Types of Heroes

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A/N All though this mentions the same lab it doesn't really have that much to do with All Mixed Up. Spoilers of Venegence Chronicles.


Chloe took her lab top trying to hack into to the system to unlock the door. As she did this the door suddenly collapsed. On the other side stood Andrea all decked in black leather. Then Chloe said, "I'm guessing you found another way in? Why do I bother with my high tech's when I have super heroes who can simply tare down doors?"

"Hey, I need your techie skills on this little mission." Andrea said.

Chloe came in all enthused.

The room was all dark with plastic sheets over a variety of computers. It was dusty it looked like it's been abandoned for a while. But not too long. Chloe noted the expensive equipment.

"Ok, so maybe we should split up."

"I'm thinking, yeah, I'll try to hack into these computers to see if there is any left over files I can recover."

"You think Lex would be that stupid?" Andrea asked.

"No, but his employees might be." Chloe smirked.

"Alright keep your comlink on."

"Si, amiga." Andrea said as she jumped up to the next floor.

Chloe laughed slightly amused by her friend. Then she went back to work. She got her bag with her several little gadgets it's a wonder what you can find on e-bay these days. She got a small electronic box and attached to the computer. It caused the power to get on the computer. The screen went on she tapped her fingers to wait it to up load. Then when it went on it looked that there weren't any files on it. At first. Chloe could fix that. Some of Lex's employees might have something left on here some where. All she had to do was to use her magical hacking abilities. Okay so she didn't have super powers like Clark and Andrea but she had her uses. Eventually she found a hidden file. It was a list of several people with special abilities. It had their names, abilities, and locations. It was scary just how much information they had on them. Chloe had to destroy this so Lex could never use it to harm or expose these people any further. Chloe down loaded the files on her handy dandy little lab top connecting it to the computer with that little electoral box attached to it.

After she finished down loading all of the files she came across one more icon on the bottom she clicked on it and it was another hidden file. It was different it had no name it merely said new arrival. Then Chloe noticed the date on it, it was just last week. She couldn't believe it. Then it showed a map of where he was located. IT was right here.

She quickly went on her comlink. "Andrea."

"Yeah, Chica?"

"Problems. It seems there is a current prisoner right here."

"I know I see him. He's locked in this glass cage. It seems to be locked by some techno mumbo jumbo that my abilities reach their limits."

"Ok, I'll be there in just a minute." Chloe said as she shut down the computer and put her lab top and other gadgets back in her bag. She threw it over her shoulder. Then she started to go. As she did this her comlink went back on.

"Chloe I don't think we're alone."

Chloe felt like she was being followed. She turned around and saw merely shadows. She grabbed a flash light out of her purse and flashed it at the shadows. Looking around she saw nothing. She started to get goose bumps on her arms as she began to walk very slowly through the ware house.

"Andrea, are you still there?"

No answer.

Chloe heard a noise. Turning around she saw nothing again. She put her flash light back in her purse and began to run to where she was supposed to meet Andrea. She arrived to a clear glass prison where a man was tied up to all of these wires on the ground. He was groaning. It looked like he was being electrocuted from the black wires.

Chloe whispered on her comlink again. "Angel, are you there?"

This young man looked no older then Chloe. His shirt looked tarred. Sweat was dripping through his black buzz cut hair. He whimpered on his back moaning in pain.

Chloe couldn't wait and watch this man in agony any longer so she took a gadget out of her bag. There was a a key pad in front of the glass. She connected it to it. Then the door opened. Chloe ran to the guy. She knelt down. He was in a sort of a daze. She started to take the wire off. As she did this electrictrity started to flare. Chloe noticed these circle scars all done through his chest.

Chloe held his hand and said, "Don't worry. I'll get you out of here." He blinked his eyes. She started to pull up him up.

He limped weakly as sheput his arm over her shoulder leaning him on her shoulder dragging him out of here. Then she went back on her comlink. "Andr...Angel, are you there? Pick up!"

Andrea responded out of breath.

"Chlo...ah...are you ok?"

"Yeah, I found the captive. He's here with me. Where are you?"

"On the roof. I just had a little encounter with some weird ninja want to be. I lost him though."

"Any chance you scared him off?"

"Not likely."

"Ok, well, we better get out of here quickly. Meet you at the front door."

"Ok, if your not here in five minutes, I'm looking for you. Clark will kill me if something happens to you on our little girls night out."

Chloe laughed at that. As she dragged the guy leaning on her shoulder.

His eyes were dropy slowly they began to go in focus. He seemed to come out of the daze he was in.

"Where am I?" He said drearily.

Chloe stopped.

"Your awake. That's good. Your in a lab. I think they were doing some..."

"They caught me again?" He asked more to himself.

"Ah.Yeah. Can you walk?"

He was still leaning on her shoulder. He stood up.

"Yeah, I think so. You saved me. Th..."

"Thanks later. There's some one here. Probaly a goon of Lex trying to make sure you don't escape. Can you run?"

He looked down shaking his leg.

"Yeah, the effects wore off. I'm good as new." Then he moved his hand around making electrcity coming throug his hands making a light.

Chloe didn't look that surprise to see him do this. She smiled a little impressed then said, "Good. Follow me." Then she ran, he followed her.

Suddenly she saw black blur jump down from the upper levels. At first she thought it was Andrea.

Then saw it was a man dressed in black, with the light the captive had lit behind her.

"You don't want to do that."

Chloe quickly grabbed something out of her bag. She dropped it on the ground. Then then fog gas exploaded. Chloe couldn't see anything. Then she said, "Get out here!" She started to crawl.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Nice trick."

Blood rushed to her cheeks. Her heart beat rapidly. She froze. Squinting through the fog. His hand lingered on her shoulder.

"Thanks." She said not beleiving she could speak. But tried to stay strong, calm, and undercontrol.

"Stay there." He said. She still couldn't see him through the fog but she could feel him moving away. She stayed there and counted to thirty. Then she crawled until the foggy mist faded.

"That was a close one" she said under her breath.

She made it out of the ware house and saw Andrea caring the captive as they were jumping down from the roof.

"Chloe, your ok. You sure know how to scare a girl. Nick told me what happened."

"Nick? Huh, wait you know him?" Chloe asked.

"Um, yeah, he was the guy I was telling you about. You know the one that told me about this place."

"Oh, good. Well, we better get out of here before we find any more trouble." Chloe said as she searched around. She had a funny feeling like shewas being watched.

"Thanks, to you both, I owe you one." He said. He ran out of sight.

Later the night. Chloe was in her apartment. Andrea just came out of the bathroom decked out in cotton blue pajama's and put her glasses on. Chloe still wearing her breaking an entry clothes, she sat on the couch staring into the empty void. She was thinking about that ninja guy. Why was he there and how could he find her in the fog? What was he after? There was something about his voice. At first his voice frightened her but something about it intrigued her. She couldn't quite put her finger on it.