People hate me. Why? I know of several other trainers stronger than me, and it's rather poor sport to actually hate your opponent in a battle. But then why do I get a dirty glare every time I send out a Pokemon? Every time I offer apologies after beating them? Every time I am with my Pokemon?

Several of my friends are writers, or artists. The artists--once in a long while--draw my Pokemon. But always alone, in some exotic pose, and never with a human. The writers wouldn't dare touch my Pokemon, even in fiction. One of them even said, "I wouldn't touch one of those if you paid me."

I know people like my Element…just not me using them. Why not? I know it's not me; I have no problem making friends, as long as I'm not with my Pokemon. Are they jealous of me? Or do they just hate me because I'm a strong trainer? I really wish I knew…

Oh, look, another trainer. I do love battling, so do my Pokemon. Great exercise and such, you know. They seem happy when they challenge me, but their faces always fall when I send out my own in response. This trainer--a pretty girl with short, light blue hair--sends out a Sandslash, and beams in pride. I nod; it does look strong, and Sandslash are great Pokemon. I never really liked them, mind you, but they're great nonetheless. The second Aeru comes out of his pokeball, however, the girl is scowling at me. It looks as if she might yell 'Cheater!' at any moment.

Why do people hate me? My Pokemon? It is purely because of what I train? How I battle? …That is rather rude. Not to mention inconsiderate. I am happy with my Pokemon, my element.

"You shouldn't have one of those." The girl spat, glowering at me. And suddenly, I don't find her all that pretty, and her Sandslash--who is glaring at Aeru--doesn't look all that great.

"Why not?"

"They're rare."

"…So are Sandslash, in the wild."

"They're only meant for royalty. It's not…natural for you to have one!"

"That is rather rude."

"It's rather rude that you use those-those things in battle, too! It's just not right!" She returns her Sandslash, and storms off without another word. We never did battle, of course. I sigh and return Aeru, falling back in a sit. It is right. You don't criticize Bird Keepers. Or any of the Gym Leaders. So what's the matter if I specialize my team?

True, in the olden days when they were REALLY rare, they were only given to royalty. But now they are a bit more common, thanks to discoveries and careful breeding. Yes, they are still rather rare, but so are Dark types and Psychic types and many of the stronger Elements.

It's not fair that people hate me and my Pokemon because of their Element.

It's not my fault I wanted to become a Dragon Tamer, after all.


Ending Note: Whee, drabble. Pointless, ja, but inspiration came to me while in a conversation with my friends. We were talking about an upcoming story of mine, and I wanted to know if the main character was too Sue-ish. (He isn't, thank Mew.) When I mentioned that his starter was a Pidgey, both of my friends acted very relieved.

I was told that I would get hit and many flames if I started with a Dragon. To which I replied, "I wouldn't touch a Dratini as a starter if you paid me."

(Only royalty and Tamers have them. So I am now known as the Princess of Angst, thanks to the Dragonair (Aeru) on my team.)