Shortly after he got back to the Tendo Dojo, Marvin spotted Soun and Genma playing Go, like they usually do, and saw Kasumi dusting the house.

"I'm back. Not that there's anything to be excited about." Marvin said in his same bored tone.

"Oh, welcome back." Kasumi said motherly. "Did you have any trouble finding Akane and Ranma?"

"No. However, most of Furikan didn't have trouble finding me. Kind of hard to blend in when you have a head the size of a large globe. I also had a bit of a run in with their teacher."

"Oh? Ms. Hinako, isn't it?"

"That's her. She tried to drain my chi, but wound up as depressed as me."

"It's nothing serious, is it?" Soun said when he looked away from the board. While he did that, Genma rearranged the pieces.

"No. The last time that happened with the point of view gun, it wore off after a few days. By the way, even at that pattern you'll still beat Mr. Saotomae." Soun then looked and saw the pieces rearranged while Genma was just dumbfounded.

"Other than Kuno, some of the universe has adapted the names of Ranma characters to serve as a form of slang for what the characters represent. Those who only think of winning are called 'Ranmas' while those who do nothing but sloth, ling, cheating, and greed are called on some planets 'Genma.'"

"HEY!" Genma said slightly peeved.

"He's got your number Saotomae." Soun said with a chuckle.

"But on most of the planets that do get Ranma, a great flood or unbalanced emotional state, depending on the context, is called a 'Soun.'"

"That's not fare!" Soun wailed and cried.

"That sounds like you alright Tendo." Genma struck back with a laugh. "Your move."

"Does the guide have an entry for everybody?" Kasumi curiously asked.

"Only because on most planets in my universe, much like its Earth, the anime and manga is very popular. Most planets even use you and your friends as the basest of psychology classes."

"Oh? How is that?"

"You don't want to know. It'll just make you sad."

"Oh, it can't be that bad." Kasumi said with her curiosity at its peak.

"It's mainly used to tell the sane from the insane."

"Oh." Kasumi said slightly said.

"Told you." Marvin said sounding depressed. "But nobody ever listens to the one with the planet sized brain. No…" But before Marvin could continue with his rant, there was the sound of somebody digging coming from outside, followed by what appeared to be the loud yell of a dumb twit.


"I was wondering where Pig Boy went after last night." Marvin said sounding depressed.

"You sound depressed that he wasn't here this morning." Genma said.

"No. I'm sad that he's back." Just then, Ryoga walked into the Tendo entrance.

"I thought this was familiar." The lost boy calmly said. He then turned to everybody in the room. "Hello Mr. Tendo, Mr. Saotomae, Kasumi, and… who are you again?"

"I'm Marvin. Maybe you'd remember me more if you were a pig." Marvin said sounding as bored as he was when he crashed. Ryoga then got a look of pure anger and hatred across his face.

"What do you…? RANMA! That honorless…"

"Actually, he didn't tell me. Where I'm from, its common knowledge you're a pig. And that you transform."

"Huh? What's with this thing?" Ryoga asked with his head tilted as if he were a five year old that just asked 'why.'

"It is wildly known that the reason Marvin sounds ether bored or depressed all the time is because his job on the Heart of Gold plus it was the prototype personality given to him. The former doesn't require the use of his planet sized brain. While he does get his friends out of jams sometimes, such as the Vogon attacks with the Point-Of-View Gun, and has proven to be friendly to those around him, Marvin is constantly sad or bored with the world around him."

"So then why don't you just get a new job that requires your brain to be used?"

"I'm a prototype. There are not exactly many job opportunities for one of a kind robots that view the world like I do."

"Huh. Maybe if you were human like me…"

"I'm miserable enough, thank you."

"Just what is that supposed to mean?"

"All across the universe, those that encounter Marvin know about his planet sized brain. However, by coincidence, most he's encountered have seen Ranma and read the manga and know of Ryoga Hibiki, who if real, would have been voted 'Most likely to loose his brain assuming he has one.'"

"WHAT!" Ryoga said really angry. "How dare that thing say I'm an idiot?"

"Actually, you're name is synonymous with some other things."

"Much like Kuno and Ranma have their names associated with who they are, whenever somebody calls another person a 'Ryoga' or 'P-Chan,' this is an insult saying that they are ether a hapless wonderer, or a brutish twit that ducks responsibility and uses any kind of deception to get a girl, or guy, out of his, or her, reach."

"There's another meaning, but I can't say because there's a woman present and I hate being rude." This pushed the fanged wonderer to the point of attacking with…


…and breaking his umbrella.

"WHAT! How!" Ryoga said shocked.

