the eight (future) Gryffindors meet for the first time in Diagon Alley.

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Dear Diary,
Today we are going to some place called Diagon Alley to buy stuff for my new school. I'm supposed to meet Professor Flitwick there so he can show me where the shops are. Maybe I'll even see someone do magic! I can't wait!
Yours, Lily

Lily Evans and her mother walked into a pub called The Leaky Cauldron. It was a good thing Lily spotted it, because her mother walked right past it. They were supposed to meet Lily's Professor so he could guide her around the shops to buy her new items to go to Hogwarts, a wizarding school. That's right, Lily was a witch. Everyone in her family was so excited for her, except her jealous sister, Petunia.

Suddenly, Lily spotted a boy and girl who looked about her age sitting at a nearby table in the pub. The boy had messy black hair, glasses, and hazel eyes. The girl was extremely pretty, with long and wavy brunette hair and enormous purple- were they really purple? How odd! -eyes. The girl suddenly looked up and smiled at Lily. She waved her over towards them. Lily walked over nervously.

"Hello?" she asked.

The girl looked at her, still smiling. She had a nice smile. Lily felt relieved. "Hi! Are you starting at Hogwarts this year?" the girl asked her, jumping right into it.

"Yeah…are you both starting, too?" Lily was still sort of nervous, even though this girl apparently wasn't.

"Yes," the boy said. He seemed friendly to Lily, but he kept looking at her strangely.

"What's your name?" the girl asked her.

"Oh! Sorry! I'm Lily Evans!"

The girl looked both surprised and happy. "You're Lily? Great! I'm your guide! My name's Adriyana by the way, Adriyana Dumbledore." She jumped off of her chair and shook Lily's hand.

"You're my guide! That's great! I thought I was getting a teacher…"

"Yeah, Flitwick couldn't make it, so my grandfather sent me in his place. Says I do enough shopping to know this place like the back of my hand."

Lily giggled. "Your grandfather?"

"The Headmaster. I live with him." She said, adding, "So, is your mom coming with us?" as she pointed to Mrs. Evans, standing in the corner, looking more nervous than her daughter.

"Only to the bank," Lily was especially happy that this was true because Adriyana seemed like a great new friend and her mom always asked annoying questions.

"Hey, can I come with you guys?" the boy asked, suddenly. Adriyana looked at Lily questioningly. They nodded. The boy grinned.

"Great! I'll go tell my mum!" he responded, running off.

"Tell her she needs to open the gateway, none of us have a wand…yet," Adriyana called after him and smiled, possibly at the thought of getting a wand.

"How long have you known him?" Lily asked her. The two were apparently friends.

"Since I was four. His parents came to Orde-, I mean, meetings at my house and he would hang out with me while they were busy," she replied, looking sort of nervous, like she had almost let slip a secret.

"Oh…and his name is?"

"James Potter. He's pretty cool, and he's been one of my good friends for a while, we have a lot in common."

The three children, along with Lily and James' mothers, left the back of the pub and were now facing a brick wall. Lily was fascinated by the whole brick poking routine, and was somewhat sad when the mothers took their leave once they were out of the bank.

Only kidding. Freedom!

Eager to buy wizard supplies and talk to her new friends, Lily took off. As they walked down the street, James ran up to almost every window and looked at something, and Adriyana started telling Lily about all the shops and what they sold. She waved brightly to almost everyone who passed on the street.

Their first stop was a large store called Flourish and Blotts. Adriyana explained to Lily and possibly James that this was a bookstore, because he had never set foot in the place in his life, or any bookstore for that matter.

They were looking for The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) , but couldn't see it anywhere. Why would such a common book be so hard to find?

"Where is it?" James asked, getting impatient.

A young girl walked out from behind the bookshelf they were looking on. James had his back to her, but she was carrying four copies of the exact book they were looking for. "Here, I found them!" she said, happily. James jumped.

"Thanks!" the two girls exclaimed, each taking a copy and smiling gratefully.

"I'm Amber Carmichael, by the way!" the girl said.

"Nice to meet you!" said Lily kindly. They all introduced themselves to her.

Amber was average height, with blonde hair halfway down her back, and dark but sparkling blue eyes. She looked very friendly to Lily, judging from how she had helped out three strangers. It turns out that she was starting at Hogwarts, too.

They got in line to pay for their new books. Amber stood behind them. She was staring at the brown haired boy who was standing in front of the three of them with apparent interest.

Adriyana, who Lily could already tell was a very bold individual, noticed this and tapped the stranger on the shoulder. He shot about a foot in the air, and whirled around in shock. When he turned, they saw that he had caramel colored eyes and — Lily gasped — was covered in scars. He was looking down at his feet.

"Hogwarts?" Adriyana asked, noticing he had the same books as them.

"Yeah…Remus Lupin," he said shyly.

"Adriyana Dumbledore,"

"James Potter,"

"Lily Evans,"

"Amber Carmichael," she said with a giggle.

"Are you guys going to the apothecary next?" Remus asked.

"Yeah, wanna come?" James said, clearly relieved to find another boy.

"Sure!" he said. Amber looked ecstatic and asked if she could come too. Lily liked her a lot.

When they were all done paying they ran out of the bookstore….

…And right into another boy.

The blonde boy had watery blue eyes. He looked rather intimidated by them. Lily felt sort of sorry for him.

"Sorry!" James said, helping him up. Then he noticed the list that had fallen out of his hand. "You're starting at Hogwarts too, I see. What's your name?"

