-Ch 20-

Chase followed House and as soon as the door to the empty exam room was closed Chase turned a pout on the older doctor, holding out his arm. "Kiss it better?" He teased.

House grinned and pulled Chase to his chest and began kissing his way up Chase's arm through the thin shirt sleeve, starting at the small bandage and making his way to Chase's exposed neck, nibbling the sensitive skin.

Chase groaned happily.

"So," House started speaking in between nibbles, "You're healed?" He said suspiciously.

"Not even close."

"You let Cameron stick a huge needle in your arm. The last time she tried that you climbed in my lap."

Chase leaned his head back, giving House better access. "Maybe I'm a little healed."

"So… kinky exam room sex now?"

"Eh no."

"Aww common!"

"No House."

"I thought you were healed."

Chase snorted, trying not to let his brain melt out his ears and just give into House. "It's not my medical phobia that says no, it's my Cuddyphobia."

House grinned nibbling on Chase's ear. "She thinks I'm with a patient. I could always be claiming to be giving you a physical..."

Chase whimpered. "Oh fine, but I'm putting the blame on you if we get caught!"

House grinned wickedly pushing Chase backwards towards the exam table. Chase obliged and slid up on to it, wrapping his legs around House's waist to pull him closer. Neither of them heard the door open.

Foreman walked into the room expecting House to be playing with his game boy or reading a magazine like usual. Sadly he was mistaken.

"Gah!" He stated eloquently.

Chase squeaked and peered around House. "Foreman what are you doing!"

"I could ask you the same thing!"

"Err... check up! Making sure Chase is healing!" House said trying to slide off of Chase. He batted at Chase's legs, still holding him captive as Chase was frozen in terror.

"I...I don't want to know. I needed a consult but suddenly I don't think I need it anymore." Foreman groaned. "And lock the damn door next time!" He snapped before turning and walking out.

Chase groaned and covered his face, falling back on the table, his legs still firmly gripping House's waist. "I want a divorce."

"We're not actually married yet."

"I don't care. I still want one."

"Then I want the diamond back." House countered, grinning.

"It's not a diamond."

The End

Authors' Note: It's finished! Yeah! Thanks so much to all of our readers and reviewers. For sticking with us through 20 updates we've got a bit of pressie for you. (if you're of legal age that is ) On dru's homepage you'll find a little pwp set in the kick universe between the second and third stories (yes there will be another one!)