Mewtwo wasn't sure where he was at the moment. From the point of the expulsion of his devastating attack Mewtwo had no recollection of the events of his trip around the planet. He knew why he didn't remember however. The brilliant pokemon, if not a little reckless, closed off his mind completely, going into a trance like state the moment he attacked, to protect his brain from any psychic feedback that may have occurred from releasing such power. Mewtwo could have defeated Dune without using the Darkness Ball, but the battle would have been very strenuous for the pokemon and he decided that it needed to be ended quickly. However, the strain of using that attack told him that he shouldn't do things he didn't have the capacity to control.

"I wonder when the others will discover me?" he pondered as he looked around, noticing that the attack had blown him into a tundra region, "It's very cold." He thought calmly as he realized just how cold it was

Nonetheless, Mewtwo was fine; as his psychic powers kicked in the moment he regained consciousness, and protected him from the bitter cold. Less could be said about Ness, Pikachu, and Sheik, who had just arrived from a portal the psychic boy had cooked up.

"N-n-n-never w-w-wear s-s-s-shorts h-h-here." Stuttered Ness, hugging his body to try and keep warm

"P-p-pika!" stuttered Pikachu, sharing Ness' feelings

"L-l-let's just g-g-go." Stuttered Sheik, the streamline suit not built for warmth


After the confusion of being attacked the Smash Brothers went on the offensive, to deal with the numerous tanks that had followed after them in an attempt to destroy them. One problem; during their retaliation the Smash Brothers were separated, leaving only a few actually on the bus. Mario, the driver, was of course still on the bus, along with Samus and Young Link. All the other Smashers had taken off to take care of the tanks, which had retreated to several different places after they realized they were no match for the Smashers.

"So…we just wait here for the others?" Samus asked, as she removed her helmet

"I a guess so?" replied Mario

"Boring." Muttered Young Link

"True, but listen kid, a rule of battle is to know your enemy before you battle them. Going out there blindly will only lead to your defeat." Samus informed

"What about the others?"

"Another rule of battle, if you have allies use them; teamwork is key." She replied "And, if a person shoots at you, you shoot back."


"They'll be a fine." Replied Mario "We'll a just wait a here until they show up." He said

"I guess so." Replied Young Link, laying back in his seat and taking a nap

"Who woulda thought that a kid like this is a Smasher? Ironic that, big things come in small packages." Samus commented

"Hey, I found the sandwiches!" cried Mario happily as he opened up a secret compartment of sandwiches Kirby had on the bus

"Think the puffball will mind?" Samus asked

"We'll a ask him when he gets back." Mario replied, throwing a sandwich toward Samus


"Well, that was a nice workout." Bowser commented after finishing off the last of the tanks

"For you, maybe, we on the other hand had to actually fight." Replied Captain Falcon

"I fought!" defended Bowser, giving Captain Falcon a mock gasp to show how insulted he was

"Wow, I never knew picking things up and throwing them was considered fighting." Falco mocked

"Hey, it takes a lot of strength to pick tanks up and throw 'em. I'd like to see you guys try." Bowser commented

"Well, unlike you, we have to be careful. We can't take a direct hit from tank fire and keep going." Roy replied

"Or hide in a shell." Came Captain Falcon

"I don't hide from nothing!" Bowser roared, stomping up to the two

"Yeah, yeah." They muttered, before walking off

"Grrr!" growled Bowser, ready to smash them into the dirt

However, before he could exact his vengeance Pichu hopped on his head and began to search around from her new vantage point.

"Why are you on my head?" Bowser muttered

"Pi, pi, chu. Pichu…pi pi chu." Replied Pichu

"I don't care if you're looking for the bus, get off my head!" he growled, trying to knock the electric mouse off

But Pichu held on like glue, refusing to climb down and continued to search for the bus.

"Nice head gear." Falco said, trying to hold back his laughter

"Yeah, didn't know Pichus were this fall's fashion." Falcon said

A small smile was plastered on Roy's face as he watched the display before him.

"Oh, very funny. You two are hilarious." Muttered Bowser "And you…" he said, referring to Pichu, "If you don't get off my head right now I'm gonna…" But before he could finish the ground began to rumble

"What the…" Falco yelled, as the ground seemed to take a life of its own and move about wildly

Before they could do anything the ground turned into a slide and their momentum caused them to slide down into the mouth of the cave, disappearing into the darkness of the cave.

"WAAH!" they all cried as they slide down

Pichu held on for dear life, knowing that if she let go for even an instant she would be dashed to pieces against all the rocks around them, rocks that moved about like wild beasts, waiting to devour them in an instant.

"Pichu!" screeched Pichu, her life flashing before her eyes…even if it was rather short

The terror ride went from bad to worst as the slide split into three different sections, taking Falcon, Falco and Roy, and Bowser and Pichu on three separate paths, thus separating them. Eventually the horrible slide was at and end, depositing the Smashers deep within the twisted caverns of the cave, awaiting whatever had dragged them down in the first place.

"This is just GREAT!" yelled Bowser, beyond his limit for patience after finally stopping

Pichu was horrified, not like dark areas very much.

