down at his chest. In the middle of his chest was a bleeding stab wound. His head fell back down on the bed and he moved his eyes back up to Max, only to find that they were no longer alone in the room. Standing behind her was Gabe himself, smiling. He walked up close to Max and leaned in close to her ear to whisper.
"Kill him"
Max raised her arms up over her head with the knife in hand. Alec still couldn't move and he watched in horror as the knife plummeted down towards him.

Alec woke with a start and cold sweat dripping down his forehead. It was just a dream he thought as he closed his eyes for relief and from the harsh sun. Taking long shaky breath to calm himself down, he finally opened his eyes. He looked around the room to find himself in his living room, not in his bedroom, lying on the couch. Movement beside him caught his attention and looked over to see CeCe halfway on him and the couch, waking up.
"Alec, you're okay?" She said worriedly, looking up at him with sleepy eyes. She felt his shallow breathing and rapid heart beat, waking her up when he jumped. She knew he'd had a dream and from his eyes it frightened him, but just for a split second before he put his mask up to hide his emotion.
"Yeah, C. I'm fine, but could you get off of me?" He smiled.
She smiled back and moved to stand up to go to the kitchen. Alec stayed lying down on the couch once CeCe left. He looked down at his chest and a flash of his chest bleeding came to his mind and he rolled his eyes. It was just a dream, damn it. Finally getting up he walked over to the kitchen area where CeCe stood drinking some water.
"You can use the shower first," Alec suggested.
Another smile formed on CeCe face. "You're being nice after we slept together," she said sarcastically. "What can I say, I'm a gentleman"
"Right. No, you go ahead. I'm going to my place, and I'll take one there. Change out of those stinky clothes before anyone notices," she said, moving towards the door. "Meet you in headquarters"
"Yeah, I'll be there"
With a nod, CeCe left out the door. Alec rubbed the sticky sweat from his neck and forehead and left the kitchen to go take a much needed shower.

That dream played over and over in Alec's head as he made his way to headquarters. It was almost scary in a way. Max killing him was scary. But what he feared the most about it was the truth behind it. Gabe was the kind of guy that would play with your weakness to get to you and Max was definitely his weakness. He cared too much for her and that would get him killed one day and Gabe knew that. Gabe knew what he was doing. Alec just had to be two steps ahead if he wanted to stop Gabe and his wild ambition. It was tough, but he had been in tougher situations before and this wasn't different than the rest. Just some minor setback, but he'd pull through. He had to. Yeah, easier said than done, Alec thought to himself as he passed the infirmary. He stopped in his tracks to turn to face the infirmary. Looking down at his watch it told him that they had five hours left until Max woke up from her slumber. Truth be told, Alec didn't want Max to wake up. He'd prefer her to be in a coma if it kept what was going to happen to her at bay until he figured out how to destroy this nano-nite inside of her. I guess I can visit her before the inevitable happens. And when the time comes, order to put her in a holding cell, get some answers from her while we figure out what to do with the problem, he thought making his way to the infirmary. The time he walked in he knew something was off. It was a gut- wrenching feeling in the pit of his stomach and yet a sense of something else. The smell of it perhaps but this smell was here before due to the first of Gabe's many victims. Something else was causing this dreadful feeling. He looked over to his left to see the empty desk where a medic should be at all times, at least the medic he assigned to watch over Max.
"Ness, are you here?" He looked around the area and listened just in case but there was nothing. Minx with her feline features walked in with a smile on her face, setting down her things on the empty desk.
"Good morning Alec, what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you to be here until it was almost time for Max to wake up," she said, walking up to him and studying his face, which was set in a frown. "What's wrong"
"Where is Ness? She is supposed to be on duty now"
"Oh Ness should be…" She paused in her sentence to finally pay attention to the empty desk her stuff was sitting on. "I'm sure she just stepped out for a minute"
"She could have waited until you or another medic showed up." Alec said moving toward Max's quarters at a quick pace. "I wanted Max guarded at all time." He pulled back the curtains hiding Max's quarter and looked at the occupied bed. An occupied bed but not Max in it. Minx moved past him to see Ness sleeping soundly in the bed. She checked Ness's vital signs and looked up at Alec who stared at the bottom of the bed, jaw twitching.
"Alec…" Minx said a little worried.
