Chapter 10

The lightning was coming at Anakin really fast. He quickly thought of his love he had for his mother, who died long ago. He thought of his love for his Master Obi-Wan, the Jedi order, Yoda, Qui-Gon, Mace Windu, his wife who he loved more than life itself, and of course his new kids on the way. He would be willing to die for all of them, even for the galaxy. He knew the monster before him must be stopped at all costs.

The lightning hit Anakin, but it didn't have its usual effect that it has on whoever it hits. Anakin was still in the same spot he was as if it had not hit him at all.

The Emperor was surprised but tried it again, with the same results.

"How are you doing this?" He asked

Anakin looked at him with pity, for this man knew nothing about love. Love is far more powerful than any Sith ability.

"Its simple, I have learned a few new abilities that are only able to be performed by the chosen one, if he is not a Sith. The love I have for everything in this galaxy is what prevents a Sith attack. And now I will finish the job here."

The Emperor's eyes widened as he feared whatever was about to happen to him. Then a beam came out of Anakin's non-metallic hand of pure white. It hit him and the Emperor screamed loud. After a few minutes the light left Anakin.

The Emperor knew something was different. "What was that?" he said weakly, because he felt as if something was missing from himself.

Anakin smiled, "That was a hidden ability that drains the midichlorians from a Sith so they can be binded and tried. You basically have no more ability to use the force."

The Emperor was stunned, but he could not believe it and had to prove him wrong he lifted his hands to shoot lightning, but nothing happened. He then tried to even lift up a chair but nothing happened. He activated his saber with fury and ran toward Anakin but no sooner had he activated it then it was taken from his hand and into Anakin's.

"Now, my lord, Anakin said sternly, you and I will stand trial on Coruscant," As he activated the Emperor's saber to detain him.