"Hey you, light bulb." Bowser called in the darkness "Light up so we can see where we are." He said, grumbling

"Pi, pi, pi pi chu." Replied Pichu

"I don't care if you're too scared. Just DO IT!" he roared, irate

This proved to scared Pichu further, something Bowser was counting on. Knowing that Pichu would discharge electricity when frightened or excited Bowser waited patiently until Pichu let loose a bolt of electricity. Luckily he wasn't anywhere near it, giving him time to see the lay out of the area. From what he could see many things were in the cave, including a little timber that had slid down. Seeing this timber as a possible light source Bowser simply needed to light it with his flame breath, thus ceasing the need for the erratic electric attacks of Pichu. Taking a slight breath Bowser puffed out a small fireball, which scared Pichu yet again, a bright light appearing out of nowhere. Another bolt of electricity left Pichu's body giving Bowser the light he needed to fire a stream of heat toward the timber, immediately lighting it and thus lighting the entire part of the cave the two were in.

"Well, at least we got some light." Bowser muttered, wondering how in the world they ended up here

"Pi…" muttered Pichu, agreeing, though still visibly shaking

Bowser felt the need to lash out at someone and since Pichu was the only person around at the moment Bowser began to prepare a verbal assault toward the mouse, but before he could unleash any words the cave began to shake again before something rose from the ground.

"What the…" he cried out as something climbed from the ground. Before long the creature to climb from the ground was seen to be a human, decked out in armor, like the humans he had seen at Void's mansion.

"You wouldn't happen to be working for that Void guy?" Bowser asked while Pichu hid behind the large tortoise

"Yes, and you will now die for your insolence." The person replied, fully pulling himself from the ground

"Guess we got a fight on our hands." Replied Bowser, motioning toward Pichu

However Pichu was too frightened to reply and stayed behind Bowser for her protection.

"Guess I got a fight on my hands." Muttered Bowser

"I am Mineral, Master of the Earth, and you will fall to my might." Mineral replied

"Such an original name." Bowser mocked

"Die." The man said before running toward Bowser, fist tightly clenched

Bowser sighed as he watched the foolish man run forward and put his hand out to grab the fist before it made contact. As expected Bowser stopped the man's punch with relative easy, but Bowser was pushed back a few inches after impact, startling even him.

"Guy's stronger than he looks." Bowser thought as he threw Mineral away

"You are strong, but nothing compared to me." Mineral said, clenching his fists once again

"Stop talking and fight." Bowser said, unimpressed by Mineral's boasting

"As you wish." He said as his body began to change

As Bowser stared in bewilderment Mineral's body began to increase in size, as his muscles began to bulge out until the man was three times his original size. His skin began to turn dark brown as he head began more square like, giving him the appearance of a rock. Before long Mineral towered over Bowser, breathing heavily due to the strain of the transformation, but feeling to eradicate Bowser and Pichu was evident in Mineral's eyes.

"So what, you got big and stupid looking." Replied Bowser "Is this suppose to scare me?" he asked

"No, it is supposed to kill you." Replied Mineral, stomping over to Bowser

Bowser wasn't stupid, he knew that Mineral had gotten far stronger than he originally was, but Bowser's pride told him that he could still beat this pansy if he was careful. When Mineral was in range he launched a punch toward Bowser, who dodged the attack skillfully and brought his own fist toward the gut of Mineral.


The moment Bowser's fist connected with Mineral's gut time seemed to stop as the sound of the impact resonated throughout the cave. Bowser was sure he had Mineral with that attack, the behemoth stopping in his tracks after the punch, but moments later Mineral grinned wickedly before bringing his own hand across Bowser's face, crashing it into his jaw and sending the tortoise into a nearby wall.

"Pichu!" cried Pichu as he watched Bowser fly away

"Now for you." Mineral replied, stomping over to Pichu

Pichu released a bolt of electricity toward Mineral, but because of Mineral's density the electricity flowed through him harmlessly, since he did not conduct electricity in this form.

"Pointless." He muttered before bringing his fist down toward Pichu

Pichu, though scared, had enough sense to move out of the way before the fist hit, escaping certain injury. Running over to Bowser, who had collapsed after falling from the way, Pichu tried to wake the tortoise that was effectively dazed.

"If you see any teeth lying around, they're mine." He muttered, which all in all was true, as many of his teeth were lying on the ground

However Bowser's teeth had a habit of growing back rather quickly and it didn't take long for him to once again have a dazzling white smile.

"Hmm, still wish to battle?" asked Mineral as he watched Bowser stand up

"One sucker punch ain't gonna do it." Replied Bowser "But what did you do?" he asked, "I hit you, I know, but somehow, you absorbed it." Bowser said

"You are rather smart." Mineral replied "I can absorb any blow and diffuse it throughout my body. I am invulnerable." He said

"We'll see rock-boy." Bowser Muttered before charging the Rock Ogre again


After the slide of horror Falco and Roy were deposited deep within the cave, but unlike Bowser and Pichu, Falco and Roy ended up somewhere with light. Unfortunately this place wasn't exactly hospitable as they were near an active magma flow.

"Damn it's hot." Muttered Falco, wiping his brow

"I do not feel much myself." Replied Roy, dusting himself off

"Well I ain't a half-dragon like some people I know." Replied Falco, removing his jacket "Ahh, that's better." he said

"I know that this was no mere coincidence, someone dragged us down here." Roy told Falco

"Think it was one of those guys working for that Void character?" Falco asked

"Give the bird-boy a prize!" someone yelled, turning the attention of the Smashers deep down the shaft they were in

On a nearby ledge stood a female, dressed in armor, staring up at the two Smashers, a wicked smile plastered on her face.

