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"Hi every a one." replied Mario, after coming into the kitchen, late in the afternoon

Surprisingly, many of the Smash Brothers were currently in the kitchen, either eating (like Kirby) or busily talking amongst one another in idle chitchat.

"Hey Mario." replied Fox, busy enjoying a soda

"Eh." muttered Ganondorf before returning to his discussion to Roy about how Link was jealous of him and his strength

"Hey, we a got this letter in the mail." replied Mario, holding up a large letter

"Not another tournament request from the city, we already held one last week." Replied Fox

"Which I won." replied Captain Falcon proudly

"By the skin of your teeth, Mewtwo nearly had you until you made him lose his concentration." replied Samus, taking a bit of a sandwich

"I can't help it if I'm that good." replied Falcon, beaming

"However, prepare yourself for the next tournament, for you will suffer defeat." replied Mewtwo, slipping a glass of water

"Mario, what is in the envelope?" Zelda asked, curiosity peaked

"Not sure, but it's addressed for all of us." he replied, as he began to open the letter

After opening the letter and unfolding it, the Smashers in the kitchen, which consisted of Fox, Roy, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Mewtwo, Zelda, Samus, Pichu, Mr. Game 'n Watch, and DK, curiously awaited for Mario to begin reading the letter for them.

Dear a Smashers, You may or may not a know me, but my a name is a Void. I have a recently moved to Smash a Central and would like to a meet the infamous Super Smash Brothers. My a reasons for inviting you to my a mansion are a not solely because I am fans of you, but because I have some information about the 'Hands' that I believe will be a great help a to you. My address and a map to my a house are a listed below, please a come, I would a be grateful.

"Weird name." muttered Roy

"Info on the 'Hands' no way." replied Samus, skeptical

"Well…I don't think the guy would waste time giving us that letter if he didn't know something about the 'Hands'." replied Fox

"It is probably information about the 'Hands' that we already know." Mewtwo commented

"Hey, it's a worth a try." replied Mario

"Do you really think the others will go along with this?" Ganondorf asked

"Well, we may be different, but our goal is to stop the 'Hands' and if this Void person has anything we can use it would be imperative to acknowledge him." Replied Zelda

"Well, lucky all the others are here in Smash Central." replied Captain Falcon "This is like one of the few times we're all here at once."

"Okay then, even though this might be a waste of time it's better than nothing." Replied Samus, finishing her sandwich and donning her helmet

It didn't take long to assemble the other Smashers, who were all busy either in their own rooms or in Smash Park, the large park that surrounded Smash Mansion, the home of the Smashers.

"It says here on the map that this address is actually outside of Smash Central, right near the border." Commented Zelda as she checked the map

"Weird, it's also around that old abandoned city, you know, the one near the beach." Fox replied

"Why would anyone want to live near a dark, dingy old place like that?" Peach asked

"Ahem." muttered Bowser, making everyone realize that he lived in a castle that was dark and dingy

"Oh yeah, sorry Bowser, you enjoy things like that." replied Peach

Seeing as walking to the Void's mansion would take to long, and teleporting that long of a distance would only tire Ness, Mewtwo, and Zelda, the Smashers decided to take a bus, one they had in the garage incase of large outings by the group. The last time they had a large outing was when the Smashers went to see a baseball game…the battle scars on the bus were still there from that excursion.

"All a board!" cried Mario, as the Smashers poured into the large bus, which looked more like a large tank meant for battle than a transportation vehicle for the Smashers

Before long, all twenty-six Super Smash Brothers were on board the bus and on their way to the mansion of Void, however, unknown to them something was watching them, high in the atmosphere.

"So these are the Super Smash Brothers, eh?" replied a voice "Look more like a ban of circus freaks."

"Don't underestimate them Lunar, they are more powerful than they appear."

"Yes, I have seen the tournaments, but that is only against one another, they know nothing of out might Sonar." he replied

"If all goes well then we will not have to battle them at all." she replied, clicking off the view screen of the satellite that was watching the Smashers

"Come; let us inform Destruction of their arrival."

Deep within the abandoned city the two strange people walked the streets until they came upon a strange building. Pushing a button on the side a door opened, revealing a strange elevator that the two stepped inside. The door closed behind them and the elevator started, taking them far below street level. Meanwhile the Smashers were just passing by a nearby beach, taking in the sites as they made their way toward Void's mansion.

