"So Lifelike!"

By GirlX2

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Jack eyes flew over the familiar room.

" 'Ow the bloody hell did I get here?" He demanded, sitting up.

The sensation of his feet actually hitting the floor startled him into ignoring the joyous shouts of Gibbs. He rejoiced for a moment in being normal size, forgetting the fact he'd just be snatched hundreds of miles (not to mention years and a whole dimension) away.

"Thank the Mother and Child you're back!" Gibbs gave Jack a hearty slap on the back.

"Where were you?" Tia Dalma demanded. "'Ow far did de potion send you?"

The overwhelmed Captain just shook his head. "Wot the blood hell did you two do?"

Gibbs looked startled at this. "We brought you back. Tia Dalma said the rum you drank was really a potion to send you to a doll, but we didn't know where that doll was."

"Where and when did you go?" Tia Dalma demanded again.

"The year of our lord two thousand and six." Jack replied.

"Two thousand and-"

"Aye, that far, as well as to a country that doesn't exist yet." Jack cut Gibbs off.

"Dat's veeery interesting." Tia Dalma said after a moment.

Jack suddenly paled. "Good lord, Dana!"


"It was her doll that I was, er, transferred to." Jack said. "She…well to be honest, she took care of me."

"A woman took care of you?"

"Yes Gibbs, I allowed a woman to look over me, but please take into consideration that I was THIS BLOODY TALL!" Jack roared, making a size between his hands.


"She'll be worried about me." Jack continued. "I need to tell her its alright."

"Well, Tia Dalma was the one who made the original potion you got hold of." Gibbs said darkly.

"Can you send me back? Just long enough to tell her I'm alright?" Jack asked.

"No." She shook her head.

"Why?" Jack demanded.

"For one ting, I can't guarantee you'd go to de same doll. For another, you had a hard time with de journey back 'ere, going back dere so soon would kill you. De potion was never meant for two way travelin'!"

Jack's heart sank. "So I can't tell her I'm alright."

'And you'll never see her again.' The inner voice interjected sadly.

That thought brought him dangerously close to despair. His shoulders slumped.

Tia Dalma tapped one long nail on her chin.

"You cannot go to her, but dere may be a way."


Dana stared in disbelief at the…object in her hands.

'Yes, object.' Her own inner voice supplied. 'Because its not alive so its not a him anymore. It's an…it.'

In her hands was the same action figure she'd bought less than a week ago. The sword was once again dull plastic, the tri-corner hat inflexible rubber instead of cloth. The painted on eyes stared dully into the air, no spark of intelligence behind them. The living weight of the captain was gone, replaced by the strange lightness of plastic.

"What…happened?" Mat asked breathlessly.

Dana shook her head. "I don't know. He might have gone home or…he might be dead."

"He's not dead." Matt almost snapped.

"He was in pain, Matt. He was screaming." Tears began to fall onto the lifeless form in her hands.

"Dana, please don't cry, I'm sure he's fine." Matt said, fighting his own inner voice of doom.

Dana bit back a sob. "But what if he's not? I mean…He's my friend."

She expected the statement to sound childish in her own ears. Strangely, it didn't.

She slowly laid the figure back into the box/room at her feet.

"Put it in my room. Please." She said in low tones. "And be careful. J…just in case."

Matt nodded and lifted the box. He carried it to her dresser, setting it down with far more care than he'd done when Jack had actually been in it. He returned to the couch, wrapping his arms around the quietly sobbing woman.

"I'm sure he's fine." He slowly wiped a tear from her cheek. "Remember-he's Captain Jack Sparrow."

Dana let out a laugh that sounded more like a sob. She lay against him, her face buried in his chest. Matt stroked her hair, whispering soothing nothings.

As the two lay there, immeasurable miles from the captain, there was no way for them to know yet another impossible series of events was being set into motion.


The End…but…

Yes, my beloved readers, due to the overwhelming popularity of this story I've decide to write a sequel! Originally, I'd been 'on the fence' as to whether or not I would need to write a second chronicle to fit all of the things I wanted into the story, but it appears now that I do. Its not too far off either, as I've already got a chapter or so under my belt. : ) As they say "Keep a weather eye on the horizon." It'll be up within a month or two I think.

Once again, I'd like to thank all my readers and reviewers. I've never felt so good as I have seeing the little 'review for 'So Lifelike!' ' message in my mailbox. You're they ones who make it all worthwhile.

Until we meet again…