"P-Peter P-Pettigrew," he said, shakily. He looked like he wanted to run away as fast as he could.

After everyone in the group had introduced themselves to Peter, his mother started yelling for him in a nearby shop and he had to run off. Not that he was to upset about that, though.

"Interesting kid," James mused. The five of them continued down the street and entered the apothecary. When they got there, they saw a young girl (she looked about their age) hiding behind a barrel of something slimy. She looked like she was spying on a tall, slightly older boy who was buying potions ingredients with a very rapt interest and a look of adoration on her face. Adriyana told Lily that the boy was named Frank Longbottom, and he was starting his second year, but she didn't know the girl.

The girl had thin strawberry blonde hair and bluish-green eyes. She looked sort of thin and pale, but still healthy. Adriyana gave her a 'what are you doing?' look, and the girl pointed at Frank and then fanned her face, like she was flustered. The girls all giggled. It was clear that she had a thing for this guy.

Then Frank walked away and the girl regained her sanity, and walked up to them.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cohen…who are you guys?" she said.

They went through their introductions again. Alice joined the group, to the joy of all the girls, who were becoming fast friends. Remus and James were bonding as well.

Next they went to Ollivander's. Lily was so excited to buy her wand, so the others let her go first. Within three minutes, she had her wand. It was swishy and made of willow. James' wand was pliable and made of mahogany, and just a little longer than hers. It was no surprise to Ollivander that Adriyana's wand contained a feather from her own pet phoenix. The others looked shocked at this, so she explained how she had gotten one of the children from her grandfather's phoenix, Fawkes, for her 11th birthday. The other two girls' wands both contained a unicorn hair, and Remus' had a dragon heartstring core.

They went to buy pets next. Adriyana already had her phoenix but the three girls and two boys all got owls, though Alice was seriously considering a toad when she saw Frank come in and buy one. In the end she settled for naming her owl 'Trevvie' after his toad, Trevor.

Lily checked her list and was sad to see that there was just one stop left, the robe shop. She had been having so much fun!

Reading her mind, Adriyana said, " Lily, we'll see you again in a month! At school!"

"Yeah! We can all meet on the train!" Amber agreed.

"Maybe we'll all get put in the same classes! James put in.

"Yeah, you're bound to be in the same house as at least one of us!" Added Remus.

"I hope I'm in Gryffindor!" Lily said.

"Then you'll likely be with Agie and I," James said, then covered his mouth at the embarrassing nickname.

"You don't know that you'll be in it," Adriyana said to him
This wasn't what James was hoping for, but he recovered quickly. "Of course I will, my whole family had been for years!" he said. He seemed rather boastful, like he was really proud of this fact.

"Gryffindor sounds good to me," Remus said. Amber immediately agreed.

"I still have no clue-" Alice began.

"Frank's in Gryffindor," Adriyana noted as she opened the door to the robe shop.

Alice ran over to a scarf display and plucked out a red and gold one, holding it up to herself. "Well, now that I think about it, Gryffindor suits me quite well,"

"I really hope I get sorted there!" Adriyana agreed.

"I wish I was…but I doubt it," a boy behind her said.

She whirled around, now facing a handsome boy who (you guessed it) looked like he was starting at Hogwarts this year, too. He had black hair that fell elegantly in front of his pale grey eyes.

"Why not?"

"All my family has been in Slytherin. Gits." he said with a frown. James snorted.

"Why? What's your surname?" James asked.

"The bane of my existence." He muttered.

"Really! How strange…" Alice said.

"My family is a bunch of foul people that think they're better than everyone else because they're 'pure blood'," he growled. "It makes me sick!"

"Well, that's awful!" Lily said. "What's pure blood?"

"People from all wizard families," James said.

"Like you guys?" She pointed to Adriyana and James.

"Yeah, but we don't think like that," James said, turning to the boy "I'm James Potter, by the way."

The rest of the group introduced themselves to the boy as well.

"Oh, I'm" — He cringed — "Sirius…Black," the boy said. James gasped.

"But I wish I wasn't…oh how I-,"

"SIRIUS BLACK!" An older woman who must have been his mother stormed up to him, screaming, " HOW DARE YOU DISGRACE OUR HOUSE BY TALKING TO SUCH FILTH! WHEN YOU REGAIN YOUR SENSE, I'LL BE WAITING OUTSIDE! She pushed him to the ground and stomped out.

Without hesitation Adriyana and James held out their hands to him. It was a sign that he counted them as his equals when he took their hands and they helped him up.

"Well…nice meeting you guys…I'd better go or she'll kill me…" he stalked out.

"See you at Hogwarts!" Adriyana called after him.

Petunia Evans' face was contorted in jealousy when her dratted sister walked in with five new friends. She glowered at Lily.

Lily was already counting the days until Hogwarts in her head. She was secretly overjoyed at her sister's face when all five of her friends said, "bye, Lily!" in unison when her mother waved her over. She laughed as she left behind Alice mooning over Frank, Adriyana and James talking animatedly about Quidditch — whatever that was — and Amber and Remus talking while exchanging darting glances. How awesome were her new friends! Also, she noted, James was kind of cute.

She went home that night with a light heart and even lighter pockets.

One month later….

Sirius Black, Amber Carmichael, Alice Cohen, Adriyana Dumbledore, Lily Evans, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, and James Potter become the new Gryffindor first years.

The rest is history.

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