"Who are you?" Roy demanded

"I am Flow, servant of Master Void, Mistress of Magma, defend yourselves." Flow said, using inhuman strength to jump up toward the two

"Another of those freaky humans." Muttered Falco "Let's take her out and quick, we don't have time for this." Falco replied

"I do not wish to harm a female, but I suppose she leaves us no choice." Roy replied, just as Flow made it up toward the ledge

Flow launched a kick at Roy, though he easily evaded the obvious attack, but before he could retaliate, Flow changed her target and rushed Falco, trying to tackle him to the ground while he was off guard. However Falco was ready and countered the attack, dodging at first and retaliating with a punch. But after knocking her away Falco held his wing in pain, as if the attack had done more damage to him than Flow.

"What happened?" Roy asked, watching as Falco writhed in pain

"It was like punching a wall of steel, even worse than the Metal Boxes." he replied, soothing his heart wing "Nothing broken, but I don't suggest we get too physical with this one." Falco told him

"Pretty strong." Flow cackled "For you to punch me away means you have some strength." she told him "But you'll never be able to hurt me." she said, turning to the Smashers, where it was revealed to them that Flow's skin had turned into some living armor

Undergoing a strange transformation Flow morphed into a more formidable fighter as she took on the resemblance of a Manta Ray, long stinger included.

"As you would say, this is just plain-freaky, correct?" Roy asked

Falco nodded his head.

"Yyyyyyou wwwwwwwwill die!" she screeched in a strange slur

She began to move as if she were drunk, swaying side to side, her body moving in a fluid-like manner.

"Weird." muttered Falco

"Indeed." replied Roy

"Ttttttttttttthis iiiiiiiiiiis mmmmmmmmmmmy wwwwwwwwwwwave aaaaaaaattack." she said before moving at an incredible pace

The two Smashers were so surprised by Flow's sudden speed that they were caught completely off guard, becoming victims to punches launched by the Manta Ray woman. Roy crashed into a nearby rock while Falco slid along the ground before catching himself, opening fire on Flow in retaliation. However his laser shots bounced off of Flow's skin harmlessly, her strange transformation making her immune to the laser blasts.

"Crap!" Falco muttered, seeing as his blaster was useless at the moment

"Let me see if I cannot cut this beast down to size." Roy replied, leaping forward as he drew his blade

"Try iiiiiiiiiit!" she slurred, awaiting his attack

Roy jumped toward Flow, who in retaliation countered with a punch, but Roy evaded the attack swinging his sword at an awkward angle, toward Flow's back.


Roy's sword bounced of Flow's hide leaving not a scratch, but the impact did knock the strange mutant woman off her feet, causing her to fall on her face.

"I see, not even the Sword of Seals can penetrate such a hide as hers." Roy said

"Well it looks like direct attacks are out, guess we'll have to trip her up." Falco commented

As Flow tried to stand it was obvious that her true weakness was that her hide; though making her invulnerable, also gave her added weight which she had yet to master. Falco's speed came in handy as he blazed over to Flow, sending his foot toward her legs, connecting with her ankle. Roy followed up by driving the hilt of his blade into Flow's jaw, thus knocking her off balance, causing her to stumble back toward the edge.

"End this battle now if you do not want to end up bathing in magma." Roy ordered, his blade beginning to glow

"Sssssssssssoooooooooo beeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" she yelled, purposely tipping herself over

"Damn!" yelled Falco as he and Roy ran to the edge, just to see Flow disappear into the magma "That freak was crazy." Falco said, shaking his head in disdain

"Quite." Replied Roy, sheathing his blade

However just before they could leave a column of magma rose toward them, with the intent of destroying them. Falco's speed help him evade the attack, but Roy was not as lucky as the column cut him off, preparing to roast him alive.

"Roy!" yelled Falco just as Roy was engulfed by the column of magma


Captain Falcon was searching around in the dark, trying to find a way out. Luckily he had some light if he continued to rub his hands together, making a small fire in the palm of his hands. From what he could see the only other way out was either going back up the slide, which was too steep to climb or risk walking further into the cave, praying for a way out. Falcon decided it would be better to brave the darkness of the cave, being the courageous (though sometimes foolish) man he was.

"I'm gonna get whoever dragged me down here." He muttered as he found a passage and walked it

However as he walked down the passage he swore he heard strange noises echoing throughout it. He thought it was simply his own breathing but before long the sounds in the cave were more than his own, as if something was following him.

"Alright, come on out!" he yelled "I know I'm not crazy, something is following me and…" he began, picking up a nearby rock "You're there!" yelled, flinging a rock toward the ceiling


"Ow!" someone screeched

"Knew it." Replied Captain Falcon

"I suppose I wasn't as quiet as I should have been." Someone muttered in the darkness

"Come on out." Captain Falcon demanded

The sound of someone dropping and landing on the ground could be heard and footsteps approaching. Falcon dropped back into a defensive stance, awaiting his opponent but as the figure stepped into the light he raised an eyebrow as the person following him was a woman with long blonde hair, her body encased in armor.

"Well hello." Falcon said in a suave voice

"Hello yourself." The woman replied

"Hmm, you wouldn't happen to be working for that Void guy, would ya?" he asked

"Well I am…but I have a proposition for you." She replied


"You seem like a smart man, join Void, you could have anything you want." She said "C'mon, I know you're not like the others." She said

"Well that's true." Falcon replied

"And that helmet makes you so mysterious." She said, purring

"That's true too." He replied

"So what's stopping you?" she asked, growing ever closer to his lips

"Well…I work for myself." He said, pushing away "Don't follow what others say unless they're equal to me in a fight." He said "Like the others."