"It's great out here. We need to go to this place when we'd done with this guy." replied Young Link, hoping to go for a swim

"I'm with your little self Link, we need to relax after all that fighting and the beach is the best place." Replied Falco, stretching back in his seat with his arms folded behind his head

"Maybe we can make it a little vacation, and nobody else has to know." Peach suggested, many ideas wafting around in her head

"Yeah, all those fans and reporters, they're like leeches, always hanging on where ever you go." Samus muttered

"Hey, what's that?" Ness asked, pointing to an enormous structure smack dab on the beach

"That is suppose to be an abandoned battleship that went a shore a while ago." replied Fox "They say there was a small war at Smash Central before we arrived, guess that's what remains of the battle."

"That thing is huge!" Popo gasped, staring at the sheer size of the ship

As the Smashers made their way toward the mansion they came upon more sights, a large plateau that housed many ruins of an ancient civilization, a mountain far in the background that was high up enough for snow, but because of lack of precipitation it remained bare, a small forest, nearly as large as Smash Park, and an entrance to a cave that may have been deeper than it looked. Eventually though the mansion of Void finally came in view.

"We're a here." Replied Mario, the designated driver of the bus

"Finally." grunted Bowser, needing to get out and move about

The mansion was nearly as big as the Smash Brothers mansion, but it looked far more extravagant than Smash Mansion, since Smash Mansion's only purpose was to house the Smash Brothers in a responsible living space.

"Nice place."

"Makes our mansion look ordinary."

"Not as nice looking as my castle, but nice."

"I'm hungry."

As the bus grew closer to the mansion the Smashers could see that men who looked armed for war rather than being simple security guards were guarding the place.

"Mamma Mia." muttered Luigi, looking at all the men

"You can a say that again." Replied Dr. Mario

"Mamma Mia." muttered Luigi again

As they came to the gates the guard standing by immediately recognized them and let them in, opening the gate so Mario could drive up to the front door. Just before they did Zelda stood up in her seat to face everyone on the bus, since she had taken the first seat on the bus.

"Now listen everyone, I don't want a repeat performance of what happened at the ball park." She said

"Hey, how was I supposed to know that catching the ball while it was still in play was considered a home-run?" Ganondorf said

"Pika pi chu, pika." Pikachu commented, not know that zapping an angry crowd of baseball fans was a bad idea

"Look, just don't destroy anything or take anything." Replied Zelda "Besides, I believe that we do not want to get on the bad side of all these guards." she said, pointing to the heavily armed patrolman

"Not like we couldn't take the lot of them." Muttered Falco

"Yes, I know we could, but still, it would be best not to irritate them, okay?" she asked the bus

"Okay." all the Smashers replied, less than enthusiastic about behaving themselves

As Mario pulled up to the front a two males walked out, much different than the patrolmen around the mansion, followed by a single female. All three were clad in armor that gave them the appearance of being more powerful than they probably really were. As the Smashers poured out of the bus the first of the three to acknowledge them looked predatory in nature, his mere smile giving off a row of sharp teeth, like a shark.

"Hello Smashers." the man replied, his voice sounding as if he were holding something back "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, my name is Jaws." he replied, smiling

"Okay…" muttered Falco, looking at him strangely

"Pika…" muttered Pikachu, receiving a bad vibe from him

"Hello Smashers, you may call me Widow." Replied the female, her grin even more menacing than Jaws'

Falco didn't like the way she smiled at him, but did his best to keep a straight face while the third person to step up to the Smashers introduced himself.

"I am called Dune." he replied, a far calmer look on his face than his associates

"Hello, we are here because he received a letter from a person named Void." Replied Zelda, "Do you know him?" she asked

"Why yes, he is our master, this way please." Replied Widow, showing the Smasher's into the mansion

"Remember, on your best behavior." Zelda whispered before following Widow in

"Yes mom." Muttered Samus, before she and the rest of the Smashers followed Zelda inside

If the Smashers thought the outside of Void's mansion was nice, the inside was more than they could handle. It looked more like a ritzy castle than a mansion, having all the comforts of someone who was raking it in. If there was something that was expensive in the world, this Void had it, and more, taking no expense in making his home utterly beautiful.

"Wow…this looks better than Hyrule castle." Link said in awe

"Not even my castle looks this nice." Peach said, not believing her eyes

"As the King of Thieves I am inspired by this Void's wealth." replied Ganondorf, eyeing a few things he would like to filch

"Look with your eyes, not with your hands Ganondorf." Samus scolded, making sure to keep an eye out on Young Link and Ness, who at times were sticky fingers

As much of the group ohhed and ahhed at Void's wealth they soon came upon the main room, decked out to look like a throne room, and fitted with a throne as well. Sitting atop that throne was a large man, a very large man, or he seemed very large with all the robes he was wearing and the crown that adorned his head. The crown looked more like a headpiece a priest would wear, but it contained few jewels that didn't overshadow it, but helped it to stand out.

