Field day

By: shadowtheif007

Summery: Dark gets to have his fun with the D.n.angel gang- but will his actions get him in over his own head? I dont own DNANGEL.
Today was like any other day; cool, quiet and mischievous. Dark had been planning this day since he could remember. Dark and Diasuke had a bet about who would kiss Riku first. Of course dark had won and so now he gets his fun.

"Dark, I swear if you get arrested mom will have our heads!"

True the little red head didn't approve of this at all but he had no choice; he had lost (he thinks dark cheated).

"Chill Diasuke, I'm just having some harmless fun."

But what the red-head didn't know was what his pranks were going to be…

Dark walked out of the Niwa's house in his disguise (so nobody would recognize him) and started to head to the mall with his bag full of tricks. His first trick was to see if the bluenette was really a genius by gluing some money to the floor.

This is going to be good.

His gaze traveled over the empty area that would soon occupy Satoshi. Quickly as he came he clued a quarter to the floor and dashed off with a camera and watched his plan unfold. Seconds later Satoshi turned the corner and a shiny object caught his eye.

A quarter?

He glided across the tile and peered down at the forgotten money.

Master looks like some idiot dropped his belongings. Maybe mousy came through here….

"Maybe Krad, maybe"

He then bent over to grab the coin but to no avail he couldn't move it. He grunted and got on all fours and tried to yank the coin off. Out of sight dark was laughing his butt off at how gullible the commander was but just as his laughter got a hold of him he took a quick pick and ran off to his next victim which was the older hardara.

"Riku should I wear this on my date with Mr. Dark!"

"I don't see what you like about him he is a pervert!"

As usual Riku was there to knock her younger sister off her pedestal of love.

"You're going to have to deal with him sooner or later Riku because he is going to be your brother-in-law (I think that's right)."

"What your kidding right?"

Her eyes were as wide has plates; she couldn't believe the fact that her sister was committed to marring a pervert!

"Riku, you need to start trusting men if you're going to date Niwa-kun."

"Risa I swear if you don't shut up I'm going to-"


"I'll get it Risa."

Riku rushed down stairs as fast as her feet could carry her.



Dark had reached the Hardara Mansion and was prepared for the older twin. He knew she would answer the door on account that the younger twin was preparing for tonight which was the event of him stealing yet another hikari artwork. As the footsteps grew he quickly placed the mask on and waited.

Riku reached the door and took a breath.

"Who's their?"



She held a groan in and opens the door only to meet a swirly-eyed, teeth baring bushy eye browed scaryface.


Her scream echoed as she turned heel and ran like her life depended on it.

"Now that was a classic!" dark replied as he lifted the mask. Just as dark was about to walk away a gun was fired and a raging Riku came running out.


"AH! Riku! Dark run!"

"Like I didn't know that!"

With Riku hot on his heels he managed to lose her in her garden maze (if they don't have one then now they do!).

Dark returned home just in time too cause there stands a angry Emiko.

"Where the heck have you been young man? If you don't get ready your going to be late!"

"Yes ma'am"

He soon got ready then placed his last trick in his pockets.

Krad's going to enjoy this one.

The crowd grew as time ticked to the time that the famous Dark Mousy would steal the priceless artifact. The commander waited as well while fighting off his inner demon.

Let me out master! I want to play with the mouse!

"I will willingly let you out in a snowball's chance in hell."

Soon the alarms went off which caught Satoshi off guard; enabling the monster within to escape. Doubling over white wings appeared as satoshi screamed in agony.

"Finally I'm able to stretch and kill."

'Don't over do it Krad. You can scare him like usual but don't kill the Niwa'

"Now your just taking the fun out of everything, master."

Dark soon had the valuable item in his possession and headed to the outside just as Krad appeared out of no where.

"There you are mousy, I was afraid that I might of missed you."

"Shut up Krad, I miss you like I do my crazy ex-girlfriends!"

"Touching but flatteries wont do much for you."

Krad then plucked a feather and started throwing them. While in the mist of battle Krad didn't notice that something was pulled out of his pocket. Krad had dark cornered now but then just in a flash dark appeared behind him and a snip was heard.

"Hey Krad! Catch!"

Dark then tossed something to a unknowing Krad.

"huh?" Krad looked down only to see his pony tail in his hand.


While Krad was enraged he neglected to notice dark flying away.

"Now I will kill him!"

'Chill its only hair; it can grow back idiot.'

"But it's my hair. tear"

'Don't worry; the next time dark appears we will get him then.'

The commander came back into his body while Krad was scheming for revenge.

"Krad you do look better now."

"Shut up."