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Chapter 3: Around Town

Naruto took then for a tour around the village. He had already showed them the Hokage Tower and the Stone Monument… but…

"I ran out of ideas." said Naruto with a big sweat drop.

Everyone stared at him with big sweat drops.

"I have a question. Why is everything in the village being rebuilt." said Kiyo.

Zatch looked at Kiyo and asked, "You don't watch the show, do you?" asked Zatch.

Kiyo couldn't help but to sweat drop at that one.

"Please don't talk about me like I'm a TV show." sighed Naruto.

"But you are in our world." said Zatch.

"I know." said Naruto who began to day dream about having his own TV show.

"You know I agree with Naruto." said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

"Yeah." agreed Megumi.

The three Mamodo nodded in agreement.

"All right! Let's go!" yelled Naruto.

"Go where?" asked Kiyo.

"Uh…" said Naruto, "Want to go to Ichiraku?"

"We already went there." sighed Zatch.

"Yeah but I didn't take the others." said Naruto.

"Oh right." said Zatch.

"You went to Ichiraku's without me?" asked Tia.

"You were cleaning the apartment… so I didn't have much of a choice." said Zatch putting his hand in defense.

"Fine…" sighed Tia, "I'll give you that."

Zatch sighed in relief.

"All right! Let's get some ramen!" cheered Naruto.

"All right!" cheered Tia and Zatch.

"Am I missing something?" asked Kiyo… once again he didn't watch the anime.

And so they all went to Ichiraku for some ramen. Kiyo couldn't help but to stare at Naruto pigging out on the ramen.

"So I was thinking I need to pay you back for what you did for me." said Naruto.

"You don't have to." said Megumi.

"But you guys cleaned my apartment, no one has ever done that." said Naruto.

"Don't you have parents?" asked Kiyo.

"Wow… Kiyo… you really don't watch the show." said Zatch.

Kiyo sweat dropped and sighed.

"I'm an orphan." said Naruto, "I don't have any parents what so ever."

"I see." said Kiyo.

"Hey!" came a voice.

Everyone tuned around and saw Sakura.

"I heard from Lady Tsunade that you housing people from another world and today you were giving them a tour." said Sakura.

"He's supposed to… but he can't come up with ideas." said Kiyo.

"Figures." mumbled Sakura.

"Hey… it's not my fault… it's almost as if someone has writer's block or something." said Naruto.

Hehe… sorry couldn't help putting that in… sorry. But it's true, someone does have writer's block.

"Say Sakura. Do you know of anywhere I can take them?" asked Naruto.

"So where have you seen?" asked Sakura.

"Just here, the monument and the Hokage Tower." explained Kiyo.

"Well there's always the academy." said Sakura.

"No… I don't think any of them would like that." said Naruto.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"You know Naruto, it would be pretty cool to see the ninja academy!" said Zatch.

"Yeah, fine… I'll show you." said Naruto who began to pout.

Meanwhile in the enemy ninjas lair… the very one that summoned accidentally Zatch, Tia and Ponygon along with Megumi and Kiyo.

"Damn it! No wonder this didn't work very well." said the ninja looking at the scroll and he began to laugh evilly, "I need to find the companion scroll it's a good thing that I know where it is." he said.

Sometime later at the academy, Naruto who was joined by Sakura (who Tsunade let have the day off) were showing the 5 guests around.

"So is it true you guys are from another world?" asked Sakura.

"Yeah, our world is a lot different than this one." said Megumi.

"However different?" asked Sakura.

"We're characters in a TV show in their world." said Naruto.

"I wasn't asking you!" yelled Sakura pounding Naruto in the head.

"Sakura is my favorite." said Tia watching the two.

"I can see why." said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

That's when a lot of the students ran out of the class rooms. That's when three of them stopped… that's right the Konohamaru Corps!

"Hey boss! What's going on?" asked Konohamaru who then noticed the guests, "Are these those weird people from another world who claim that we're from a TV show?"

"How did you know about them?" asked Naruto.

"World gets around fast." said Moegi.

"You have a point." said Naruto with a big sweat drop.

"So is it true that we're a TV show in your world?" asked Udon.

"It sure is." said Zatch with a nod.

Udon began to blush then ran away screaming "They're watching us! They're all watching us."

This made everyone sweat drop.

"I was wondering when someone was going to do that." said Kiyo.

"I know." agreed Sakura.

Sometime later….

"You know." said Naruto staring at the sight, "Maybe you shouldn't have told us we're in a TV show."

"I didn't think it would cause any problems." said Zatch, also staring at said sight.

It should now be pointed out that Udon was in his underwear clutching to a tree. He regained his sanity after a humorous series of events that will not be shown. Remember… writer's block.

"I would have thought this would lead to serious mental problems." said Kiyo.

"I don't think so…" said Zatch, "He's not like this in the manga so it would have caused continuity errors."

"There's also a manga?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto! Focus!" said Sakura.

"So I take it that the manga is ahead of anime. What point is at?" asked Naruto.

"Well you just came back from training with Jiraya and…" said Zatch.

Sakura both whacked them in the heads to keep them quiet.

"I don't want to know about my future!" yelled Sakura.

Both of them rubbed their heads.

"All right, all I won't ask in front of you again." said Naruto.

Sakura once again whacked him in the head but harder this time.

"Ow…" mumbled Naruto.

"IU guess we should get him down." said Megumi.

"Before you do that…. Can you find my clothes first?" asked Udon.

"That might be a good idea." said Kiyo.

And so they all went to search for Udon's clothes and it was then that Naruto realized that he still hasn't found a way to pay them back yet for cleaning his apartment.

Next Time: Tia admits that she's a Naru/Hina fan, but will she risk continuity to get those two together? Meanwhile Tsunade gets word that the ninja steals a scroll that has some important details about the jutsu he used. How will Zatch and the others get involved? Find out next time!