"Thinks highly of himself, don't he?" Fox whispered to Pichu, which granted him a small giggle from the electric mouse

"Smashers, I am glad that you all have responded to my letter and decided to come." Void said, taking a moment to count the Smashers, to see if they were all there

"Well…uh…" Zelda started, not knowing what to call the man

"Just call me Void." he replied, a benevolent smile on his face

"Well, Void, after reading your letter we thought it would be a good idea to hear what you have to say about the 'Hands'." replied Zelda, politely

"Aw, right to the point I see, well then I guess I should begin." he said "A long time ago there existed a group of beings called the 'Hands'. The ones you battle are only two of many, who had great power in the Nintendoverse. However, as the dimensions stabilized the 'Hands' took their leave, going off to other dimensions to rest. However, it seems that the Master Hand and the Crazy Hand have decided to try and make this dimension their own."

"So what, they want to sleep or something?" Falco asked

"Well, in a sense, yes. They want to prove they are powerful beings I suppose by defeating you, and with that then they can rest in peace." Void replied "I suppose that if everyone is scared of them then the 'Hands' won't have to worry about people disturbing their rest."

"I guess that's plausible, but hurting innocent people is not the way to go."

"Yes, also I have discovered a way to subdue the 'Hands' without having to battle them." Void said

"How?" Mario asked

"Well, on Smash Planet there is suppose to be an artifact of the past that can banish the 'Hands' to another dimension, keeping them out of this own."

"Just so that they can terrorize some other dimension." replied Samus

"Well yes, that would be true, but that would leave this dimension safe, right?"

"Maybe so." replied Zelda "But pushing problems onto others is not the way we deal with things." she said

"Yeah, we crush people in our own way, instead of just kicking them out." replied Ganondorf

"Jigglypuff!" cried Jigglypuff, agreeing with them

"I see, well then I wish to ask you Smashers something?" Void asked

"What?" Fox asked

"Well, if you won't banish the 'Hands' why don't you join me and my group of fighters to help destroy them once and for all?" Void asked

"Fighters?" many of the Smash Brother's questioned

"Why yes, they are as powerful as you, maybe even more so, and if you were to join us then we could easily take the 'Hands' down, and rule over Smash Planet."

"Rule?" Marth questioned

"Why yes, without the 'Hands' attacking the populace would have to obey us, seeing us as its liberators; its masters." Void said

"You know…that doesn't sound half bad." Ganondorf mumbled

"Ganondorf!" Zelda screeched quietly, giving him the evil eye

"But sorry, I am the only one who will be doing any ruling of others, I am no ones servant." Ganondorf replied

"Are you sure, you could have so much more than what you already have, so much more." Void suggested

"No, we are a fine." replied Mario "All a we want to a do is to a fight the 'Hands' and a live our lives in our own dimensions."

"You are giving up so much by denying me you know." Void said

"Sorry, but a no." replied Mario

"Fine, have things your way." Void replied, turning to Widow

"Please escort the Smash Brothers out." he said to her

Nodding, she did as she was told.

"Well that was a waste of time." grunted Bowser as he got on the bus

"Not really, we do know why the 'Hands' are here, sorta." Zelda replied

"Yeah, they want to take a nap by making sure we get thrown around like ping-pong balls."

"Beep." beeped Mr. Game 'n Watch, agreeing with Bowser

"Guess it is back to defeating the 'Hands' by ourselves." Marth said

"I suppose." replied Zelda, walking onto the bus

When everyone got onto the bus Zelda stood at the front again and counted, making sure everyone was there.

"1…2…3…4…" she counted, making sure to count everyone, "10…11…12…" she counted "16…17…18…19…" she counted, "23…24…25…25?

It was at that moment that she realized that there was only twenty-five Super Smash Brothers there in the bus. Counting again she realized just which Smasher wasn't on the bus with them.

"Where is Kirby!" she screamed, horrified of where he was at

"Know him he's probably somewhere where he can get something to eat." Samus replied

"To Void's kitchen!" cried Ness, pointing in the air triumphantly

Meanwhile, Kirby was busily enjoying himself, inhaling any food he found in Void's kitchen…that was until someone walked into the kitchen. Seeing as he was stealing, and Peach had told him that stealing was bad, Kirby hid somewhere to avoid being caught; something that Ganondorf had told him to do. Running into a nearby room Kirby hid in a study, hiding behind a large desk to avoid being seen.

