Author's Note: Okay, the events in this story take place immediately after the events in the end of the trilogy. Where did Doc go, after leaving 1985 in the steam train with his family? Did he decide to return to the Old West, for good? Or does he plan to return to 1985? Onto the story, now...


October 27, 1985
4:30 PM PST

'All right, boys, buckle up!' Doc told Jules and Verne.

'Hey, Doc...where ya going now?' asked Marty. 'Back to the future?'

Doc shook his head, smiled and said, 'Nope. Already been there!'

Marty and Jennifer looked up to see Doc and family wave at them, and they waved back. Then the train's wheeled lift up To Marty's amazement, he realized that it's been hover-converted. The train flew off, turned around, and then disappeared.

Marty was then in a state of shock. He kept staring straight ahead, and he seemed to be paralyzed. Where did Doc just go? Was he even planning to return?

'Marty, are you alright?' Jennifer asked, concerned. 'You're standing there - like you're in a state of shock, or something! Your eyes looked glazed over.'

'Wha-what?' stammered Marty, still in a state of shock. Then some terrible thoughts started to sink in. It seemed that Doc has said good bye forever - that he may choose to settle back in the Old West for good. Tears were stinging the back of Marty's eyes.

'Well, you seem to be a state of shock! Are you missing your friend already?'

'Y-yes, I am,' whispered Marty. Then Marty, breaking free of his shocked state, crumpled onto the ground and collapsed into sobs, his shoulders shaking. 'Oh, Jennifer,' Marty sobbed. 'What if Doc never plans to return. I'll really mi-mi-miss hi-him!'

'Oh, Marty,' murmured Jennifer, softly - as he gently lifted Marty up from the ground, cradled Marty into his arms, and rocked him back and forth. It really upset Jennifer to see Marty crying so hard. Poor, sweet, sensitive Marty! Jennifer thought, sadly, really feeling bad for her boyfriend. She has seen Marty cry on a few occassions before, but never quite like that. Marty was crying like his heart was breaking. 'You really miss Dr. Brown, don't you?'

'I, uh, uh...' Marty was crying so hard he couldn't speak, he buried his face into Jennifer's shoulder, and clung onto her tightly.

'Just don't say anything, Marty,' Jennifer whispered, continuing to rock Marty back and forth. 'Just let it all out. Just let it out, Marty.'

Neither Jennifer nor Marty said another word. Jennifer just gently rocked Marty, as Marty cried his heart out. Jennifer was blinking back her own tears, trying to remain strong for Marty. Jennifer and Marty have dated for a couple of years, and Marty's sensitivity was one trait that Jennifer found attractive. Heck, Marty even cried to beautiful music - which Jennifer found attractive. Still, it broke Jennifer's heart to see Marty crying so brokenly.

After what seemed to be an hour, some sonic booms could then be heard. It was Doc, with a brand new DeLorean. As Doc stepped out the DeLorean, he could see Jennifer rocking Marty back and forth, trying desperately to comfort him.

Oh, no, Doc thought, miserably, Marty has been crying? He must have thought that he would never see me again. After nearly losing me twice, he must have thought that he lost me for good. Oh, poor Marty - my precious friend. I was never planning on leaving him. I miss Marty just as much as he misses me. Heck, I miss Marty even more so. I mean, I have not seen Marty in eight years.

'Jennifer,' Doc called out, softly, 'what is wrong with Marty? Why is he crying? Did he miss me already?'

'Oh, Dr. Brown,' Jennifer answered, with relief. 'thank goodness you're back! Marty has been crying like this ever since you left - well, after being in a state of shock for a few minutes. I've been trying to comfort him and calm him down. I thought he would never stop crying. Dr. Brown, he obviously misses you a lot.'

'Doc, Doc, what brings you back here?' asked Marty, lifting up his tear-stained face and trying to swallow his sobs. 'I thought I would never see you again! You really mean a lot to me, honest, you do. I was hoping you and your family could move back here to 1985.'

Then Marty hugged Doc, and began to cry again. 'Please tell me you're back here to stay,' Marty sobbed, pleadingly.

'Yes, yes, Marty,' Doc said, softly. 'Clara and I have decided to move back - with our sons. We decided that if we stayed in the past, we could create some serious problems in the time-space continuum. Besides, I've really missed you a lot, too. The kids are looking forward to getting to know you, as well. Clara misses you, too.'

'Oh, Doc...' Marty sobbed. 'Were you really planning on never coming back?'

Doc sighed, trying to think of how to respond. His young friend was obviously very grief-strucken. 'I know we would have to come back here, eventually. We just didn't know when. We'd have to think of a good cover story, to explain how I suddenly have a wife and two kids. I promise, we'll come back here as soon as possible. I really do love you a lot, Marty - and I missed you, too.'