"Well then, looks like I'm gonna have to beat some sense into ya." She said, backing away

A sickening transformation greeted Captain Falcon as the strange woman before him turned into what seemed like a vampire bat. Long fangs protruded from her mouth as her arms took the appearance of webbed-wings. Fur covered most of her body while an evil glare of animal ferocity appeared in her eyes.

"Freaky…" muttered Falco as she finished her transformation

"You may call me Sonar, Mistress of Sound." She told him before disappearing in the darkness


Imprint marks of both Bowser and Mineral were evident in the walls of the cave as the two behemoths murdered one another. The electric mouse known as Pichu was busy hiding, not liking the dark in the least and too scared of Mineral to help Bowser, who wasn't doing as well as he hoped. Even though Bowser still out matched Mineral in brute strength Bowser's blows didn't do the damage needed to drop Mineral, who continued to counter mercilessly. It wouldn't be long before Bowser couldn't keep this up and Bowser knew that.

"Raarh!" roared Bowser, unleashing yet another punch

Bowser refused to give up or give in to this colossus and was determined to bring him down no matter what.

"Pichu?" muttered Pichu as she watched Bowser basically kill himself against this daunting foe

Pichu had always seen Bowser as a calculating, mean-ish monster that was always ready to break anyone or anything in his path. At times he fought cruelly and other times he fought with finesse, but right now he was fighting for something more. Bowser was slow, but his daunting strength made up for that, the strength that Pichu was always afraid of, but this strange mutant trumped even Bowser's strength with its near invulnerability, forcing Bowser to rely on something else. Bowser was fighting a losing battle, even Pichu saw this, but he refused to give in. Pichu thought it was his pride pushing him to fight but one thing changed that after Mineral hit Bowser in the gut.


Bowser went down hard, holding his belly as the air was officially knocked out of him. Consciousness began to leave him as his eyes began to roll in the back of his head. Falling to his knees his head jerked, turning toward Pichu. A small smile formed on his devilish face, uttering words before he crashed to the ground.

"Hold him off while I take a nap." He said before losing all consciousness

"Finally…that beast was quite a handful." Mineral said, turning to Pichu "Now for you." he said, stomping over to Pichu

Pichu looked at Bowser, then at Mineral, and then at herself before her little paw curled up into what resembled a fist. Pichu was mad, but not entirely at Mineral, but more for herself for not fighting when she needed to. Electricity began to spark on her cheeks as she glared at Mineral, determined to finish him.


Falco stared in disbelief as time seemed to slow; Roy being engulfed by magma.

"I couldn't save him." He muttered as the last of the magma collapsed on Roy

"Wwwwwwwwwwell tttttttttttttthat wwwwwwwwas eeeeeeeeasy." Slurred a voice

"You!" roared Falco, jumping off the edge toward Flow who had just surfaced

Laser shots rang from Falco's blaster, making contact with Flow, though they bounced off harmlessly. However shooting her was not his objective as he timed the shots to that they did bounce of Flow, hitting a few nearby rocks in the cave walls. Before Flow realized it the rocks loosened and fell, crushing her under their weight. Falco landed on small ledge, just above the magma pool, watching as Flow disappeared under the magma, with two tons of stone crushing her.

"That's for Roy." He spat as he turned to head back up

"Aaaaaaaand tttttthis iiiiiiiiiiiiis ffffffffffffffffor yyyyyyyyyou!" cried out Flow as he jumped out of the magma

Her long stinger, which protruded from her spine shot out at Falco, who just barely dodged it, watching as it ripped through his shirt.

"Close one." He thought

Flow's next attack was a punch, which Falco also dodged. However the force of the punch imploded a nearby wall, causing a stream of magma to pour out, directly over Flow.

"So, you're skin's so tough not even magma can get through?" he asked

"Rrrrrrrrrrrright." She slurred

"But I don't think the insides are." He thought, concocting a plan

If he shot her in the mouth then he knew for sure that she'd be down for the count, all he needed to do was get her into a position that made her open her mouth. As if the gods were smiling down on him Flow did open her mouth, wide.

"Perfect." He said, taking aim

Actually the gods must have hated him or something because moments after Flow opened her mouth magma flowed out of it, on direct course for Falco.

"What the…" he muttered, not having the time to evade

Activating his Reflector Shield Falco bounced the magma back right before it hit him, thus saving him from the same fate as Roy. But when the magma cleared Flow was right on top of him, launching a punch at him. The shield shattered on impact and the punch connected, sending Falco flying back. Luckily he caught himself on the cave wall, balancing on a small rock protruding out.

"Damn, felt like getting hit by a train." He muttered "If it hadn't been for the shield she woulda broke every bone in my chest."

"DIE!" Flow hollered, unleashing a wave of magma at Falco

Not even Falco could have evaded this, at the angle he was at. Falco watched as the magma came closer, wanting to use his reflector shield, but hat needed more time to charge. The wave came closer and Falco gulped, seeing this as the end, until...

"Hah!" someone yelled, jumping in-between Falco and the wave

Moments later the sound of a blade slashing through the magma was heard and the wave of magma was diverted. Then with the utmost finesse Falco was taken by his shirt by the boy he thought was dead, before they landed on a nearby ledge.


"Hello." Replied Roy "Did you miss me?" he asked

"Was wondering when you'd show up." Falco replied, not trying to show how worried he really was

"So did you miss me?" Roy asked

"Hardly, but I do need your help." Falco replied "That freak's tough?"