"To bad the Smasher's couldn't have joined us in my glorious dream." Void replied, walking into the study with Widow, Dune, and Jaws

"Yes, too bad." replied Widow

"Did you set the charge on the bus?" Void asked

"Yes Master." Widow replied "They never even noticed, with my powers." she replied "The bomb immediately crush the lot of them until they are the size of a pea, bus and all. They'll never know what hit them." she replied

"Good, if they will not join we can't have them interfering with my plans." Void said

"Ahh!" gasped Kirby, which alerted the four in the room to his presence

Kirby immediately made haste, running out of the room as fast as he was able.

"Get him!" roared Void, and with that order Dune, Widow, and Jaws took after the fleeing puffball

"Kirby!" Zelda called, from outside the mansion, since Void's guards would no longer let them back into the mansion "Please, our friend is inside."

The guard didn't reply, he barely acknowledged her except for keeping her back.

"Just blast your way through and get the pink thing!" called Ganondorf from the bus

Zelda ignored that and called for Kirby again.

"Kirby!" she called and at that moment Kirby flew out the door, "Kirby!" she said cheerfully, but that soon turned sour "You should eat things from other people's houses, it's rude." she scolded, but Kirby flew by her, immediately heading for the bus

Just as he did so Widow, Jaws, and Dune ran out, seeing Kirby heading for the bus.

"Just detonate it now!" yelled Jaws to Widow and Widow brought out the detonator

Kirby ran right up to Samus and before she could even reply he yelled at her.

"Samus…bomb…bus." he said quickly

Samus didn't need to be told twice, immediately know what Kirby meant and made a scan of the bus with her suit, finding a strange device planted on it. Without wasting time she ran toward the front and rammed her hand down through the floor of the bus, grabbing hold of a strange box underneath. Turning to Mewtwo she sent him a psychic message, which he immediately understood, and using his powers he flung the box as high into the air as he could, just before Widow pushed the button. Even from the height he had thrown the bomb the explosion was still visible from the sky, as if a black hole was sucking everything around it into its center. The black hole dissipated after some time, just as the guards of the mansion opened fire on the bus. The Smasher's ducked down to avoid gunfire as Zelda lunged into the bus, allowing Mario to take off from the mansion quickly.

"We have to stop them!" yelled Jaws

"Hop on." came Widow, letting Jaws and Dune hop onto her back

With super-human power she jumped into the air to pursue the fleeing bus

"Guess that Void guy doesn't take no for an answer." Ness replied, looking up to see that the guards were closing the gate

That gate didn't stand much of a chance as Mewtwo used his powers to crush it and throw it away effortlessly. As the Smashers moved pass the gate, moving out of range of the guards' gunfire the relaxed slightly.

"Whoever this Void is we're going to have to take him down." replied Fox

"Pika pi." replied Pikachu, agreeing with him

"Yeah, he's one crazy…"


"What was that?" Falco asked, just as the top of the bus was ripped off, revealing Jaws, Dune, and Widow

"Did you really think that you would escape?" Widow asked, her fangs growing longer

"Pika!" cried Pikachu, a fully charged skull bash catching Jaws by surprise and blasting him out of the bus; Pikachu now trying to fight him off as they flew through the air

"You're mine!" yelled Mewtwo, tackling Dune and taking him high into the sky

Zelda used an incredibly powerful blast of magical energy to launch herself at Widow, grabbing her and taking her on a ride through the air.

"We have to help them." cried Ness, using his PK Thunder to catch up with them

"Mario, let's follow them." Peach advised, but before he could the bus was attacked from behind

Looking out the window the Smashers saw that Void had sent tanks after them to destroy them.

"We have our own problems." Ganondorf replied

The three Smashers and the three minions of Void soon crashed landed at the beach, after fighting their way there. Mewtwo and Zelda landed in the enormous battle ship while Pikachu crashed near the water, kicking up a lot of sand.

"If only you Smashers had decided to join our master, then we wouldn't have to kill you." Jaws cackled, as his body began to change

Slowly, his body began to take a from of a long-snout creature and before long it came into perfect view. In a mutant form which bordered on terrifying, Jaws had transformed into the very thing his name mimicked. With the body of both a man and a great white shark, Jaws stood before Pikachu, looking as if he would eat the small mouse in one gulp.