'It's so good to hear,' Marty whispered, through sobs. 'I really love you, too, Doc.'

Gee, is Marty ever going to stop crying? Jennifer thought, with despair. Poor Marty, I guess he really was close to Dr. Brown. Jennifer looked down at her shirt, and saw that the top of her left sleeve was damp with tears.

'Dr. Brown,' whispered Jennifer, 'what can we do? What can we do to get Marty to stop crying?'

'First, Jennifer, please, just call me Doc. That's Marty's affectionate nickname for me. Second of all, let's just be patient, and let Marty cry until he's done. It's best to let him get it all out of his system.'

'But, Doctor - Doc,' Jennifer protested, 'Marty has been crying ever since you left with your family on that train, about an hour ago. I mean, you're back now - so why is he still crying? I want to see Marty be happy. It's break my hear to see Marty crying so brokenly.'

'Part of it probably tears of joy and relief,' explained Doc. 'He obviously thought that he would never see me again - and now that I am back...'

'I guess I understand, sort of,' said Jennifer, with a sigh. Then she started to gently rub Marty's back. After about another half hour, Marty's sobs finally began to subside.

'Feel better now, Marty?' Jennifer asked, giving Marty a tight squeeze.

'Thanks, Jennifer! Thank, Doc!' said Marty, wiping his face. 'So, Doc, you really are moving back with your family?'

'Yes, Marty, yes,' Doc said, softly. 'I was just about to come back here to give you the news that we were returning. I didn't want you to wait long at all. I thought that an hour later would be early enough to come back and tell you. Well, maybe I should've told you that we would be coming back - when I brought my family here on the train. I didn't mean to get you all upset. I didn't mean to make you cry.'

'Well, Doc, it's just that you seemed so happy back in the Old West,' said Marty, sighing. 'When you mentioned that you came back here to get Einstein, and that you had a souviner for Jennifer and me - I thought I would never see you again. It's like how I felt when you were shot by the Lybians - then I when I found out you were shot by Buford Tannen. It's like you may as well be dead.'

'I'm sorry, Marty,' Doc said, softly. 'I just wasn't thinking.'

Jennifer was worried that Marty might start crying again - but, instead, Marty gave Doc a big smile, hugged Doc tightly, and said, 'I can't tell you how happy I feel, now that you are coming back. When do you think you might return?'

'Well, it might take about a month to find a house, and get settled in,' said Doc. 'However, I will be spending a lot of time here within the next month, preparing for the move and all that. I'll probably be here about everyday - or every other day, at least.'

Then Doc reached out to tickle Marty's ribs.

'Hey, hey, Doc,' protested Marty, laughing. 'I'm ticklish there!'

'Oh, you are, eh?' Doc asked, with a mischieveous smile. Then Doc began to tickle Marty all over the place, and Jennifer helped him.

'Let's take off his socks and shoes, and tickle him on the soles of his feet,' suggested Jennifer, laughing.

'Don't you dare tickle me there!' protested Marty, through laughter.

'Naaa, not today,' said Doc, smiling.

'Maybe another time,' suggested Jennifer.

'I don't think so!' protested Marty, laughing.

'What? You don't trust me to tickle your feet?' Jennifer asked, shocked. 'But I'm your girlfriend!'

'Yeah, and I've been your friend for many years,' added Doc. 'Surely, you can allow us, of all people, to tickle your feet!'

'No, I don't allow anybody to tickle my feet!' insisted Marty, laughing too hard to protest firmly.

'Okay, Doc, that's maybe enough for now,' suggested Jennifer. 'At least we've got Marty to laugh again.'

'Yeah, thank goodness!' replied Doc. 'I never meant to hurt Marty.'

Then Marty and Doc hugged, again.

'Please, Marty,' Doc said, 'don't cry again, okay? I'll be back here tomorrow, after you get out of school. And, besides, you have Jennifer, too.'

'That is right,' Jennifer added, hugging Marty. 'You have me, too - and I love you!'

'I love you, too, Jennifer!' said Marty, smiling. Then turning to Doc, he added, 'I love you, too, Doc!'

'You also have your buddies from The Pinheads,' Jennifer told Marty, tickling Marty under his chin, causing Marty to laugh.

'Thanks, both of you,' said Marty, smiling.

Marty then hugged Doc one more time, before Doc stepped back into the DeLorean.

'So, Marty,' said Jennifer, 'how about taking a walk to the park?'

'I would love that Jennifer,' Marty said, cheerfully. 'Then, maybe, in a few weeks, we can try taking a trip to the lake for real'

'I would be so lovely,' remarked Jennifer.

Then Jennifer and Marty headed off to the lake.