It was hot. Really really hot. Swelteringly, bone-meltingly hot.

Regan Ronald stood at the Dispatch desk at Jam Pony, face turned into the fan, desperately trying to prevent his brain dribbling away, as he was well aware that would put him at roughly the same IQ level as most of the oiks who worked for him. He hated Summer. Hated it with a burning passion. Not that there was much Summer in Seattle, but what little there was filled him with a Scrooge-like loathing. During the Summer it was hot, and people were happy, and his employees were far less inclined to do any actual work.

"Where the hell have you been?" Normal demanded, when, as if on cue, Sketchy breezed through the door. "That run shouldn't have taken you three hours!"

"Dude," Sketchy said, slouching over to the Dispatch desk, hand over his heart. "I do not tell a lie. My tyres melted."

"…Your tyres melted?" Normal repeated, unimpressed. He turned the fan more firmly towards him when he noticed Sketchy trying to catch some of the breeze.

"Right off the wheels," Sketchy insisted. "Had to go get a new pair – out of my own money too! If that's not dedication, I don't know what is."

"What's your point?" Normal asked.

"I think," Sketchy said, after a moment's hesitation, "that I have earned the right to go home early."

"Nice try." Normal shoved another package into his hands. "Hot run, Sector 3. Bip!"

Sketchy scowled and slouched out of the building, muttering something about missing the entire Summer.

Normal was just thinking about how glad he would be to miss the entire Summer when Alec glided into the building.

His skin was glistening with sweat and his already tight t-shirt was sticking to him even more, his face was flushed from the heat. Normal stared and felt the brief screaming wish that he was a water bottle, as Alec lifted one to his mouth and took several long, leisurely gulps. Alec wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and sauntered over to the Dispatch desk.

"Jesus, it's too hot," he said by way of greeting, and perched himself on the desk, tugging his shirt off and turning Normal's fan towards him. Normal found himself presented with the close up view of Alec's tanned torso, as the fan slowly cooled the sweat on it and - oh sweet George W – his nipples hardened.

Normal swallowed. Hard. Twice for good measure as Alec tilted his head back against the wall behind him, an expression of ecstasy on his face, exposing his neck

"Don't mind if I stay here all afternoon, do you?" Alec asked sweetly, shooting Normal a charming grin. "It's way too hot to do runs in this heat, I'm sure you understand."

"Oh yes," Normal said hastily. "Completely. You can stay there…As long as you like."

Alec's grin turned lazy and he leaned his head back again, closing his eyes.

"Thanks Normal," he murmured.

Dear God, thought Normal, Summer was wonderful.