"Oh, the mighty Falco needs my assistance does he?" Roy mocked

"Shut up…" he muttered

"Not until you admit you were worried?" Roy replied

Falco grunted and groaned, muttering swears. He couldn't stand the smile on Roy's face, but Roy knew he had him.

"Fine…I was...worried." Falco replied

"That was all I was looking for." Replied Roy

"Are yyyyyyyyyyyyyou two done yyyyyyyyyyyet?" Flow asked, rising from the magma

"Oh, are you impatient for you defeat?" Roy asked

"Hhhhhhhhhhhardly." She muttered, lunging at the two

"Let's get her." Falco replied, Roy giving him an assuring nod, standing in defensive stances


Falcon couldn't see anything but he knew that Sonar was flying around, looking for the perfect time to strike. Falcon let fire blaze in his palms, to light up the general area around him, hopefully then he could see Sonar's attacks coming.

"Is fear griping you, are you unsure of your next move, scared of my own." Whispered a voice

"Not really, just bored. If you're gonna fight then do it." He said, not an ounce of fear in his voice

"Very well!" she yelled before Falcon heard a huge flap

Anticipating that she was going to attack Falco waited, having already determined the distance between the wall and himself; a little something he learned while racing. He didn't know Sonar's speed, but by gauging the sounds when she was flying about randomly he calculated her time of arrive on his spot. With all his computation he almost didn't have time to attack, but surely he unleashed a blazing foot in a circular path around his body.

"Ahh!" cried Sonar

The kicked hadn't hit her but it had been damn close, igniting her fur slightly as it passed in front of her.

"Shucks, missed." He muttered, snapping his fingers to further his disappointment

"That was too close?" Sonar thought, backing away "How did he know I would be there?" she wondered "I couldn't have gauged the distance, and even if he did he couldn't possibly know of my speed."

From her position she could make out Falcon clear as day, even through the darkness, though her sonar gave her added accuracy. But if Falcon could track her so easily then she would have to stop playing around and get serious before he seriously hurt her. Taking flight again Sonar began to circle Falcon, her speed gradually increasing.

"She's on the move again." He thought, listening, but soon all sound left his ears

It became so quiet that Falcon couldn't even hear the eerie silence of the cave…even if it is rather redundant.

"I can't hear anything?" he thought, as if he were losing his hearing,

That's when he remembered…

"Sonar, Mistress of Sound." He thought, just before something crashed into him with surprising force


"HOLD STILL!" roared Mineral as he once again tried and failed to hit Pichu who was moving about him quickly

Unlike before Pichu wasn't simply just scurrying around him frantically, using her small size to evade him like she did with the Smashers, but she had him completely outclassed in speed, moving so fast that it seemed as if he was moving in slow-motion; and all through this Pichu kept the same expression on her face, a fiercely determined one, unwavering in its resolve.

"Die!" he roared, pounding the ground in hopes of causing enough damage to cause it to rise up, thus impeding Pichu's movements

However this didn't do much to Pichu who simply bounced around the rocks like a pinball.


Mineral felt something collided with his chest but before he could react the small pinball retreated. Bouncing off the wall Pichu positioned her self for a Skull Bash, but Mineral saw it, unleashing a punch. When the punch connected…well truthfully it didn't actually connect, as the punch went through Pichu as if she were merely a mirage. Mineral gasped slightly before the real Pichu collided with him, sending volts of electricity into Mineral.

"Graah!" he cried out as Pichu shocked him

Even though he didn't conduct electricity, the Skull Bash sent the electric attack inside him, thus shocking him. I mean, his insides conducted electricity.

"Whoa!" he cried as he lost his balance and began to fall

But Pichu was already behind him and quick as lightening head-butted him, cracking something as she made contact.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he yelled, filling the cave with his screams


"I'll kill yyyyyyyyyyou!" roared Flow as she tried to take down Falco and Roy

However the duo was proving quite troublesome for the lone mutant as each had the back of the other. Whenever Falco was in trouble Roy was there, whether he wanted him to or not, and this time Falco made sure to keep his eye on the young swordsman, not wanting a repeat performance of earlier.

"I don't believe this…we're hitting her with everything we have and it hardly puts a dent in her." Falco muttered, unleashing laser blasts

"We are looking at this at the wrong angle." Replied Roy "Piercing her hide is near impossible, unless…"

"Unless what?" Falco asked

"If I have enough time I should be able to break through that hide of hers, but I will need at least a minute to prepare." He said

"A minute...and I thought this was going to be hard." Falco replied "You got yourself one minute buddy, after that you better be ready or I'm not saving you." He replied

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me until we beat her."

"Oh rrrrrrrrrrreally!" yelled Flow as she attacked them yet again

"One minute!" Falco yelled before he tackled Flow, bringing her down toward a lower ledge

A brief smile passed over Roy's face before he became serious, holding his sword in front of him.

"I call on your powers; Sword of Seals, Fire Emblem, give me the power I need." He said

His sword began to glow, as it usually did when he prepared his Flare Blade, but now it began to glow even brighter than ever, causing the very ground around him to shake under the power. Meanwhile Falco was doing his best to keep Flow away from Roy, meaning he had to fight the mutant hand to hand, being careful not to punch her directly, should he risk breaking his wing.