"I should go," he said putting a smile on his face. "I'm needed at headquarters." He backed away from the quarter to leave.
"Alec wait, what about Max?" She yelled, but he was gone.

Alec ignored everything around him. His mind was set on going to headquarters and assembling up a team to go against Gabe and his team of followers. He personally couldn't go by himself. He already went up against two, and look how that turned out. No he needed a team. Gabe had Max, he just knew it. Max wasn't due to wake up and he had to kidnap her from the infirmary. He was furious to say the least. Reaching headquarters, he was bombarded with his fellow comrades trying to get his attention but the only thing on his mind now was Max.
"Alec we have a problem," Mole said walking beside Alec as he made his way up the stairs to the platform where Dix and the TVs were.
"Mole I need you to set up a team for me, a total of twelve maybe fifteen, and meet me in the meeting room." Alec said ignoring what Mole said.
"What, why?" Mole asked, confused.
"Just do it." Alec yelled. He turned away from Mole to look through some papers on the table.
Mole was about to leave but CeCe stopped him.
"Alec, we need to talk," CeCe said standing behind him.
"Not now C, I'm kind of busy. Dix, have you seen the layout of that main apartment building on Oak Street"
Dix was about to answer but CeCe interjected. "Alec, we have a problem and we need you to come with us"
"CeCe, can it wait? Max is missing and I think Gabe has something to do with it again." He turned to face CeCe but his eyes deterred from her to Mole. "Didn't I tell you to go get a team ready?" He frowned. He could feel his anger coming full force. "Must I do everything?" He pushed between his friends to head downstairs again.
"Alec you need to stop and listen to me." CeCe followed behind.
"I don't have time, C," he retorted.
He was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder and swung around to face his friends, but soon was met with a punch to his lower jaw. He was stopped from falling sideways by his t-shirt and pushed up against the wall. He looked up to see Mole pinning him against the wall and CeCe beside him. Around them some of TC's residents stopped to look but were shushed away by Mole telling them to scat. "Let go of me, Mole," Alec said, trying to pull Mole's hand off of him, but Mole only pushed back.
"No way pretty boy, not until you calm down." Alec sent him a death glare before trying to pull at his hand again.
"Mole," Alec said through clenched teeth. CeCe helped push Alec back against the wall and turned his head to look at her. "Alec, you need to calm down and listen to us. You're running on instinct here and we need you sane. About Max, she isn't missing"
"She's not?" Alec repeated, letting his anger seep out.
"No. she's here, pissed, and looking for you," Mole added.
A loud bellow rang in their ears and they turned to see Max staring at them, leaning against the rail on the second floor where hers and Alec's office stood.
"Alec. My office. NOW," she said crossing her arms.
Mole and CeCe turned back toward Alec who was still looking up at Max.
"We were trying to get you out before Max noticed you but you went all primal on us." CeCe whispered. "But I guess our plan didn't work"
"Alec, NOW." "I better go," Alec said looking at both friends.
"What are you, crazy? She's one of them and you're just going to go with her?" Mole rushed to say still holding Alec back.
"If I don't go she's coming down here. Listen, I'll just go up there and talk to her. Just look out for any of Gabe's guys"
"Alec," CeCe started.
"If anything happens to me, I trust you guys to stop Gabe, okay." He smiled at his friends.
Alec moved Mole's hand away from him and moved to head upstairs. What have I gotten myself into? Alec questioned himself going inside Max's office. Max was by her desk looking through some papers when she looked up to see Alec.
"Hey Max," he said with a small smile on his face.
"Wipe that smile off your face. Where have you been, Alec? I left you in charge for one day and I come back to find a stack of papers on my desk with complaints on them"
"Well, I've been a little busy since then"
"Busy with what, Alec? Our home is falling apart because you had something better to do. Which is what by the way"
"Why don't you tell me, Max"
"I don't have time for your little games," she said walking up to him. "This is serious and you went and screwed it all up in one day. We're running out of food and money, water is running cold, and every now and then the power blinks on and off. Now tell me what were you too busy with to solve these matters"
"One day won't kill"
"Oh, and let me not forget about the order you made when I was in the infirmary," she said interrupting him and walking back to her desk. "A medic told me that I had to stay put because some stupid order you made. What is wrong with you Alec"
"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? Do you even remember what happened to you yesterday"
"What are you talking about?" She said frowning at him.
