The next day operation "London is already rich" was put into action. Zack and Cody went to London's suite to tell her good job for winning the sweepstakes. London saying thank you and just talking about how much richer she would become when Cody brought up "Why don't you let someone who is not rich get the chance to become rich." "Like Maddie" Zack said quickly. "I want to go! And I get what I want!" London responded like the spoiled brat London was. So Cody responded "Well why don't you give the chance to Maddie and then go with her to New York." "Why would I do that?" London asked.

So Zack went down to tell Maddie the operation was failing. Just as Zack got done telling Maddie everything London came down and told Maddie that she could keep dreaming. She would never give up her winning contest. Maddie had the best comeback though "YOU CAN'T EVEN SING REMEMBER I HAD TO TURN OFF YOUR MIC AT THE CONTEST LAST YEAR!" Maddie yelled. Just then Mosbey came over and said "No screaming and fighting in the lobby!"

"Sorry Mosbey, BUT SHE STARTED IT" they said at the same time.

End Chapter 3

Sorry this chapter is so short it was all I could think of.