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A letter, that's all it was. It was placed neatly in the center of an old alchemy book. Winry looked at it curiously, wondering why she even had an alchemy book. It was obviously Ed's, but why would he leave a letter in it. Cautiously she opened up the envelope and pulled out the letter. She unfolded it and began to read.

3, October

Dearest Winry,

Um, hi. I'm not sure how to start this, or even if you'll find it, but I won't put the year because I don't want you to think about how long it's been around and that you should have found it sooner. Better late than never, right? Anyway, today is the anniversary of Al and I beginning our journey to get our bodies back. I have a confession to make. If I don't come back alive (which I highly doubt) I'd like you to go to Colonel Roy Mustang "The Flame Alchemist" and ask him for my State Alchemist watch and the Travelogue I carry with me. And tell him that he was a great superior officer and a good guy, uh, man. And that I wish him and Hawkeye the best. I'd like to be cremated and my ashes thrown onto the soil of every town I've been to. But enough about that 'cause Al's reading this and he won't stop telling me I won't die. Again, anyway, my confession. I love you. It's painfully obvious, and you know it. All you've done for me and always being there. I owe you a lot. There is nothing in the world that would make me happier than to see you smile (and get my original body back, but automail is cool). "Happiness is meaningless if I can't have you." That's what my dad wrote in a letter to my mom before they got married. I guess what I'm saying is you make me happy and I'd do anything to please you. Or at least I'll try. I promise. So wait for me and if I don't come back or I can't win your heart, at least love me as a brother or a friend and just remember that we had some type of love at all and marry a nice guy. He better love automail as much as you do, and love you more than he does automail. He better be tall and he better have a job and he better give you the respect you deserve and the love you deserve. He better treat you better than gold and give you everything you desire. He better like dogs and not mind Granny Pinako, he better be courteous and he better love all and everything about you He better like milk and he better like stew and he better never, ever, ever, leave you for any reason what so ever, unless you kick him out. I hope you get my drift or is this too corny. Yeah, too corny, but I have no more paper, or ink. Ah…! Sorry. See ya 'round.

Love Always,


P.S. Al says 'hi!'

Winry smiled and folded up the letter. Ed was such a nut. But she loved him for it. Even when it hurt.