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Accidentally in Love: School

Actually, she didn't know when she fell in love with him. Oh, she knew the general time period, but she didn't know the exact moment. There were too many moments to think about.

But now, she lay in the meadow by herself when the sun was shining, the breeze was warm, the grass soft – she found it easier to think back.

It was school again. A pretty ordinary day, really. The only thing worth mentioning that was out of the ordinary was that the hollows hadn't really appeared for a while now. Even Rukia, known as the model student of the class (barring the fact that she was an exchange student) felt bored. It was one of those days where students just felt the dimension of sleep calling out to them.

Ichigo had just gone to the bathroom, and all the students envied him. The teacher had a policy that allowed only one boy and one girl out of the classroom at the same time, to prevent mass congregations during school time.

No girls had gone yet, so Rukia put her hand up to ask for permission to go the toilet. Even if there was another girl, the teacher would have let her anyway, Rukia thought smugly as she made her way out of the classroom. Those mangas had helped her develop the perfect classroom character – one that drove Ichigo nuts.

As she exited the toilet block, she decided to take the scenic route back to class. The teacher wouldn't question her anyway. Plus, she had been told by Ichigo that everyone did it – why couldn't she?

She breathed in deeply. The air near the top of the school certainly seemed purer than the bottom levels. She was about to turn the corner when she heard a familiar voice.

"Leave him alone."

Verbally, that was all she heard. She peeked around the corner to find Ichigo fighting off three larger students. Behind him cowered a smaller student; obviously scared. Rukia started to step out, but saw that Ichigo had (quite easily) finished off the three larger students.

She watched him turn around, ask if the kid was ok, then continued walking down the corridor, further away from her. Rukia blinked. The 'tough-guy' character Ichigo had been putting up all along was just that – a character. She smiled to herself, and then retraced her steps. That way, she would get to the classroom before Ichigo.

When he entered the classroom she was already in her seat, catching up on the second set of notes of rubbish that the teacher had decided to give them. She didn't look up as he walked to his desk.

When he sat down, she counted to ten, and then turned to him, giving him a soft smile. Without waiting to see his reaction, she continued copying down the notes from the board.

Even though she was by herself, she gave a slight nod after reliving that experience. Yeah, that was probably when she fell in love with him. Actually, there was probably more, but right now she was content to just think of that one time, where she had just felt attracted to him for some reason.


She opened her eyes to see Ichigo standing beside her. He was wearing his usual scowl, though she couldn't exactly see it because of the bright light behind him.

She didn't reply to his greeting, instead, she gave him a soft, genuine smile she was sure he would catch. With that, she closed her eyes again, smiling to herself when she heard him settle down next to her on the grass.

Ichigo sighed. Softly. This girl…he didn't know when he had…taken a liking to her. It had started that day, really, when she decided to smile at him – properly for once. Not one of those stupid fake smiles she gave everyone, but it was like this smile was meant for him, and him only. Just like the one she just had given him. She didn't say anything, but it said a lot. Or maybe it didn't mean anything. If that was the case, maybe he was reading too deeply into the small things – maybe he was in love. Ichigo never thought that Rukia might be.

He had decided to take the long way back to class that lazy day. It was one way of shortening the boring class period. That was when he saw that small kid being confronted by some annoying students – he recognised them as people who sat around the back area of the school, smoking, swearing, etc.

Ichigo didn't really want to get into a fight – the day was pretty lazy, and he didn't feel like it. However, he reasoned, that if he did get into a fight, he could prolong his time away from class – and for a good reason.

When he got back to class, he expected Rukia to look up, as she usually did when he walked in – he expected her to hiss at him and ask him why he took so long, expected her to comment on the blood on his shirt – but she didn't. She didn't even look up when he took his seat.

He didn't know why it mattered so much, really, it was just out of the ordinary, that she would treat him just like anyone else. He didn't know if he liked it. So, he watched her carefully, to see if anything was wrong.

Yes, that was the reason, just to see if anything was wrong. But as he watched her, he became distracted – lucky the teacher had her back to the class. He had never noticed how the sides of her face curved together, how some of her hair refused to stay behind her face, they had to rebel and cascade lightly down one side. Then there was that rogue strand of hair that fell casually across her face. That strand, the one he always wanted to just reach out and place behind her ear.

He was so caught up in examining her face, that when she turned to look at him, he almost fell off his seat. It must have gone to his subconscious that she was never going to look at him again.

Well, this was it – now was the time for her to whisper fiercely at him to concentrate on his work – copy down the notes the teacher was writing on the board – like she always did. Instead, she gave him a soft smile, and then immediately turned back to her work. Ichigo blinked, and felt his cheeks heat up.

He looked down at her, lying peacefully in the grass next to him. Those class notes never did written down. But even though he never got a record of those notes, he had made sure he kept a mental record of her face.

Now that her eyes were closed, he felt sure he was allowed to look at her, memorising every detail again. Again, there was the rogue strand of hair that scampered across her face. The one he always just wanted to reach out and place behind her ear.

He did just that. Gently.

Rukia's eyes opened, questions in them this time.

But this time, he was the one who looked away.

Damn. I think I'm in love.

She watched him for a few seconds, and then thought pretty much the same thing.

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