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Everything was changing for Veronica Mars. Her father, had been fired from the Balboa County Sheriff's Department. He had let a man named Ed Doyle off the hook for drunk driving years ago when he was a deputy. That man, drove off a cliff a month ago with a bus load of kids returning home from a field trip to Shark's stadium. The kids at Neptune High School, the ones Veronica thought were her friends turned their backs on her. As far as they were concerned her father was the one responsible for killing their classmates. To make matters even worse, her mother was turning into an alcoholic. Each day she drank more than the previous day, until she finally took off and left Veronica and Keith alone. And her usual shining stars, the ones that made her days go by so much easier were abandoning her. Her best friend, Lilly Kane, was becoming very secretive with her. Which was odd because the two girls usually shared everything with one another. And her boyfriend, Duncan Kane, had just mysteriously dumped her a mere three days ago for no apperant reason.


Keith Mars was now making his living as a Private Investigator. The money wasn't quite as good as being Sheriff of Neptune. But he didn't mind it, in a way being a P.I. suited him nicely. He knew the lack of status and money was going to hard on Veronica especially with her 09er buddies at school. He didn't regret it though. That night when he met Ed Doyle he was a mess. He told Keith about his marital problems and how he was meant to be with someone else. He talked of wanting to be a school bus driver. He said his first child had just been born, a girl which they named Jessie. He wanted to drive the school bus so he could always be close to her,even ifher mother tried to take her away.Keith knew that if he had written him up and issued him a ticket he never would have been a school bus driver. He just couldn't bring himself to do it so he followed him home to make sure he was going to be alright and not hurt anybody. Ed Doyle promised him that he would never drive drunk again, and he never did. Keith checked himself before he was booted out of office.

"At least he kept his promises." Keith said out loud even though there was nobody else in the office.

None of that mattered though. Keith was positive there was more to the crash then everyone thought there was. He was sure Ed Doyle didn't kill himself and those kids. He just needed to prove it then everything will be fine.


It was lunch time for Veronica, she was confused about where she would sit like everyday since her father was demoted from Sheriff. The only friends she had left at Neptune High School were Lilly and her boyfriend Logan Echolls. She was sure Logan was only nice to her because Lilly made him. It didn't matter though, Lilly was all she needed. They've been best friends forever, and nothing would ever change that. Lilly wasn't at school today, she hardly ever shows up anymore. When Veronica asked her about the ditching she said it was just another ploy to make Celete crazy. But some part of Veronica wondered if it was really because she too was ashamed of seeing Veronica and talking to her especially in school. Instead of dwelling on it she just took a seat at an empty table.

I can't wait until Lilly gets back to normal. she thought. Then everything will be fine.


Lilly Kane rolled out of bed around 10:30. She briefly considered going to school, but thought was quickly dismissed when she checked her voicemail. She wanted to go to school, to be there for Veronica. She knew her best friend needed her there, but she did tell Logan to make sure that Veronica was alright and she knew Logan wouldn't let anyone mess with her too badly. Lilly knew that Logan had some kind of white knight complex. She convinced herself that everything will be fine and headed off for the Echolls' mansion.