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Chapter 1- Savior

It was like he could sense when ever Harry was near him. He had only been gone from the school for six months. And he missed the boy. It was all he could think about, in his sleep, while he worked, while he ate; it was Harry, the boy captured his mind. So when he heard a scream coming from downstairs, he knew who it was.

He flew down the stairs. And it was who he thought it was, it was Harry. The boy was stretched out on the floor, his hands shackled and high above his head. He wore no shirt, showing scars of ill-treatment.

"Hey Severus, do you want to join in?" It was Lucius who had asked him, the man looked like he was about to rape the poor boy. Severus didn't want to join in, he wanted to get Harry out of there.

"I think I will." Severus said, in a false tone. "But I think I will take him upstairs. And have my own sweet time with him." Pause. "I believe I deserve the most time with him. You know how his father used to treat me. Or have you forgotten? And even how the dark Lord said I could have my time with him. To avenge what his father did to me." Severus said. He stared down Lucius, but there was nothing that the fellow Slytherin could do.

"Very well Severus. You may have him." Lucius said with a slight anger appearing.

"Why don't you and your friends," Severus said, looking around. "Go and do some muggle hunting." That seemed to make Lucius happy. He motioned to his fellow death eaters and they walked out of the room, leaving Harry and Severus alone. The latter bent to help the small boy get up from the ground. But he didn't speak to the boy until they were back in in Severus' study. Only then did he talk. "Potter are you okay?" Severus asked, as he took out his wand and flicked it and the shackles went crashing to the floor.

"I am fine Snape." Harry said, with loathing in his voice. "Not like it's any of you were concerned." Maybe he shouldn't be saying this, it may only anger Severus more. But quite to the opposite, the potions Master smiled.

"Do you remember when I told your class last year that no one can tamper with a memory?" Severus asked.

"Yes." Harry answered, still with a loathing look.

"Do you want to see him in my pensive?" But Severus didn't wait for the boy to answer. He just dragged the boy over to the small, silver goblet. "Look in when I tell you to." Severus placed his wand to his temple, and a long silvery, watery looking strip came out of his head. Then he placed it in the goblet. "Now look." He told and Harry.

The boy looked in and was instantly pulled into the blue thoughts of Severus. He was taken to a room; he noticed the room was the same room as Dumbledore's office. He even saw the old headmaster and a very nervous looking Severus.

"Severus, I am very thankful that you have told me he of young Mr. Malfoy's plans." Dumbledore said in his very calm voice. "And I understand that you took the unbreakable vow. And must ask you, that if all else fails, then you must go through with it. Even if it means that you must kill me. You must protect Mr. Malfoy at all costs, he is a very young boy and does not know what exactly what is been asked of him."

"Oh I think he does Professor. When I finally got him to tell me about what his assignment was. He was so happy about being given this, what he called 'a great honor'. I do think he means to kill you, by any means necessary."

"But Severus, that does not matter what I need from you is to protect him."

"And…and what of Harry. He will hate me forever."

"And I do realize that Severus, and under any circumstance you must let them think that you are a death eater."

"You do realize that I will never be able to be with him?"

"I do realize that Severus. But you must be patient until the war is over and you were able to come out free and clear. I have let someone, a very trusted someone, of your loyalties and he will not let me down."

Harry felt that he was being pulled back. Back into reality. He stood, kind of shaking from the experience a he had just been through. Dumbledore had wanted Snape to kill him, if it meant saving lives and protecting him. "Who is the trusted one?"

Severus smiled at the boy, "It is you Harry."

"Me? But how? I thought you killed him I thought you were on their side."

"But Dumbledore told you, many, many times, that I was to be trusted. He said he put his full faith in me. He told me two days before I killed him, that you were the trusted one, I didn't believe it then either but he said that you knew, no in a straightforward way but in a roundabout way. You knew that I was innocent."

"I guess Professor Dumbledore works in mysterious ways." Severus a lot laughed right next to him. "But what did you mean when you said 'That I will never be with him'?"

"Silly boy, haven't you ever noticed? The way I used to look at you, I have been in love with you. Always. I hated your father, I always did." Severus moved about the room now. And Harry had taken up a chair. "I despised him, I wanted him dead. And I got my wish, but it also came with a price. I lost a dear friend that day, your mother, Lily, was always a trusted friend of mine and she always helped me out. I may have been mean to her sometimes but that didn't mean that I was not her friend. She would help me out, at the same time she helped Lupin out. I had always loved her eyes, they shined like beautiful emeralds. And when you came to school," Severus turned to look at Harry now. His coal black eyes shone with love. "I could see her in you. But I also saw your father, the ignorant little prat he was. You're untidy hair, the glasses that you wear and smug smile on your face, that all reminded me of him. But when you entered your third year and Lupin started to help you I noticed a change about you." Severus started walking round again. "Something a new. Something that I missed before. Your smug smile was no longer there, it was replaced by loving smile. Your untidy hair, old God how I wanted to run my hands through it. Combing it out."

Severus moved towards the boy again. He had desire in his eyes. Harry couldn't help but look. The black eyes boar into him. "Professor, I had always…had this…thing…for you." Harry was wringing his hands not sure what to say. "In a way I think I love you." Harry blushed a deep shade of red. He looked down at his hands, till a larger pair of hands took his smaller ones in to theirs. And then one moved up to tilted his chin up.

"I had always hoped that you would. There is no way to determine whether a person is gay or not. I always hoped you were, or even bi. I do love you Harry. And I have for quite some time. That is why I was asking Dumbledore why I had to. I could've gotten out of it some way…"

"Yes but it would have killed you." Harry said matter-of-factly.

"But I would've gotten out of it, and you wouldn't have thought me a murderer. But I had great faith in Dumbledore. And I trusted his decision, so I followed it. But that left me cold, even when you accosted me on the grass, you thought I was a murderer. True I was, but under different circumstances. It hurt me to have you think that I was evil."

"Snape, is that why you rescued me? From Mr. Malfoy." Severus nodded.

"Are you a virgin or did someone take it?"

"I am a virgin. Any longer and I wouldn't have been."

"Thank god. You need to be made love to and not just a fuck toy." Severus said as he ran his hand threw Harry's brown hair. "And I intend to make sure that the first and only the first is fulfilled."