This is my first work on Fanfiction. I do not own Peter Pan or any of its characters, those belong to the mind of J.M Barrie, Andrew Edwards however is mine. After reading Peter Pan for the first time I found myself wondering who was able to win over Wendy's heart when it belonged so much to Peter Pan. This starts out the same year Wendy got back from Neverland, the age is never given in J.M. Barrie's work so I will take it upon myslef to say she is 13, well, she just turned 13. She was 12 when she went to Neverland.John will be 10 and Michael 7. The lost boys who have found their home with the Darlings are a number of ages ranging from 7-12. I am trying to stick with the style of J.M. Barrie's writing, enjoy and please review.

Our story begins with a boy sitting inside a classroom of a tall intimidating school building. This particular boy was as ordinary as your everyday pair of socks; no ruffles or lace, no stripes or checkers, no colors or print, just an ordinary everyday pair of plain white socks that are at times lost to the washer or dryer.

The bell rang in this classroom and all the children jumped from their desks as if bitten by snakes. The children quickly escaped from the prison in which they had been held captive all day. Actually, two stilled remained and this, this, is actually where the story begins.

"Wait for me at the bus stop Tootles," a girl called out to the boy who had just left the room. She got no reply but knew he would wait. Now this girl approached the desk of a villainous creature, better known as the teacher.

The ordinary boy watched her walk bravely to the desk and hand the teacher a stack of papers. The shock would have been seen clearly on his face had anyone been looking at him, for Wendy never misbehaved in class, it didn't make any sense to him, her turning in extra work. The boy quickly shoved everything into his book bag and slung it over his shoulder. He couldn't help but notice she was smiling as she turned away from the teacher, and we find him wondering why anyone would smile after handing in extra work. He could understand a sigh of relief, not a smile.

He trailed after her as she left the building, "Darling," he called, but didn't catch her ear until he called her a second time.

"Andrew you needn't address me by my last name outside of school, you can just call me Wendy," she said in a soft polite voice when he reached her.

"Sorry Dar-Wendy, it is a habit now. I don't mean to pry, but why were you handing in extra work after class today? I don't recall you getting into any trouble."

"Havens no, I haven't misbehaved, my Mother would be oh so disappointed. I turned in extra work because I will not be here next week. My Mother told me to make sure to get all my school work done before I go visit with Peter," she explained.

"Peter?" Andrew asked with a frown.

"Peter Pan, the boys and I had all sorts of adventures with him during the summer holiday. Pirates, Indians, and Mermaids, it was wonderful. I shall love to do it all over again," she gushed, and if Andrew wasn't such a practical lad he would have noticed for a few moments she lifted off the ground.

"Oh," was his only reply, because just like all the boys besides Michael over the past year he had come to the conclusion that things like mermaids and pirates didn't exist. Remembering his manners he wished her well on her journey to visit her friend and offered to carry her books to the bus stop.

Soon they reached the stop where Tootles and the other boys waited for her. When the bus pulled up to the stop Andrew boarded after Wendy then handed her the books he had carried and found a seat in the back of the bus. Wendy's stop was one of the first on the route and she let the boys get off the bus while she thanked Andrew for carrying her books and bid him farewell until she returned week after next.

He wanted to ask her if she really saw mermaids, pirates, fairies, and such. If she said it was true he would believe her and somewhere in that place all growing children and adults have he so wanted to believe again.