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Rust Happens

"Winry's gonna be maaad," My brother Al said, shaking his head.

"I'm aware!" I replied snappishly.

We've been busy, to say the least. Mission after mission, hunt after hunt, we barely ever found free time. Which left certain duties… neglected.

But it's not my fault! The fault falls with Colonel Roy Mustang. That bastard doesn't think about anyone but himself. I swear he sent us away on so many missions on purpose… None of it was my fault.

Say, hypothetically speaking, of course, that a hard-working, down-to-earth, good-looking, brave, modest guy was sent to do his job, and while doing that job he didn't, say, keep his automail nice and dry. Rust happens. Would you blame that honest guy, or his two-faced, corporate-ladder-climbing-jerk of a boss?

Sheesh, what do I care what Winry thinks anyway? She's just my automail mechanic, there are thousands of them out there. I can always find another. What's she going to do? Hit me with her wrench?

That does kind of hurt…

"Now docking at Resembool," a voice boomed over the speakers.

"We're there!" Al exclaimed in excitement.

Oh joy.

Unfortunately, the trek to Winry and Pinako's house was short. We were there before I could completely decide how I was going to explain this to Winry.

At least Pinako looked glad to see us.

"You look well," she told me.

Of course, I'm Edward Elric.

"Thanks," I reply.

"I'll go get Winry."

She must secretly hate me.

Winry entered the room, covered in oil and grease. Safety goggles were pushing her hair back and in her hands was a blowtorch.

Holy homunculus, she's armed with fire.

"What do you need?" She asked.

I smiled weakly. "It can wait."

It can totally wait.

Al sighed from behind me. "Brother's automail is rusting."


I look at Winry. She looked like she was attempting to damn me with her thoughts.

So, if I started running now, I'm sure that I could get a five-second headstart…

She yanked off my jacket and seized my automail arm. I thought that she was going to cry from the horror of it. Or decided that I didn't really need my head anymore.

"How could you let this happen?" She demanded.

The words were out before I could stop them.

"It's the Colonel's fault!"

Al sighed. "We've just been busy. We only have a few days here, can you fix it?"

"Of course I can."

And people call me conceited.

She grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward her workshop. "This might take time, don't bother us."

1,2,3, PANIC.

"What!" I yelled while being drug. "You guys can't leave me alone with her, she's crazy!"

Pinako and Al didn't even look at me.

What kind of jerk was I in my past life?


"Wow Winry," Al gushed. "It looks better then before Ed stopped taking care of it."

"It is pretty nice," I agree.

"Yeah, and it'd better stay nice too," she glared.

"Or what?" I demanded, sensing a challenge.

"The next time you come, for every rust spot I see I'm cutting off a finger."

My eyes widened. "What happens if you run out of fingers?"

She leaned close to me.


Suddenly the blowtorch wasn't so scary.

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