(Ok this is my first ever TT Fanfic I'm taking a break from Danny Phantom for awhile (Not really… heh heh …) since viewers are howling for my blood and for me to write a sequel to my other story. Well I got the idea swimming in my pool! Weird huh?)

Tamerian Blood

One normal, lazy day Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing Games on their PS3. Robin was training. Raven was mediating and Starfire was sick in bed.

"Ugh, I really do not like this illness thing you earth people get." Starfire muttered to her self as she cuddled up in her blankets. Robin opened the door "Starfire I brought you a bowl of warm soup." Robin said "Its chicken!" He said convincingly "I do not wish for a chicken in my soup, their feathers are mostly not pleasant." Starfire said in haste

"Star, its not alive." Robin said

"I do not wish for...dead chicken in soup, can I have some mustard please instead of dead chicken soup. Starfire said "Ok Star, I'll get you it. You just get some rest till I get it. Robin said as the alarm went off, Starfire got out of bed "I think its better if you stay here Star, We'll be back soon." Robin said as he jolted out the door.

"What's the problem?" Robin asked the man "Its the Ackin! Its attacking the boat!" He shouted "Ackin?" Robin asked "Its an alien Creature, last of its kind, It just laid two eggs, and if we want this species to last we have to take one of the eggs to hatch in captivity." He said "Ok we're on it. Titans GO!" Raven covered the boat with her powers and moved the boat to the shore. And the giant monster seemed to swim off going to protect her other egg.

"Thank you" the man said, "Call me Billy." "Nice to meet you Billy." Robin said, "So what's with this Ackin, monster?" Cyborg asked, "An Ackin is the biggest animal ever! As a calf its the size a of a full grown blue whale!" Bill said "Wow that is big." Beast Boy said, "So since it's that big where are you keeping it held?" BB asked Bill "Well we have a really big tank for it. Come I'll show you." Billy said as he led the way into a big-gated area.

The gate door opened. And inside were a ton of military aircrafts and more "Welcome to Area 51." Bill said, "I'll show you the Tank." They walked for a while looking at all the cool stuff soon Bill came to a stop "Here it is!" He said pointing towards a gigantic tank "Its bout' 32,000 feet across and 16,000 feet wide and bout' 400 feet deep. "Whoa!" BB exclaimed, "That Tank is gianormous!"

"Boys you can put er' in now!" Bill called to the other men with the egg, They had a huge crane and they put the egg at the bottom of the huge pool. "Well can we come back to see the Ackin when it hatches?" BB pleaded, "S'ure" Bill said with a slight accent "Well, we better be going." Robin said as he led the others to the exit and Cyborg pulled Beast Boy out.

Back at home Starfire was feeling much better after drinking a whole bottle of mustard and sleeping. Starfire started cleaning the tower top to bottom and side to side. She cleaned the ceiling, and dusted everything and then fell back asleep on the sofa with Silky cuddled up next to her. Robin, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy came walking in the door and sat down on the sofa awaking Starfire "Well Hello back so soon?" She asked "I cleaned the house bottom to top! So what took you so long for you to return?" Starfire asked them

"Sorry Star we were kind of busy. We saved a boat from some alien creature that was last of its kind and it laid eggs and the we had to help them get the egg to hatch into captivity. And I see your better." Robin smiled at me

"Yes Mustard always helps!" Starfire said cheerfully

(A/N: Aww muffins, lol Ackins are my imaginary made up animal. Lol but they look like giant dragons; except they don't fly they swim… yea… ok then please Review! )

This is my first story (Teen Titans Anyway) I hope you like it!