Author's notes: ' ' denotes Jacob and Selmak speaking to each other; italics denote Selmak is speaking out loud or person on other end of telephone conversation.

This story contains some language, some violence, and some sexual content.

The Debate

'What are you afraid of?' Selmak teased.

'I'm not afraid!' Jacob stammered.

'Are to! Otherwise you would have asked the question by now!' she countered.

'It's not that simple, Sel!'

'Pfft! What's so hard about it? You walk right up to her and then ask!'

'Sel…you wouldn't understand. You're a girl. You don't see things from my perspective as a man.'

'Jacob Michael Carter, we have faced far more terrifying things in the seven years we've been together. We have even survived hell! And you do make a wonderful impersonation of a Goa'uld. But you can't walk up to a woman and ask her out to dinner?'

'I can walk up to a woman and ask her out to dinner. It's just…this one's different.'

'Different? How?' she teased again.

'Selmak!' he whined.

Selmak giggled. She knew what he was talking about. She was simply trying to build his confidence up. After all, he'd been out of the dating game for a long time. Things were different than when he had dated Allison, Samantha's mother. But while the times have changed, the type of woman Jacob was interested in has not.

Allison Carter was a spirited and intelligent woman. Over the course of time Jacob and she were together, he never tried to tame her spirit. He would never do anything to change her into something she was not. And even though it was painful at times, Jacob was so glad to see that spirit live on in his children and even his grandchildren.

Mark, his son, was so much like Allison. Same fighting spirit. Only thing he got from Jacob was his stubbornness. And receding hairline. Sam, on the other hand, looked a lot like her mother and inherited far more qualities from Jacob than he would have liked.

'Jacob, this fear is natural. It's the same fear you had when you first approached Allison.'

'I seem to recall she said no that first time,' he countered.

'But you never gave up,' she pointed out. 'And look how that turned out. You were married to her for seventeen years, produced two beautiful children, and…forgive me for saying this…you both would have still been together today if she wasn't in that accident.'

Selmak paused, choosing her words careful.

'And…you are not betraying your love for her by asking this question. It's only dinner. But if by some chance this dinner turns into something more than I believe in my heart that Allison wouldn't mind. If she's up there watching, she would want you to be happy. I'm darn sure she's honored by the fact that your love for her has never faded in the twenty-five years since her death.'

Again she paused, then couldn't help herself.

'Besides, what woman wouldn't be turned on by the fact that you've stayed faithful to one woman long after she died? It speaks volumes about your character.'

Selmak sensed his amusement. For the first time in days he seemed optimistic. But of course, Jacob had to be such a sourpuss about it!

'Who am I kidding, Sel? Why would she go out with me?'

'For crying out loud, Jacob! Show a little backbone! Walk in there and ask her or I will!'