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Two stops later Andrew got off the bus and walked the five minutes to his home. When he got through the dark green door and into the entranceway his Mother was on the new telephone.

"Oh, yes why that would be splendid. What time shall we arrive?" she asked in the sweetest voice Andrew knew she had. He gave her a smile she returned and ran up the stairs to set down his book bag.

The maid who also served as his nanny ruffled his jet back hair when entered his room, "We've got to getcha' cleaned up for t'night lad," she informed him while rubbing a dark smudge away that had rested under his dark chocolate brown eye.

He gave her a curious glance and asked why.

"I guess she would still be on the telly with'em. The Darlings have invited your family to supper. Mr. Darling has just been promoted to the same position as your father at the bank and Mrs. Darling phoned saying how delightful it would be to have you over, and your mother wants to ask Mr. Darling about the time he wouldn't come out of the dog kennel when the children went missing.

Andrew stood there stunned for a moment by the knowledge of household affairs that Ginny had.

"Andy I thought you'd learned by now, maids are the invisible ears of every household," she reminded him before shooing him off for his bath.

The daylight had begun to fade by the time the Edwards family reached the Darling house, number 14 of Shady Lane.

Mrs. Darling and Mrs. Edwards greeted each other with ladylike hugs and kisses on one another's cheeks while their husbands shook hands.

From the door we can see all nine Darling children dressed properly and behaving with Nana close by watching them wearily.

"Why, there are so many!" exclaimed Mrs. Edwards at the sight we just had a peak at.

"And we are so fond of them," explained Mrs. Darling, "This is Wendy," Wendy curtsied at the mention of her name, "Tootles," he bowed and the others followed suit, "John, Nibs, Michael, Slightly, Curly, and Twins. Children this is Mr. And Mrs. Edwards and their son."

"Andrew," Mr. Edwards finished for her. Andrew followed their example and bowed quickly, embarrassed at being in the spotlight.

"Why don't we go to the dinning room where he servants can get us started with our tea," Mr. Darling invited them into the rather spacious room just down the hall.

The protective Saint Bernard gave a yip of agreement causing the children to come alive and follow into the dinning room.

Mr. Darling cleaned his spectacles as he took his usual seat at the head of the table. Mrs. Darling seated Mr. Edwards on the right side of her husband with his son next to him and his wife across from him while she put herself next to Mrs. Edwards. The children all scramble to pick a seat and Nana trotted up to Mr. Darling waiting to be excused for the night.

Liza, knowing the Friday night routine walked into the room just as Mr. Darling opened his mouth to call for her, "Oh, you're already here, would you please take Nana for her evening walk, it is her night off."

"I'd be more'n happy to sir. The food will be served momentarily," she now addressed the Saint Bernard, "Are you ready?" she asked and got a wagging tail in reply as Nana left the room.

"'Sa good thing he's got more servants now r'else you would've 'ad to be locked up," Liza told the dog as she put on her coat.

The stars blinked in greeting when Nana made it outside followed by Liza.

Nana clearly understood the message that wasn't meant for her eyes and howled. Nana didn't want her only girl to leave again, but she knew this time it would only be for a week.

"What's eatin' ya Nana?" Liza asked, she followed the dogs big brown eyes skyward, "You silly thing. 'At's jus the stars an moon; nothin' to be fearful of, let's get movin'."

Nana continued but we could clearly see her head hung lower than before and her steps were heavier. If only the stars could understand her message like she could them. They could let the eternal boy know his arrival wasn't looked forward to by anyone but Wendy. Nana was happy she was finally able to stop tying down most of her charges. The only ones with notions of flying still stuck in their dreams were Michael and Wendy.

"Why ya' so down, huh?" Liza questioned the disheartened Nana. She didn't reply, but tried to put on her happiest face as they reached Kensington Garden, for she knew there was nothing anyone could do. Wendy would go with him every time he came.

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