"Hold sssssssssssstill!" she yelled, her punches moving in slow motion compared to Falco's speed

Falco had Flow in speed, but the heat was getting to him and he would get a heat stroke if he continued at this pace for very much longer. Being a bird of the sky he was better off in the cooling breezes than underground near active magma. His eyes blurred for a few moments, but that was the break Flow needed to attack him with her tail. The tail hit its mark, catching Falco across the cheek. This attack was followed up by a kick, aiming for Falco's heart. Falco however saw the attack coming and, as if on instinct, stepped back just enough so that the kick hit him in the belly, just below the ribs. The kick wasn't as deep as intended, but it was enough to cause Falco to go flying back into a nearby wall.

"Oof!" he cried out as he hit

Flow didn't give him the chance to recover as he was already on the attack, but her weight was getting to her and her punch was much slower than before, allowing Falco time to evade and counter with a leg sweep. He flinched slightly on impact, being that Flow's entire body was hard, but nothing he could walk off as Flow went down, her entire weight bringing her crashing to the ground. Falco unloaded on the freak with a barrage of laser fire, which didn't do any damage, but it did keep her pinned down.

"Hurry it up!" Falco yelled "You're minutes up!" he said

"Get her up here I cannot much in this condition." He said

"Great, just great…" Falco muttered, wondering how he was going to get someone like Flow, as heavy as she was up the ledge

Flow began to stand; ignoring the laser blasts and charged Falco again. Ceasing his gunfire Falco jumped straight up, grabbing hold of a rock, protruding from the side of he wall.

"Damn hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee can jump." Flow thought, wondering how she would be able to get up to him

That's when it hit her. Jumping into the magma Flow disappeared and Falco watched as something crazy began to happen. Slowly something rose out of the magma, a large lump to be exactly, but soon the lump began to take shape. It became long, as its width and length increased. As it grew 'wings' the lump formed a 'head' along with a long whip-like tail. Before long the lump took its complete form, resembling that of a Manta Ray, though this Ray looked as if it came out of someone's nightmares, demonic in sense. Then the Ray opened its 'mouth' and spoke.

"Prepare to fry, like chicken!" it roared, its slur gone, now replace with burbling noises

"I'm no CHICKEN!" bellowed Falco, but before he could continue to rant the Magma Manta Ray 'flew' towards him

Falco was officially fed up with this fight and simply wanted it to end.

"Alright, no more messing around." He said, before taking off

Falco's speed helped him to run along the very wall, the centripetal force allowing him to stick to it as if it were the ground. The Ray kept up with him, shooting its long tail into the magma far below before unleashing magma at Falco. With its tail the magma pool the Ray had an unlimited amount of magma to spit at Falco, but Falco's speed helped him to evade the attack as he made his way higher and higher. Falco's speed increased and increased until he was almost twice as fast as Fox's starting speed, though nowhere near as fast as Fox's top speed, a speed the bird-man would never reach no matter how hard he tried.

"Almost there." Falco yelled, jumping and disappearing behind a nearby ledge

"I have you now!" roared the beast, it's gurgling sounds painful to the ears as it rose over to the ledge, only to come face-to-face with Roy, who's blade was glowing so brightly that it nearly masked him from sight

"Die foul beast!" Roy yelled as the Ray came into range

Roy brought his blade down, just as the Ray was about to crash into him, and the moment he did the explosion that resonated, sent shockwaves throughout the entire cave, as an impressive force was unleashed.


Captain Falcon was in quite the dilemma. Not only could he not see anything due to the darkness and whatever Sonar had done he couldn't hear anything either. With two of his senses officially out of whack he would have to rely on his sense of smell, which wasn't as acute as some of the other members of the Smash Brothers. With these handicaps Captain Falcon was officially a sitting duck as something keep attacking him, clawing at his body with razor sharp talons. If not for his instincts in racing he would have probably been torn to pieces by now, but the situation was getting worse by the second. He was blindly lashing out, hoping by sheer dump luck he would hit something, but Sonar easily saw him attacking wildly, amused that she had pushed him to hit extreme.

"The fear has gotten to him, now is the time to finish him off." She said before she took flight yet again

This time her speed grew even quicker than before and her fangs grew long. With a brief glance she stared at Falcon before doing a back flip, moving into a dive bomb as she flew directly toward him, ready to rip his throat out.

"This is it." Falcon thought, fed up with this display

After calming himself down he knew the only way he'd ever hit Sonar is if he hit everything around him, but he needed her in range, which was why he continued to flail about wildly, but now, he felt an uneasy chill run through him and with that he slammed his fists into the ground, unleashing a hell storm of fire from his palms.

"What the…" cried Sonar, trying to back away, but it was too late

Actually, even if she had avoided the attack initially it would have eventually caught up with her as fire and light engulfed the entire cave. Though the fire wasn't exactly hot enough to kill, it was strong enough to singe her skin and ignite her fur, while the intense bright light blinded her. Being part bat she had all the creature's strengths, yet all its weaknesses, bright light being one of them.

"AHH!" she cried out in sheer horror as all sight was destroyed from her eyes

Even though bats could technically 'see' with sound, her eyes were completely useless now, as Falcon's attack had permanently blinded her, destroying all the delicate fibers within her eyes. But even though the searing pain and blindness Sonar could still 'see' Falcon, even that smirk on his face knowing that his plan had succeeded.

