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Ch. 2-Whispering shadows.

After what Raven told me, I wore the chain all the time, and kept an eye on Robin as well. I began hearing things…all the time and I listened, careful not to answer back, remembering what Raven had told me, though, I fear it may be too late. I already told these…voices, a lot of things about me…dark things anyway. But if I thought things were bad then, with the team being on verge of breaking down, I was so very, very wrong. It was only the beginning and I had dragged myself into something far darker then the beast within. Something worse then Ruby and Nicolas…something worse then Raven's own father.

And there was nothing I could have done to stop it….

1 year ago…

"Hey, BB!"

I glanced up as Cyborg called out to me from down the hallway.

"Man, I was yellin' at ya for a while. You ok?"

I nodded, I hadn't heard him no…I had just heard something like a soft, cold giggle, from behind me and I had froze on the spot, fear running in my blood. I felt bad, knowing what was going on with Robin…that he was hearing these voices all the time. It frightens me, but Robin…my brave Robin. At least, he's brave until nightfall. It's the worst at night; they get into your dreams…drive you insane, unless there's someone else with you…someone who loves you.

I wasn't sure he was telling the truth until after I went to Raven and now, well I kind of wished I hadn't. Whatever these things are, they're starting to come after me too. Before I could hear them whispering to Robin and Robin alone, but now, I'm starting to hear my name in their giggles and laughs.

That's what it was for the most part, laughing, at least during the day. At night they would start muttering in old tongues, sometimes in English, but rarely. And yet somehow I would always be able to understand them. Whatever they were saying, it was obvious not friendly.


I jumped; right I was talking to Cyborg.

"What's up man?" I asked, trying to shake the shiver after the small cold giggle behind me echoed in the hallway.

"You ok? You're spacing out more then usual."

I chuckled and nodded.

"I'm fine, Cy."

"Well in that cause, come down to the main room will ya? Robin's picked up on something."

I smirked at him and the two of us headed down the hallway. But I couldn't help but glance behind me into the darkness as I heard another high giggle. And just as we turned the corner, I could have sworn I saw a small, demon like figure staring back at me, it's eyes dead and glowing.

That's it, it's time I talk to Robin and Raven about this. If these things were starting to show themselves, then they were getting stronger and possibly more dangerous, whatever they were.

As Cyborg and I entered the main room, Robin was already briefing the others on the event. He glanced up at me and I could see through his mask, the light hitting him just the right way. He looked uncertain, and I knew then that he had seen one of the shadow things as well. I nodded at him and sat down, not taking my eyes away from him.

It didn't take long for the briefing to end and it had to be the strangest on I've heard yet. Sure, I've seen some weird things, but nothing like this. There had been four murders, all at the same time, at opposite places in the city. But whatever did kill, it wasn't human. The murdered victims bodies were poked at and cut up. Eyes were missing, hearts were gone, and each left lung was ripped out and placed on their beds.

After the first few pictures, Starfire rushed out to clam her nerves and Robin shut it off, telling us that we got the picture.

"I'll go get the car warmed up." Cyborg stated and stood, Raven fallowing him, leaving Robin and me alone.

The second the doors slid shut his shoulders sagged and he sighed. I frowned; he always looked so sad and tired now. I walked up to him and reached for his mask, gently removing it to see his beautiful eyes. Running a hand up to his hair I whispered quietly,

"You ok?"

He looks at me with such a weird feeling that I can't quite place it.

"I can see them now." He whispered and leaned against him, dropping his body on mine for support. As his arms went around my waist I linked my hands together behind his neck, placing soft kisses on his cheeks and jaw.

"Me too, I think we should tell Raven."

I felt him nod on my shoulder and then I felt his soft tongue lick my neck. I sighed but let him pull me closer to him. Robin's been on a sex craze lately and I don't if it's because he's worried about what was happening to him, or because he was just horny. It could have been both, but right now wasn't the best place to screw around.

"God, I need you, Gar."

Obviously Robin didn't think so. I let him kiss his way to my mouth and enjoy the rough, loving kiss, his tongue battling against mine, but I didn't let him continue as he pulled away for air.

"Not now, later, when we get back."

He growled and thrust his hips against mine, making me moan, but I held my ground and glared up at him through my hair.

"When we get back, I promise."

He smiled down at me and licked my cheek, squishing me tight before letting go.

"Alright, love you."

I smiled at him and mutter the feeling back and we both headed out to the car.

It wasn't until evening did we get back. We were sent around the city in a mad rush, trying to get this…thing that murdered those four people. We had no luck what so ever and it wasn't until Cyborg announced that his battery was running low did we retreat back to the tower. During the car ride I watched Robin in the front seat, he looked tired and I wondered if he remembered my promise before we left.

