Krad's Field Day

By: shadowtheif007

Continuation of dark's field day

I can't believe he had done that! My hair; my wonderfully long hair! Dark Mousy must pay! But my ideas have slimmed down to a rare few.

"Now Krad your hair can grow back stupid," replied to bluenette in my head.

"Yes I know that but I loved my hair!"

"Too bad; now you look like a true male. If you ask me I think that dark did a favor for me. You shed like crazy around the house!"

While the verbal battle continued Krad furthered his to plot his revenge.

Dark jumped from building to building with his new prize in his arms, the "Holy Ruby Crucifix" which was said to be one of the remaining items from the Cultural Revolution that weren't hikari made.

"Mom has been making us steal a lot more now ever since we came past curfew" wondered the little red haired boy.

"If you didn't have to sneeze we wouldn't have been grounded!"

Alas this is true, even the great phantom thief dark got grounded.

"Mom has good intentions remember that dark, she doesn't want us killed."


"As if they will find out what will they do; follow you home?"

As With's wings beat to the sound of the wind the two thieves failed to notice the stranger carefully following them out of their hearing range.

My plan will go perfect now that I have the proof. I replayed the newly recorded saying from the Famous dark mousy,

"If you didn't have to sneeze we wouldn't have been grounded…… Yeah, yeah I know but its going to be embarrassing if the press finds out about it."

Mr. Hiwatari was right revenge is sweet.

"You're so evil."

"Now, now master all is going according to plan just set this down at the press and by tomorrow will be booming with papers, if you do your part right I won't hurt the Niwa."

I made my exit and gave back full control to Satoshi while I floated deep within his mind waiting for the new day.

Krad's taking this way too far. Even I'll admit that this is a tad extreme but it is about time dark got embarrassed! I walked into the deserted office which had papers a skewed all over the place. Good thing everyone was at the museum today. I located Inspector Sahara's desk then placed the recorder down with a note saying,

"Dark's Secrets."

Now I can finally go home and get some good, well deserved sleep.

The next day the papers were running like crazy with the head line of "Mama's Boy" and darks Photo of the resent robbery.

An annoyed scream came from the Niwa's house.

"I can't believe it! SOMEONE BLACKMAILED ME!"

True; someone did blackmail him and he was stomping around like a mad cow. Who would want to make a mockery of him the famous thief?

"Its early dark go back to sleep its Sunday!"

"I don't care if it's Tuesday I want to know who did this!"

"Maybe Krad did it out of revenge."

Just as that was said and ring came at the door and Diasuke transformed back then looked outside only to see a car pulling away. Diasuke looked down to see a package addressed to him.

"I wonder who sent this."

Inside the box was a tape recorder and a letter saying listen. The voice was none other then Satoshi Hikari.

"By the time you hear this; the papers will be printed and shipped out to every home in Japan. We hope you have learned not to mess with the best or you will lose like the rest. Oh and dark we got one thing to say….."

Then both there voices combined together and said one word,