"I'll kill you, you, YOU…" she stuttered, unable to yell due to all the words she wanted to spew out at him

"Falcon Kick!" he yelled, illuminating the darkness with his furious kick

His devastating kick was far brighter than usually, wanting to sacrifice strength for illumination in order to actually hit Sonar. Sonar was far too dazed from Falcon's previous attack to evade his kick, his foot catching her in her side from a near miss.

"Grrr!" she growled, trying to back away but Falcon wasn't giving her the chance as he followed up with his Raptor Charger, connecting with her wing

He didn't have the accuracy to break her wing, but he was able to burn it slightly, effectively slowing her down.

"Give up?" he asked as he went on the attack again, though the darkness made it hard to pinpoint her exact location

However he did not let this fact deter him from defeating this freak, if only for the fact that he wanted to get out the cave and she was in his way.


Pichu nearly gave herself a concussion after hitting Mineral in his back, but she achieved her goal of making him pay for hurting Bowser. Whatever had cracked had severely hampered Mineral's power, making him no stronger than a large balloon. He was too far-gone in his pain to be much of a threat, or so Pichu thought.

"I'll…kill…you!" he grunted, the pain in his back unbearable "I will…" he began but was interrupted when the entire cave began to shake

"Pi…chu?" cried Pichu, wondering what was going to happen next

"What was that?" Mineral wondered as he tried to keep from falling

"Ugh…keep it down; some of us are trying to sleep." Muttered a voice

"Pichu!" cried Pichu in happiness as she watched Bowser climb to his feet, "Pichu pi?" she asked, wondering if he was all right

"Yeah, I'm fine…so, what happened while I was out?' he asked

Pichu pointed at Mineral after he picked himself up after the sudden tremor that ripped through the cave. Bowser watched as the mutant grabbed his back and rubbed, as if he were in some sort of agony over it, as he muttered profusely because of it.

"Well, well rodent, you did good." Replied Bowser

Even though Pichu didn't like when she was called a rodent, preferring an electric mouse, she knew Bowser was praising her in his own strange way.

"Alright." He said, cracking his knuckles "Time for me to finish this." He said with a wicked grin

Taking hold of the spiked bans on his arms he used his immense strength to rip them off, discarding them to the ground.

"You might want to back up rodent." Said as he finished ripping the bans off his left arm

Raising an eyebrow to this strange speculate Pichu did as she was told and stepped away from Bowser as he finished by ripping off his collar.

"Pichu?" wondered Pichu, as to what the point was to all this

With the detachment of the collar Bowser underwent a strange transformation. After growing slightly in size many parts of his body began to grow longer, such as his snout, horns, tail, claws, and teeth. With his change complete the King of Koopas resembled his more monstrous form, a small form of Giga Bowser.

"Pichu pi, chu?" she asked

"Well Giga did come from me." He said with a grin

"I don't care what you've become, I'll destroy you." Mineral muttered, ignoring the pain in his back and charging Bowser

Bowser drew his head back, tensing every muscle in his body, like a wound up spring ready to snap. Bowser's hair flared up slight causing a shiver to run through Pichu's spine, but just before Mineral came into range Bowser muttered three words.

"Don't worry Pichu."

Pichu gasped…never, in all the time she had known Bowser had he ever referred to her by her name. Rodent, rat, or any combination of that and electric were the only names he ever had for her.


The instant Bowser made contact with Mineral's gut a shockwave of unbelievable force was released. Since Bowser's attack was far more wide spread than that of Pichu's Head-butt Mineral fully expected the damage to ripple through him harmlessly but after only a few moments after impact his body went numb and fell like a ton of bricks.

"W-w-what did y-y-you d-d-d-do?" Mineral stuttered, his body not responding properly

"Well, in a scientific perspective I have rendered your body incapable of moving by instantly paralyzing your entire body…but I hate talking like that, let's say I hit you so hard you body went stupid. "

"YOU!" he yelled trying to run toward Bowser, but tripping because his arms moved instead "I'LL KILL YOU!" he roared, flailing about wildly as he tried to charge Bowser

"Great huh?" Bowser asked Pichu

Pichu nodded, trying to keep from bursting out laughing from the spectacle before her. As Bowser said Mineral couldn't control his body correctly, occasionally running into walls involuntarily because his body was so out of whack. Mineral's anger grew and grew and he eventually had enough, but not without throwing a tantrum on the ground with his fists.

"Pichu?" Pichu asked, noticing Bowser breathing hard

"I'm fine." He said, watching Mineral lose it "I just get a little tired after doing this." He said "Don't use it because I can't stand the after affects, but after some rest I'll be fine." He said

"RAAAAAAAAAH!" roared Mineral one last time as he brought his fist down as hard as he could, sending a large crack throughout the cave "I'll bury you all!" he bellowed as the cave walls and ceiling gave way

"Pichu pi, pi!" cried Pichu, telling Bowser to hightail it since the cave was caving in

"I would, but can't move." He told Pichu, barely able to raise his fist "Stop him before we're buried."

With a nod Pichu shot off, preparing to strike down Mineral before the cave lost all structural integrity, but just before she reached him a rock fell between them, effectively cutting her off

"Ha, ha, ha." Laughed Mineral as the rocks fell "Master Void will be pleased. My sacrifice will not be in vain." He said just as boulders fell, ending him, though his laughter could still be heard for some time longer

With Mineral gone Pichu ran back to Bowser, dodging incoming rocks on instinct until she was right at his feet. Grabbing his leg she tried to pull him to safety but it was obvious he wasn't going anywhere, even though he tried to move, he was just too tired to move his heavy frame.

