A/N: Okay time for July's EI Crossover installment... just one more after this then I plan for a surprise... this month is two Toonami Favorites... Zatch Bell meets Naruto. This takes place during the never-ending slew of filler episodes of Naruto... (Couldn't help myself...) I don't know why but I see this as a filler arc... if it wasn't for the fact about different companies...

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Naruto: Then why is this fanfic set during that time.

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The Ninja and the Mamodo

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Welcome to TV Land

Zatch was watching his 2nd favorite TV show after Praying Mantis Joe! Naruto! Ponygon was by his side enjoying it as well. Kiyo sighed while trying to ignore the two… he was also doing his homework and it was hard to concentrate. Then the doorbell rang. Since he knew how hard it was to peel Zatch away from the TV he went to answer it was Megumi and Tia.

"Oh hi…" said Kiyo surprised.

"I have the day and Tia was coming for a visit anyways…" said Megumi.

"I'd ask ot do something right now but Zatch is watching TV… and you know how hard it is to pry him away from his favorite shows…" said Kiyo with a sigh.

"That's understandable…" said Megumi.

"What on?" asked Tia wondering hopping it wasn't Praying Mantis Joe.

"Naruto…" said Kiyo.

"Oh really… I think I minds well go watch it too…" said Tia who quickly ran up to the bedroom

Megumi gave a small laugh, "Though she won't admit it… Tia's a huge Naruto fan too…"

"I see…" said Kiyo.

Tia ran to the bedroom and sat next to Zatch.

"What did I miss?" asked Tia.

"Naruto with Kiba, Akamaru, Hinata, Shikamaru and Lee are fighting a ninja who claims he can summon demons from a portal… though right now their just standing there" said Zatch.

"Still filler episodes…" said Tia.

"Yeah…" said Zatch.

In the Naruto world…

It was the same thing that Zatch and Tia were watching… Naruto with Kiba, Akamaru, Hinata, Shikamaru and Lee were fighting a ninja who claims to can summon demons from a portal.

"Well you haven't you summon a ninja from a portal…" said Kiba.

"Oh I'm gather Chakra for my portal…" smiled the nameless ninja.

"It doesn't seem that way to me…" said Naruto.

"Oh I am… I am…" said the name less ninja.

"Hinata, can you check?" asked Shikamaru.

"Okay…" said Hinata, "Byakugan"

She used her bloodline limit and saw to was indeed true he was gathering his Chakra.

"Then why are standing here… we need to stop him!" yelled the loud mouth ninja.

"Too late!" said the names less who began to perform hand signs "Demonic Portal Jutsu!"

A white portal appeared behind him.

Back in the Zatch Bell world.

"Oh this is getting good…" said Zatch.

Megumi and Kiyo entered the bedroom… just when a strange portal appeared… it began to suck like a vacuum. Everyone began to hold on to something.

"What's happening?" asked Zatch.

"I don't know… Megumi

"Megumi you have the spell book?" asked Tia checking.

"It's in my bag…" said Megumi.

The portal began to suck up Zatch's spell book.

"Oh no!" shouted Zatch.

Zatch go of the bed which he was holding on to and grabbed his spell book… however both were sucked thought the portal.

"Zatch!" said everyone else.

Ponygon could hold on to the desk anymore and was sucked in as well.

"Ponygon!" said Tia.

Everyone else lost their grip and was sucked in as well…

Back in the Naruto world…

"Now you will fear me!" said the name less ninja.

Demons came out of the portal… but not evil demons… Zatch, Tia and Ponygon fallowed by Kiyo and Megumi. All 5 of them were unconscious while Zatch still crutched his spell book.

"Uh-oh…" said the name less ninja.

"Those are demons?" asked Naruto.

"How troublesome…" said Shikamaru.

"I think I screwed up the Jutsu…" said the name less ninja with a sweat drop.

"Looks like this is going to be an easy mission after all…" said Naruto.

Naruto preceded to beat him up… a few minutes later with the beat up ninja.

"Okay so we defeated him… what about those 5…" said Kiba pointing to the two bookkeepers and mamodos.

The 5 began to stir.

"Is everyone okay?" asked Kiyo.

"I'm fine…" said Zatch.

"So am I…" said Megumi.

"Me too…" said Tia.

"Meru meru…" said Ponygon. (Translation: Me three)

There was an awkward silence.

"You know… I have no idea what you just said…" said Kiyo.

Ponygon sighed… then began to attack Kiyo for no apparent reason.

"Hey stop it!" yelled Kiyo.

"Please stop it Ponygon" said Zatch.

"This is really weird…" said Naruto.

"I know…" said Kiba.

"Should we explain what happened?" asked Hinata.

"That might be a good idea…" said Lee.

"Hey!" yelled Naruto.

Ponygon began to bite Kiyo's hand, Zatch and Tia tried to get him off Megumi just stared at the site while sweat dropping.

"HEY!" yelled Naruto yelling extremely loudly.

That got their attention.

"No way…" said Tia.

"It can't be…" said Megumi.

"Oh no…" sighed Kiyo.

"Awesome!" said Zatch he began to bother the ninjas.

"Oh I can't believe it... it's you…" said Zatch running around Naruto.

"Okay…" said Naruto.

Zatch turned his attention towards Kiba and Akamaru as e began to run around them.

"Oh wow Akamaru is so much cuter in real life…" said Zatch

"Uh… thanks?" said Kiba.

Zatch then turned his attention towards Lee as he ran around him.

"Whoa your eye brows huge… they look a lot like hamsters…" said Zatch.

"Thank you! These eyebrows are youthful!" said Lee.

Everyone sweatdroped expect for Zatch who turned his attention towards Hinata.

"wow your eyes are really cool…" said Zatch.

"Um. Thank you…" said Hinata quietly though in truth didn't know how to react.

Zatch turned his attention to Shikamaru.

"Oh wow… his head does look like a pineapple!" said Zatch.

Shikamaru just ignored the mamodo boy.

Tia walked over to Zatch and hit him on the head.

"That hurt Tia…" said Zatch.

"Well you're bothering them…" said Tia dragging him away by the collar.

"But Tia…" said Zatch.

"How did we get here?" asked Kiyo after Tia managed to drag Zatch away from the Ninjas.

"Well you see that ninja over there used this Jutsu that was supposed to summon a demon but you came instead…" said Naruto.

"Oh…" said Megumi.

"Well can you send us back?" asked Kiyo.

"Like I'd send you back…" said the names less ninja somehow better from Naruto's beating, "After all I just realized the jutsu… worked… sadly not the way I wanted… after all those two kids and horsy thingy… are demons… now all I have to do it the jutsu to control them… oh shoot…" said the nameless ninja.

"What?" asked Zatch.

"There is no such Jutsu… I forgot…" said the nameless ninja. Everyone sweatdroped... "Well um… Sayonara Suckers…" The nameless ninja ran like there was no tomorrow.

"That… was weird…" said Kiyo.

"We should report this to the Hokage…" said Shikamaru.

"So are we going to bring them to village?" asked Hinata.

"I don't know… he did say they were demons…" said Kiba.

"Look at them though… they look like little kids and they might be good if their with humans…" said Naruto.

"And they look nice…" said Hinata.

"Fine but we should talk to them first… this is Troublesome…" said Shikamaru.

Next Time: They meet with Tsunade, after explaining the situation she allows them to stay in the village until Kiyo, Zatch, Tia Megumi and Ponygon can be sent back home... meanwhile Zatch and Naruto become good friends... may god help us all...