If he wasn't tired, then everyone else sure was. Raven was drifting and Starfire was long out and well, Cyborg was running low on energy, but he was driving. Myself I was dead tired. My legs were killing me and my lungs burned like a bitch. And to top it all off, I kept seeing small shadows moving around outside the car and hearing quite giggles, calling for me and Robin.

At first, it was the most frightening experience I had ever had, but you get used to it. Funny really, you don't think you would, but you do. They start to become like everyday people. During the day, I can ignore them for the most part, but now that they are starting to show themselves, the fear is starting all over again.

When we get back Starfire and Raven float slowly to their rooms and Cyborg bids us a good nights rest as he turns on the security systems. I follow Robin to his room, mine being after his down the hallway, but he stops me in the dark hallway, and quite roughly too.

I groan when he shoves me against the way, his lips hard and fast on mine, his hips rolling against me, his hands grabbing anywhere he can get. I'm only remotely aware of him sliding his door open and pushing me inside. He pushed me down onto his bed and climbs on top of me, pulling my suit off my shoulders and pushing my pants down my legs. His passion fired up mine and I reach for his shirt and rip his clothing off just as fast as he does mine.

No sooner then I do, he is on top of me again, his lips on my skin, his hands between my legs. He's getting me to the point of begging and I arch into him as he bites at my collar bone.

"R-Robin…" I mutter into his ear as he slides his hands down my legs and lifts them up to rest on his hips.

He pulls back from me and looks into my eyes, he can feel my legs shaking.

"You ok," he asks and I nod, "too much running for one day huh?" he asks again as he leans down, this time giving me a slow gentle kiss.

I sigh into his mouth and clutch at his arms, not letting his tongue leave my mouth when he starts to pull back. He chuckles as I try to keep him were he is, but he slides his hands to my inner thighs and slowly brings them up, making me gasp and free his mouth.

"I'm sorry," he whispers, "I didn't notice that you were so whipped. You should have told me, I would have been gentle from the start."

I smile up at him and kiss his lips lightly. Robin's like that. He prefers to have fast rough sex, multiple times in a row. I don't mind, I like it like that as well, but he knows I love it when he's slow and gentle. When I'm in pain or tired, he's never rough, knowing that I won't be able to keep up with his satisfactions. Infact, Robin always makes sure that I'm ok with it, always.

I reach up, pulling his mask off his eyes.

I hate when I can't see his eyes. As I look into them, his passion shines bright and I'm sure for the next hour or so I'm going to be even more tired then I am now. When he leans down and pulls me into a hot kiss, my mind goes blank and all I can think and feel is him and his need, until he himself collapses, spent, cuddling into my neck and placing soft kisses against my skin.

"I love you."

I smile up at him and run my fingers through his sweat soaked hair,

"I love you too."

I continue running my fingers through his hair as he falls asleep, resting against my chest. I glance up at the ceiling as I feel his breathing even out. However, my own speeds up as I stare into the glowing eyes of a slimy, demon type shadow creature. It hisses and a coldness sweeps across the room, my breath and Robin's, coming out in small puffs. I watch as it smiles and crawls toward the wall. I can feel panic arising in my chest and I want to get out of Robin's room, I need to, but I can't. I don't move as it starts crawling down the wall, leaving what looks like bloodstains behind it, a slick trail.

I can barely breath as it reaches the floor, crawling closer and a foul stench fills the air, making me gag, I can feel myself shaking and I'm amazed that I haven't woken Robin yet. I moved to wake Robin, but my voice chokes in my throat, and tears threaten to spill from my eyes. As it crawls to the bed, I can see its long, thin shadow like fingers reach for Robin and I cry out this time. But before it can even reach him, a shinning glow flashed across the room in less then a second and then, it's gone.

I breathe heavily, shaken to my soul, only thinking that the stone Raven had given me was the only thing that could have saved Robin and possibly me. I glance down at the small, diamond shape stone, grateful that Raven had given it too me. But I doubted that it would protect me forever.

Robin stirs and lets his eyes flutter open. He can feel my body trembling and he pulls away from me, leaning over my smaller forum.

"What's wrong BB?" he asked, nuzzling me before licking away a fallen tear.

I shook my head, knowing that he'll leave it alone and let m tell him when I can.

"Bullshit, tell me."

Or maybe he'd be pushy and I'd have to tell him. I really didn't want to though, afraid that he would get freaked. I glanced at his alarm clock and noticed that an hour had passed since 'we' fell asleep. It was better if I lied now and told him the truth later, no matter how mad he may get.

"Nightmare…" I muttered and his face softened.

Before I knew it he had me in his lap and was running his fingers through my hair, gently nibbling on my ear every so often. I sigh and cuddle against him, trying to get the shadow creature out of my head. As he began to nip at my jaw line and gently rub my back my thoughts soon disappeared into nothing. He always knows how to calm me, no matter what it was.

And as he laid us down, my head cuddled on his shoulder, my face hidden in his neck, I began to fall sleep, hoping that he too would fall into a slumber before something else appeared.

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