Roxas and Namine; Together at Last

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Chapter 2: Gather Round

"Now all I have to do is get rid of them and you." he said making sure that the person had left. "It won't be easy but I will get my revenge." the figure let out a mighty laugh.


As the sun had disappeared beyond the horizon Roxas stood up. "Lets go." he said to Namine as he held out a hand to her. As she reached for his hand he quicly pulled it back and headed of towards their house.

"Roxas!" Namine yelled at him shockingly.

"If you don't hurry up I'll win." he said as he stopped and turned around to look at her smiling with his hands in his pocket.

'Roxas.' Namine though to her self as she let out a small smile, 'He looks so much more mature now than before.'

(Flash Back Time!)

"Roxas!" Namine yelled at him as she saw his body hit the ground hard.

"I will never give up!" he yelled as he charged at Sora.

"Namine-chan, what's up with Roxas?" Kairi asked(Its Kairi what u exspect).

"He's being a jackass." Namine said with a bruff sigh, "He thinks he has to beat Sora to prove something to me." she turned around and walked the other way.

Roxas was still yelling at Sora as he swung his keyblades around trying to make contack with Sora, but he failed miserably.

(End Of Falsh Back, Now Onwards With The Story!)

"Namine whats's up?" he said as he walks back to her. She looked at him and before he knew it she was in his arms.

"Lets go." she said leading the way as she held his hand.


"Look at them. They've final found peace." said Riku as he sat in a tree over-looking the beach.

"Yeah." said Sora who was sitting beside them. "I think its time for the great Ninja Yuffie to step in dont you think?" he said to her as she gracefully landed on the brance.

"Bout time." Yuffie said energticly then disappeared.


"The time has come." came the voice of the hodded figure. The figure slowly moved its hood and revealed a long red haired women.

"Princess Kairi!" came the voice of a guard as he broke through the doors leading into the room that Kairi was in.

"What is it?" she barked.

"Lords Sora... and Riku... are on their... way back!" the guard said as he tryed to catch his breath.

"What are they doing back so soon?" she said as she threw her robe off of her and into her closet.


"Kairi!" Sora said as he barged into her room and found her on her bed. he walked up to her bed and sat besides her and placed his hand on her thigh and slowly stroked it.

"PERVERT!" Kairi says as she slapped him across the face causing him to fall off the bed.

"He'll never learn." Riku said as he shock his head as he stood in the door frame.

Both he and Kairi laughed as they watched Sora get up from the floor with his hand covering Kairi's handprint which glowed bright red. He looked at both of them and broke out laughing along with them.