Within the battleship Widow and Dune had taken on their hideous transformations, Dune taking the form of a Kraken, or giant squid, and Widow taking the form of a mixture of a wolf spider and black widow spider. Both looked incredibly devilish in appearance as they stared down the Smashers.

"Well it is obvious that these are more than just humans." replied Mewtwo, his powers beginning to grow

"Yes, indeed." replied Zelda

"You will die Smashers and Void will take Smash Planet." hissed Widow

"Prepare for a painful death." cackled Dune

"Zelda, if we wish to defeat these creatures we must be careful, we do not know the full extent of their powers, keep your distance." Mewtwo said to Zelda mentally so that only she could hear him

"Right Mewtwo." she replied psychically

"Hey, where' is everyone?" Ness asked, as he explored a completely different part of the battleship, far away from any action

"You, electric rat." Jaws called, outside "You will be my dinner." he said, licking his lips, "For I am Jaws, Master of the Sea."

"Pika!" cried Pikachu, determined not to become his dinner "Chu!" Pikachu cried, unleashing a thunderbolt

Jaws dodged, though shakily, as if fighting on land was new to him.

"I think we'll be better off on my turf." he replied, jumping into the water

"Chu!' cried Pikachu, sending a bolt of electricity into the water, but since the sea was so wide the electricity quickly dispersed

Walking close to the edge of the water Pikachu tried to sniff out his opponent, but all he could smell was seawater, masking the fishy smell of his adversary.

"Pika?" he muttered, wondering where he could be

Then, as quick as lightening a webbed hand shot out of the water and grabbed hold of Pikachu's small paw, dragging him underwater in an instant. Meanwhile, within the battleship Zelda and Mewtwo had problems of their own. After being separated from Zelda Mewtwo was simply dodging and countering Dune's attacks, which consisted mostly of tentacle strikes and hand-to-hand combat. But with Mewtwo's ability's Mewtwo was able to easily outmaneuver the strange anthromorphic squid.

"You're good, but I'm better." Dune replied, before unleashing a new attack on the psychic pokemon

Sand began to seep through the walls of the ship, accumulating around Dune, Mewtwo looked on in interest as the sand began to swirl.

"I am Dune, Master of the Sands, and my power will destroy you." he said, before unleashing a wave of sand at Mewtwo

Mewtwo sighed as the sand came his way, right before it engulfed him. But as the sand began to clear it was soon seen that Mewtwo was unscathed, an invisible shield protecting him from any harm.

"I see why this Void wanted the Smash Brothers to join him. With subordinates such as you I would want stronger minions as well." Mewtwo said

"We shall see who is weak." Dune replied, unleashing more sand on Mewtwo

Meanwhile, in a different part of the ship Zelda was contending with Widow, who had gone into hiding almost immediately after the fight had begun.

"Show yourself and fight me coward!" she yelled, using her powers to light up the poorly light ship, though outside it was very sunny

"Why fight, when I can break your spirit?" she asked, as the room began to grow dark, even with Zelda' powers

"What's this?" Zelda mumbled as everything began to disappear

"You are fighting the Mistress of Illusion and you have been caught in my Web of Deception foolish princess." Widow's voice said from the nothingness

"She is messing with my mind, must fight it." muttered Zelda, concentrating

"It is no use, once you are ensnared in my web there is not escaping." she said, as Zelda's world began to change for the worst

"Pika!" cried Pikachu, surfacing from underwater, taking in a breath a fresh air

That didn't last long as he was pulled underwater again by Jaws, dragging the electric mouse under. However that proved to be an ill-thought as Pikachu sent a jolt of electricity through Jaws body, which was multiplied four-fold by all the water around the two.

"Graah!" Jaws cried, backing away from the electric mouse, "Close range attacks will not work on this creature, I would run the risk of being shocked." He muttered "However, I have other ways to deal with my enemy."

Jaws opened his mouth and roared, uncommon for a shark, unleashing strange vibration through the water toward Pikachu.

"What the…" thought Pikachu, watching as the wave came toward him

It was not until the wave was upon him did he realize what the attack was; it was a variation of Water Pulse, a pokemon move. He had dealt with this type of attack before, but from the looks of it, the attacks was far more powerful than he had every dealt with. Trying to swim out of the way Pikachu began to paddle but strangely the attack began to follow him and before long it was right on top of him.