"Pichu pi!" cried Pichu, straining to move Bowser

"You better get going." He said calmly, though the panic in his eyes was apparent

"Pichu!" yelled Pichu, refusing

"Don't make me crush you." He said, but Pichu knew that was an empty threat since he couldn't move his feet "I can't move, just get going before you became mouse pancakes." He said

Pichu shook her head, still refusing and turned to the falling rocks, unleashing electric attacks. Bowser watched as she obliterated the rocks before them, ignoring the pain coursing through her body by using so many electric attacks at once, but he knew that this was all in vain as not even Pichu could have kept up with all the rocks falling.

"Get out of here!" he yelled "I don't want to sound like one of those cheesy heroes that sacrifices themselves for their friends. Go before I get all teary-eyed." He said, blowing a puff of fire at Pichu

The attack hardly did anything and it only served to break Pichu's concentration, causing one of her bolts to fly straight upward and loosen the ceiling further. Then came a sickening crack.

"Pichu?" Pichu wondered, looking up only to see an enormous boulder falling down toward them


Falcon had heard a loud explosion resonate through the cave, a very familiar sounding explosion when he thought about it.

"Roy." He thought, wondering what the kid was up to

The explosion shook the very foundations of the cave, opening up a new passage in the part of the cave Falcon was in. Seeing this as his way out, since the passage went up, Falcon raced off, ready to get out.

"Where do you think you're going!" yelled Flow, taking flight and following after Falcon

Falcon disregarded her, only wanting to get out and picked up his pace, though Sonar was slowly gaining.

"Must be getting tired." He thought as he ran

"I'll kill you!" she yelled, fangs protruding from her mouth

"Got to get away." He thought, before an interesting idea popped into his head "Falcon Punch!" he yelled, throwing his fist toward the ground

"KYAAAAAAA!" cried his furious punch as the force sent him sailing through the air toward the entrance at a fast velocity

"See ya!" he yelled as he disappeared into the passage

"He really thinks he can escape me? Even without sight I can follow him anywhere

However escaping her wasn't his only objective, as he had noticed the stalactites on the cave ceiling dangling menacingly. Sonar didn't notice this until it was too late.


"Too bad, I sorta liked that girl." Falcon thought "But I'd rather not be killed by her." He said as he left


"Mind telling me why you did that?" Falco asked

"I did that so we could survive, unless you enjoy dying?" Roy replied

"No, but I don't enjoy being blown into walls due to shockwaves."

"I apologize for that, I suppose I put more energy into the attack than I thought." He replied, standing up, but losing his balance due to exertion

"I got ya kid." Replied Falco, taking Roy by his shoulder before throwing Roy onto his back

"Thank you." Replied Roy

"Don't mention it, but you owe me a new jacket." He said


As they walked off, noticing a passage way that lead up, something slowly rose from the magma behind them. Before long it was seen to be Flow, who was badly hurt, but a long way from being dead.

"They think they have destroyed me." She thought, as her armor chipped off her body "But I am invulnerable, nothing can destroy me." She said, her tail flicking madly, "If I am quick then I can kill them both with one strike." She muttered, "Now die." She murmured, unleashing her tail

Falco and Roy were far too tired to notice the tail coming their way as it silently tore through the air. They were sitting ducks and never even realized it! But just as the tail was going to connect with them it stopped suddenly, as if it had been attacked. Falco and Roy turned around after hearing a noise; only to see a large boulder and a long tail on the ground, limp.

"Isn't that, that woman's tail?" Roy asked

"I think so." He replied, tracing it up to the boulder

Putting two and two together Falco realized what must have happened and smiled slightly at their sheer dumb luck.

"Let's go." He said, carrying Roy


"Pichu?" wondered Pichu as she looked around

The electric pokemon fully expected to have been crushed by the falling boulder, but as she looked up he saw that Bowser was supporting the weight of not only the boulder but also most of the ceiling of the cave, but barely.

"You okay rodent?" he asked

Well…proper introductions didn't last long, thought Pichu, nodding her head.

"Good, 'cause you need to get going, I can't hold this very long." He said

Pichu shook her head no, still refusing to leave.

"Damn you're stubborn." He thought, but if made him smile slightly, thinking of his own stubbornness, "Alright, since I'm not getting you to go then guess the only way out of this is to blast out way out." He said

Pichu looked at him skeptically. She knew damn well that he didn't have the kind of power to 'blast' out anything and not even she had the electric power needed to blow her way out.

"Pichu?" she questioned, giving him an odd look

"Look, it's simple." He said, and with that his head retreated into his shell, "Now climb in." he said from within his shell

Pichu shrugged, not sure where this was going but did as she was told and climbed into Bowser's shell, amazed at just how much room was actually inside.

"Okay, now make that thundercloud of yours." He said

Pichu nodded, even though she couldn't actually see Bowser, and created a storm cloud within the shell. Almost immediately after, the electrical energy was absorbed into Bowser's body as the rest of him retreated into his shell. The ceiling began to fall but just before it hit his shell a blast of fire came out of the opening where his tail used to be and actually propelled the shell like a rocket. The shell fired toward the wall and crashed through it, drilling its way through the hard rock and earth.


That's the second chapter to this story. I would like to know how my battles went; if I need more action or drama. Anything would help; I would like my readers to be as discreet as possible. (Sorry, it seems like the page breaks aren't working correctly so I had to resort to seperating the different parts of the story manually. Hope this doesn't take away from enjoying the story.)