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Starfire and Beast Boy jumped into the water and swam around with the giant. The creature was so friendly despite how it looked.

The Ackin rolled on to it stomach letting Starfire scratch its belly.

"Cannon Ball!" Beast Boy yelled as he jumped into the water turning into an elephant and splashing everybody on deck with the wave.

The Ackin flipped over with Starfire still on its stomach. She fell into the water, scraping her hand on the Ackins sharp scales.

"Ow!" Starfire cried as she gripped her hand as the blood dripped into the water.


As the Ackin swam towards them charging with it's mouth open. Making a loud noise, like screaming. Starfire quickly jumped from the water and floated in the air. Beast boy swam but not fast enough. Starfire dove down and grabbed Beast Boy's hands and pulled him out of the water.

The Ackin Jumped up in to the air grabbing Beast Boy and Starfire with its large teeth and pulled them 400 feet under water.

"Starfire!" Robin yelled frantically

"Beast Boy!"

Robin took a running start to jump into the water after the Ackin to get his friends back, but Bill grabbed his cape.

"Not so fast. You jump in there now you'll be eaten alive!"

"I don't care I need to save them!"

"It's too late… if the Ackins got em, their goners. But its behavior was outrageous; maybe theirs still a way to save them…"

Robin was furious he just wanted to jump in the water and slay that creature that might have just killed his friends.

"Robin… If they're still alive they can make it, slaying the creature now could be harmful if Starfire and Beast Boy are still alive in its stomach." Raven said

Just then Robins communicator when off,

"Hel-p, help u-s…"

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