"Pika!" cried Pikachu as a piercing wave of sound ripped through his ears, causing untold pain to the small mouse

Pikachu's precious air left his lungs during the attack; however he was able to fight it off quickly enough to save some air in his lungs. Not enough air to continue battling Pikachu swam as quickly as he was able to the surface; however it was not quick enough as another wave was soon upon him, stopping him in place and causing river of pain to flow through him.

"Chu!" he cried as he began to loose consciousness

"Perfect, he is mine." Jaws said, swimming at full speed toward the sinking Pikachu

Pikachu heard Jaws coming his way but the lack of air was getting to the small mouse. But he knew that if he didn't move in time Jaws' belly would soon be full. Pikachu needed to get out of the water and he only knew one move that would do that. Pikachu's tail began to grow bright white as energy accumulated into it. As Jaws moved in closer he could see the bright light and all its power before Pikachu released it in one quick blast. The explosion of energy launched Pikachu clean out of the water and the moment the he reached the surface his lungs absorbed air as if it were going out of style.

"Pika!" he cried, overjoyed that he wasn't going to drown

Nonetheless, his excitement was short live as Jaws flew from under water, into the air, directly toward Pikachu.

"Raah!" roared Jaws, mouth opened widely to reveal a railroad of sharp teeth

But with new found air in his lungs Pikachu was ready for him, sending a thunderbolt his way. Inept at dodging in mid-air Jaws took the attack head on, which sent him thundering back down to the water. A huge splash erupted on impact, sending water high into the sky. But Jaws was not defeated from that attack and swam around, watching Pikachu from the water.

"We're too far out for him to make it back to the beach so I'll get him the moment he hits the water." Jaws thought, following Pikachu's movements in the air.

As Pikachu began to descend electrical energy began to flow around him, as if he were powering up, but Pikachu himself wasn't concentrating as he usually did when he unleashed thunder, his face was rather calm.

"So close." Jaws thought as Pikachu was only seconds from hitting the water

Jaws waited just below the surface, just in case Pikachu was going to unleashing thunder on him from above. Just as Pikachu hit the surface Jaws opened his mouth to swallow Pikachu, but the mouse never came. It took a few seconds for Jaws to realize that Pikachu had landed on the water and was actually running on the surface of the water.

"WHAT! That's impossible!" he screeched, surfacing slight to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him

However, as seen earlier Pikachu was indeed running on the water. It seemed that every time his tiny paws hit the water a small jolt of electricity could be seen coming from them, as if the electricity itself was allowing Pikachu to run on the water.

"I'll devour him!" Jaws roared, pursuing the fast-footed electrical mouse

"Die!" roared Dune, his sand flying toward Mewtwo

The psychic pokemon could care less about what the strange mutant yelled and sighed as he yet again deflected his sand effortlessly.

"Throwing your sand as me is pointless." Mewtwo replied

"Fine then, perhaps I should fight head to head!" he yelled running toward Mewtwo

Dune fired a volley of punches at Mewtwo, but Mewtwo dodged them skillfully, moving from left to right to avoid all of them…until Dune began to attack with his tentacles, six in all, with began to overtake Mewtwo.

"Fast." Mewtwo thought, as one of Dune's tentacles scraped his cheek

With a smirk Dune launched a tentacle toward Mewtwo's right foot, taking hold of it and squeezing tightly. Then with a snap of his tentacle Dune launched Mewtwo into a wall, watching as it collapsed around the psychic pokemon.

"Acting all high and mighty will only back fire in the end. You may be strong mentally, but physically you're about as weak as a newborn kitten." Dune mocked

"Oh really." Replied a voice, directly behind Dune

Before Dune could react he was broadsided by a dark glowing paw. The sheer force of the blow sent dune down the hall of the battle ship before he flew through the door of the mess hall. Chairs and tables were obliterated as Dune crashed into them before grinding to a halt just outside the kitchen area.

"I may not have much physical strength." Replied Mewtwo, levitating into the room "But when coupled with my psychic abilities I make up for that quite nicely." He replied

"I'll rip you to shreds." Dune muttered, charging Mewtwo

Mewtwo simply raised his paw toward Dune and the moment Dune was a mere inch away from that paw a blast of dark-psychic energy engulfed Dune, blowing him back forcefully.

"So, your sand protected you from the brunt of the attack, quite ingenious." Replied Mewtwo

"Yes, you're psychic powers are strong, but my sand is stronger." Replied Dune

"I did not hit you with a psychic blast." Replied Mewtwo, "That was ghost energy."


"Allow me to explain to you my dimwitted opponent." Replied Mewtwo

"Graah!" roared Dune, going on the attack again, swinging both hands and tentacles at Mewtwo

Instead of trying to dodge the attack Mewtwo decided to simply avoid that attack all together, by teleporting away. As he did so he continued to explain to the raging Dune about his previous attack.

