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Naruto walked leisurely down the street with arms folded behind his head. His stride was powerful with eyes sparkling like sapphires under the unrelentingly hot sun. Sasuke and Sakura were waiting for him on the bridge; their bridge, and he couldn't be more enthralled about anything other then the reunion of team seven as it was eight years ago.

He frowned. Eight years of so much trial for all of them, in which they went onto their own paths with minimal help from their friends. Most of those years were full of hurt, determination, disappointment and rejoice.

Particularly, he could recall, the year of The Retrieval. Sasuke, two years ago, was tracked down and brought back by Naruto's ANBU team consisting of: Shikamaru, Temari, both Hyyugas, Sakura, Kakashi and Genma. He ended up fighting Sasuke while Kakashi took on Orochimaru and Sakura against Kabito. The rest of the Sound shinobi was left to the others and the outcome though successful, ended up with many critical injuries; especially Sakura.

His facial features seemed to brighten as he thought of her. She became stronger and that was made even more apparent when she fought and killed Orochimaru's right hand man. So caring, she refused to heal herself until everyone else was scratch free. He had to carry her unable to trust anyone else to properly protect her…mostly he just wanted to hold her close to himself; to feel her porcelain skin against his because he loved her.

He wasn't all too sure about her feelings, but their relationship has steadily progressed to become a multitude of emotions in which he would casually ask her out and she would readily agree in casual manner. Though he did boast that they were dates, he found her declinations of such claims to become few and far between as of late. Maybe she's finally seeing him as more than a friend? Perhaps she has the same feelings towards him as he always did towards her?

Thinking this made his heart skip in joy. Today, definitely he would confront her about said subject. He should take her out on a picnic at night and while they're under the stars he would confess his love and ask her if she felt that way as well or even ask if they could try becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Yes, tonight would definitely be the night.

"So Sasuke…" Sakura idly leaned against a tree while rubbing her arm subconsciously as she tried to make small talk to break the deafening silence.

He quirked an eyebrow towards her as if asking her "what" without putting any effort into speaking said word.

Typical she huffed in mild indignation, "how's your life been? Tsunade hasn't sent you on any C class missions for a while."

He looked her over as if calculating whither to spare her an answer, "because I requested a few weeks off to train for the Jounin exams"

"So she's finally allowing you to take them?" Sakura nodded her head in agreement, "I suppose she thought you've finally proven yourself, either that or the sudden depletion in our ranks made her reason to allow you in."

"Sudden depletion?"

She waved him off, "it's nothing you should be divulged of."

Sasuke furrowed his brows at her dismissive manner of him. He never was talked to in such a way so many years back, but then again, he acknowledged, she changed rather substantially and he knew whatever spark of love she had left for him would be nothing more than that of a friend. Besides he knew the dobe was and has been courting her for awhile and held back a snort at Sakura's naivety on the subject. Or was she?

He glanced over towards her. Sakura is far too smart not to know, but in the same instance, relationships don't take high priority for her therefore; lack of experience could hinder her normally sharp mind.

"Hey Sasuke-teme! Sakura-chan! Ready for me to kick your butts!"

Sasuke cringed at Naruto's jovial tone and glared at him not at all fazed when he received the same glare from the kitsune.

And so started their ritualistic ways of greeting each other, although a bit rusty, it wasn't hard to fall into the old rhythm in which would end with Sakura pulling them away from each other, her usually admonishing Naruto. This time though it was different. Instead of admonishing Naruto, she hit both of their heads before turning her back on them and making her way towards the training grounds while mumbling something about men.

Naruto only smiled cheekily as he followed closely behind her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder while engaging in friendly conversation, leaving Sasuke to trail behind them lost in his own musings.

She didn't shrug his arm off he mused. Perhaps she has actually taken an interest in the Kyuubi after all? He took in Naruto's changing aurora with his sharnigan, couldn't have come at a better time.

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