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"Making Faces"

Shino waited patiently (and, of course, silently) for his other teammates to arrive. Today's training had been quite intense and the tired threesome had agreed to take a shower before meeting up at the dumpling house for a well-deserved lunch.

Hinata had arrived next. Shino noticed that her long hair was still slightly damp and her skin looked fresh and dewy. His destruction bugs agreed that she had a pleasant scent reminiscent of jasmine blooms.

His kikkaichu had now begun to stir uncontrollably within his body, buzzing unhappily. Kiba was nearby. Shino stood closer to Hinata in order to calm the hive down a fraction.

He had an idea.

Looking over at his female counterpart, Shino reached into his pocket and drew out a package of crystallized fruit chews.

"Hinata. Would you like some candy?"

Large pale eyes blinked back at him, astonished. "S-Shino-kun? I didn't know you ate candy?"

Shino's glasses glinted in the sunlight. "On occasion I do. Here, take some. They're actually quite tasty."

"Ah, arigatou, Shino-kun!" she beamed happily, politely accepting the colorful green package.

Kiba, sans Akamaru, located Shino and Hinata standing underneath the restaurant sign. Shino noticed a few flies swarming around the dog-nin's body. Hinata was a little preoccupied at the moment to greet their wild friend.

Hinata, being unable to resist the temptation of sweets, greedily poured herself a handful of candies and popped them into her mouth the moment Kiba arrived.

"Hey, guys, sorry I'm late; my mom tried to get me to use some soap in the shower but I didn't think I needed it," he ranted, taking a whiff underneath his armpits. "I don't stink that bad, do I?"

Shino said nothing. Kiba raised an eyebrow. Usually Shino was the first to complain about his hygiene, or lack thereof.

He peered into Hinata's disgusted puckered face and his shoulders slumped. He realized that ever since he had gotten there, she hadn't acknowledged him once.

"Fine," he groused offensively, scowling at the top of her head. "I'll use the damn soap! Geez, Hinata! You could be a little more sensitive to my feelings next time!"

After he stormed off, all the while complaining about how strange it was for Hinata to act like such a jerk (and attributing her behavior to PMS), Hinata regained some composure, unaware of what had just transpired.

"Are you okay, Hinata?" Shino asked.

Hinata pouted and she handed over the bag of candies. "Shino-kun," she managed to choke out, still reeling from the effects of the citric acid that remained in her mouth, "Those candies… they were tart!"

Shino pocketed his package of sour Skittles and handed her his canteen of water, watching as she eagerly took a sip. "You're right, Hinata. Gomen, I forgot you don't like those kinds of candies."

"Iie, that's, um, okay… Ano… are we still waiting for Kiba-kun?" she asked, looking around the area. "I- I thought I smelled wet dog…"


This fic was inspired by a commercial about a man who made faces at a baby while eating sour Starburst... his family's reactions were PRICELESS!

Surprisingly, I think, for the most part, everyone was in character in this oneshot, save for Shino, who, I reckon, has never eaten a single piece of candy in his life. I just can't imagine him eating candy as a child.

And I hope none of you Kiba-lovers took any offense to the description of his smell. I just can't picture Kiba smelling like fresh laundry…His nose is too sensitive to detergent, perhaps?