"I have learned both psychic and ghost-type pokemon attacks, however these two powers are not compatible with one another, so unleashing their true powers was a chore. Although I have under gone much mental training and have found a way to combine these powers." He explained; teleporting behind Dune before the mutant could lay a hand or tentacle on him.

"Stop speaking and fight me!" yelled Dune, attacking Mewtwo again

Without skipping a beat Mewtwo continued.

"Since ghost energy is strong against that of psychic energy I have used my vast psychic abilities and have allow the ghost energy within myself to overlap that of the psychic energy, thus making my psychic powers dark." He replied, dodging a barrage of sand "It is not a pure mixture of opposing powers, more of an overlapping, as I explained earlier, but within time I should be able to adequately mix both psychic and ghost power together, then I will be able to move onto the next step." He told Dune

"Which would be?" Dune asked as he got into the conversation, though his attacks had yet to falter

"The combination of Dark-type power." Mewtwo replied, unleashing a powerful blast of psychic energy

The blast sent Dune flying out of the battleship to land on the beach below, kicking up a lot of sand.

All Zelda could see was darkness around her. She couldn't hear or feeling anything. All there was; was darkness. However, a sound came to her eyes not too long afterward, the sound of laughter; despicable laughter that seemed to taunt the princess to no end.

"Reveal yourself Widow!" Zelda called to the darkness, though the only reply she got was a laugh

It took a while but Zelda began to realize that her breathing had become erratic and her hands were shaking violently.

"So cold." She muttered, bringing her hands around her body

"Princess." Said a low voice, tauntingly "Princess." It repeated again

"Show yourself." Zelda replied again

"Die." The voice muttered as two fangs appeared in the darkness

Soon the entire body of Widow came into view in the darkness, her mouth opening wide as if she were going to swallow Zelda whole.

"Thank you." Replied Zelda, a smile forming on her face

"What?" questioned Widow, not realizing that Sheik was directly behind her


Sheik cut through Widow with one slash, dispersing her into small specks of dust. It didn't take long for the shinobi to realize that this was also part of the illusion as Sheik walked up to Zelda and helped her up.

"You should not have been deceived by this creature's powers." Sheik scolded, wagging a finger at Zelda

"I did not know what she was going to do, she caught me off guard." Zelda replied

"Luckily you called me to assist you at the last moment, before your entire mind was closed off." Sheik replied


"Dispel this illusion so that I can battle." Sheik asked, needles in hand

"Certainly." Replied Zelda, as a light began to form in her hand

The light began to grow into her hand, dissipating the darkness around the two. Zelda herself began to disappear until only Sheik was left standing as the inside of the battle ship came into view.

"Finally, a chance to battle." Sheik said

Though it couldn't be seen Sheik was smiling brightly under her cloth. Zelda had kept the ninja within her body for so long that Sheik had almost forgotten what it was like to battle, as the adrenaline inside her began pumping.

"Remember Sheik, just because I destroyed the illusion doesn't mean that this Widow isn't still dangerous, watch yourself." Zelda said in her head

"Don't I always?" replied Sheik, dodging a string of web

"Quick to the reaction." Widow thought "Better move quickly before she discovers me."

However the moment she began to move out a thunderous explosion from within the battleship caused Widow to fall, landing on the edge of the battle ship outside.

"Ah, Mewtwo, I guess he is taking this fight outside. I should do so as well." Sheik thought, making her way down the hall

"What the hell…" muttered Widow as she watched Dune crash land into the beach

From what she could see Dune had taken excessive damage from his battle with Mewtwo, though he was still ready to battle. Mewtwo floated down from the ship, his paws glowing with dark energy.

"These Smashers are no joke, to hurt Dune to this extreme and to break away from my Web of Deception…I wonder how Jaws is holding up?" she thought

"There you are!" said a voice, before needles flew out toward Widow

Widow barely dodged them before a roundhouse kick was sent her way, catapulting her out of the ship. Luckily she created a balloon created from her webbing which allowed her to float in the air. Looking toward Sheik Widow looked into the eyes of the daunting shinobi, those piercing red eyes that looked into Widow's very soul.

"I have to go…before she kills me!" Widow thought, firing web as Sheik

The web blanketed the opening in the ship, impeding Sheik's advance for the time being.