"I'm talking about when Gabe attacked you and Logan in this room where I found you. He drugged you, Max. Just like the others. Do you remember that"
"Alec, you must have bumped your head because I specifically remember going in the infirmary for some rest, which I left you in charge to take care of the place"
"You don't remember anything, not what's going on around here, not even us"
"There isn't an us." Alec just looked up at Max staring in her dark brown eyes, trying to figure out what he could see in them, but all he could see was nothing. "I want you on sentry duty for the rest of the week and also I want you to organize a heist for the lack of food and money we have. If you can't run this place while in charge, maybe you can run it under orders"
"So you're punishing me with work details. You can't"
"Can't what, Alec? I can. I'm CO here and anything I say goes"
"You're pulling rank on me"
"I have to, you're too much of a screw-up to be charging a city by yourself and you're not pulling your weight around here"
"Max would you listen to yourself? Do you even hear what you are saying"
"I hear myself loud and clear. It's you who is not listening. Now go and do what I ordered you to do. Start on the west side perimeter and work your way around." Alec let out a scoff and shook his head. "Why are you not moving Alec? I said go. Or are you disobeying my orders"
"No ma'am," Alec said with much strain in his voice.
"Good, now go"
Alec left the room and down the stairs where CeCe and Mole waited. They leaned in together, walking away from headquarters.
"How did it go? Did she try to do anything?" Mole asked in a whisper.
"Well she definitely isn't the Max we know. I don't know what Gabe told her but she thinks she has woken up from a nap instead of being attacked. I want to set up a meeting at Joshua's, just us and Joshua. We can clue everyone else in later. It's too risky setting a meeting here"
"What are we going to do with Max? I mean you see her. She's like a drill sergeant on the warpath," CeCe said looking behind her where Max was yelling at Dix to come to her office.
"We just have to stay out of sight"
"You mean you have to stay out of sight. She is only after you, along with the other brainless drone." Mole put in.
"Well I can't help it if everybody wants me," Alec said with a smile.
"It is funny how you pick the wrong time to be funny, Alec." CeCe said with a serious look on her face. "Ease off of me, okay? I'm just trying to lighten up the mood. Besides, I think I have a solution for that"

I can't believe I am doing this, Alec thought as he stood in front Logan who was seated in his chair in front of his computer with his arms crossed.
"So due to what is happening back at Freak Nation, I'd thought it'd be best if I stay here for while. You know keep off the radar since I'm the main target." Logan just stared at him still with his arms crossed. "Listen I didn't have much of a choice in finding a place to hide out, okay? It's not like I can go back to my old apartment or at Max's, or run freely in the street. This place is the only option." Still there was no activity from the older man. "Nod, speak, blink, do something. What do you want me to do beg?" Finally something happened to tell Alec that the man in front of him was still alive. A half-smile formed on Logan's face.
"That wouldn't be a bad idea"
"You know what, forget it. I don't know why I even bother talking to you. I'm staying here whether you like it or not"
Alec moved from the doorway to go in the back room where he used to stay when he was living with Joshua. He dropped his bag on the floor in the room and went back in the living room area. Logan was back to typing on his computer when Alec came back and went to the mini fridge and looked over the content, which wasn't very much. Closing it, he laid down on the couch and looked up at the ceiling.
"Why don't you make yourself useful and do something"
"You know what Logan? If you've got something to say then say it instead of beating around the bush already because this is getting old"
"Fine. Why did you take Max away from me?" He said turning around in his chair to eye the younger man sitting up on the couch.
"I didn't take Max away from you. Manticore did that with that virus along with this city"
"No, you did take her away the moment you set foot into our lives. You changed everything we had. You had to stick your nose where it didn't belong by jumping into our business. You had to inflict ideas in her head telling her that she had to stay to be CO of a city and telling her that we shouldn't be together. So yes, you did take her away from me, not just the others"
"What, what are you, eight? Max has a mind of her own. She made the decision herself. I just helped her see reality in this make-believe world you two seemed to be living in. I didn't make her break up with you, that was all her"
"No but you helped moved it along"
"You know, we can argue about Max and how I supposedly stole her from you all you want but right now isn't the time. We have a crisis on our hands right now, and knowing you, you don't want it turning ugly just as much as I don't. So for now, lay off and let's figure out how to save TC."