"This webbing is strong; it's going to take a little time to break through." Sheik thought, pulling out battle-knife. Its serrated edges quickly began to cut through the webbing but Widow was long gone by then.

"Chu!" cried Pikachu as his Thunder attack sent Jaws flying out of the ocean

Things had gone from bad to worst with his battle between Pikachu after the electric mouse began to walk on water. Actually to be correct, more so running on water than walking as Pikachu hadn't stopped running the moment he hit the water. Enraged Jaws tried to swallow Pikachu from the surface of the water but this only proved to be ill-conceived as Pikachu had the mutant right where he wanted it. After a few electric blasts and one large thunder attack Pikachu had blasted Jaws out of the water and back on dry land, giving Pikachu the advantage.

"I'll get you!" Jaws yelled, before another blast of electrical energy hit him

Meanwhile, in the battle between Mewtwo and Dune, the Kraken mutant had gone all out to bury Mewtwo, using all the sand around him in this battle.

"Blowing me out of the ship was a fool's choice creature, with all this sand around me there is now way you will defeat me." Dune said

"Well then, why don't I introduce you to what I was explaining earlier, about Dark-type powers?" Mewtwo said, floating into the sky

"Running away I see, well there is no escape from me." Dune said, sending sand toward Mewtwo

Mewtwo easily evaded the attack and continued to climb; higher and higher into the sky. Mewtwo's speed increased as he flew through the sky, flying as high as possible, until he reached the upper atmosphere.

"This should be high enough." He thought as his hand began to glow dark, "Shadow Ball." He thought and the ball of ghost energy accumulated in his hand

His eyes began to glow blue as he used Psychic to flatten the ball of ghost energy until it collapsed in on itself. After doing so it began to grow in size again, although this time the ball was completely black. Using his psychic powers Mewtwo homed in on Dune as this ball of dark energy swirled in his hand.

"Darkness Ball!" he yelled, throwing his arm forward in order to release the ball

At the instant the ball left his hand an incredible amount of power was released, creating a wave that threw Mewtwo clean across the planet! The blast of energy plummeted down at incredible speeds, so fast that much of the energy that it encompassed began to fall from it and dissipated in the sky. However, as it passed through the clouds and homed in on Kraken, there was more than enough energy to deal with Kraken.

"What in the…" he muttered, looking up at the ball heading toward him

Pikachu sensed the ball of energy making its way down toward the ground and ran, taking cover under the ship, where he met Ness and Sheik.

"I see; Mewtwo has grown desperate to use that attack." Sheik said, moving a piece of metal around to shield herself

"What's Mewtwo doing?" Ness asked, sensing the ball

"Just watch." Sheik replied

"I'll simply…stop that before it gets to me." Dune said, firing an enormous column of sand toward the ball

When the sand hit the ball it flew outwards, spiraling around the ball before being flung way.

"Impossible…that's impossible!" yelled Dune, frozen in fear

For some odd reason Dune was too consumed with fear to actually move away from the ball off energy as it closed in.

"You might want to wear these, incase sand blows into your eyes." Sheik said, handing Pikachu and Ness goggles

"Where'd you get these?" Ness asked as he put them on

"I'll tell you later." Sheik replied, putting on a pair of goggles herself


"Such power." Muttered Dune before the Darkness Ball hit

The impact crushed Dune, forcing him into the ground as if a drill was borrowing into the dirt.

"Yaah! Argh! Aah!" was his last cries as he was drilled into the sand

A powerful gust of wind was kicked up after impact, blowing sand everywhere. Luckily the three Smashers on the ground were perfectly safe under the ship as the sand blew in their direction. When the sand finally died down there was nothing left of Dune except a small crater where he had originally been. Widow started at this phenomenon in pure horror as she realized just how much energy had been released by Mewtwo in this attack. Floating down to Jaws, who had been unfortunate enough to not get out of the way, Widow began to pull him out of the sand he had been half buried in.

"We must escape and regroup with the others before we are destroyed." Widow told jaws, fling him on her back

Jaws nodded his head.

Taking flight again Widow and Jaws made their escape from the battle field.

"Should we go after them?" Ness asked


"No, first we need to find Mewtwo, he's probably unconscious now somewhere in the world." Sheik replied "Ness, think you can find him?" Sheik asked

"No problem." Ness replied, taking hold of Sheik's hand and Pikachu's paw

All three Smashers' began to run as a portal began to open up and Ness yelled…

"PSI Teleport!" he said, before all three disappeared into the portal

This is my first chapter on this story. It's just something I came up with out of the clear blue sky, hope you readers enjoy.