"You know, this is really getting tiresome. Don't you martial artists just talk and try to find peaceful solutions? It'd be more original."

"ENOUGH TALK! BAKSAI TEN KES!" Ryoga, in outrage, said as the breaking point on Marvin…



…breaks his own finger.

"The Baksai Ten Kes or 'Breaking point' was one of the first moves done from an anime to be proven that it indeed can happen in real life. Using science to find the center point of any object and its atoms, combined with the martial arts ability to channel ki, the move breaks down any element to the point where it is ether in pieces or crumbles into dust. However, it was found out shortly there after that it only works for elements that were made on the user's, or a weaker, planet. Naturally, not knowing this set back, even though he is a master of it, Ryoga tried the move on Marvin, only to wind up breaking his finger in several places."

"Unbelievable. Is this town full of people that do nothing but fight? I'd ask if it'd be too much for them to just talk it out, but that'd be stating the obvious." Marvin said sounding more bored and depressed than last time.

"THAT'S IT! I usually use this for Ranma, but today, I make the exception!"

"Just what did I do anyway?"

"SHUT UP! You're not taking me seriously! Making fun of me like he did! How I'm feeling… IT'S YOUR FAULT!"

"Oh that. I don't suppose an I'm sorry…"


"Guess not." Marvin finished depressed.

"NOT HERE!" Soun said shouted in demon head. Seeing Ryoga wasn't listing, he turned to his daughter. "RUN!" And she ran as fast as she could, waiting for the explosion from safely outside.


Ryoga launched a massive lion's roar shot to Marvin and the three humans braced for impact, when... nothing happened.

"What on Earth?" Kasumi asked shocked.

"LOOK!" Genma shouted. "It's Marvin! He's… he's…" What Genma saw was Marvin was standing there, holding the shot as if it were a ball.

"When Ryoga first did his Shi Shi Hodukun in both the anime and the manga, fans and theorists took note that everybody BUT Ryoga fell in its path. It was shortly determined that the reason for this is Ryoga was depressed when he fired the shot, thus the effects of the massive perfect lion's roar shot, as the name translates, didn't work on him. However, when Ranma tried the shot, both Ryoga and Ranma were hurting each other with the other's lion's roar. Eventually however, Ryoga was more depressed than Ranma and thus overpowered him. Thus, the theorists concluded and the anime fans agreed that the effects of the shot by pass those who are depressed the most. Both also believed that if the target is more depressed than the shooter, then the ball of depressed ki can actually be caught as if the target was a little kid playing with a ball."

"But… but… but…" Ryoga said nervously.

"When was the last time you caused a computer to kill themselves?" Marvin stated. Ryoga backed away a little bit in shock. After regaining his bearings, he was setting up for the perfect shot. "Oh, by the way, not the entire universe hates you." Ryoga then suddenly gets slightly happy, thinking that Marvin means Akane since it looked like he and the Tendo girl were friends since last night.

"Really?" Ryoga happily asked as Marvin…


…tossed the shot back, causing Ryoga to fly through the door to the other side of the street.

"It's the insane ones and convicts that sympathize." Marvin said. He then saw that where the Tendos entrance was is now a gapping hole. "Sorry about that." Marvin said in a depressed tone.

"Oh, that's alright." Kasumi said. "We go through this everyday." Marvin then turned his head to an angel as if he were confused. Though you wouldn't know it because of a lack of facial expressions. "What is it?"

"I'm beginning to wonder if the universe was right about you." Marvin said as he straightened his head out.

"On some worlds, Kasumi means 'He/She who shrugs their shoulders and believes life goes on.'"

"Oh, that's nice."

"However, like the other names the guide has mentioned, it has an alternative meaning depending on the context. In this case, 'Are you a Kasumi,' 'Kasumi' means 'On meds,' or 'On Prozac' if on Earth."

"Oh… oh my." Kasumi said with some shock. "That doesn't sound nice."

"Yeah. Sorry about that, but most of the universe would usually freak out if their front door became easily accessible." Marvin said in his bored tone. "In fact, some are amazed that you keep smiling despite the fact that half the time, your kitchen and the rest of the house winds up looking like Swiss cheese."

"Oh, we face this everyday." Kasumi said sweetly. Marvin, if he could show expressions, just looked at her funny.

"And you just take it in stride?" Marvin asked.

"Oh, we have Ranma, Mr. Saotomae, and father should things go wrong."

"I think you're putting your faith in two people you shouldn't." On cue, Soun and Genma got really angry.

"What does that mean!" Soun said with a demon head.

"Yeah! We can kick some ass too you know!" Genma shouted back.

"Last time I checked, your son had you beat about at least 100 times and in most of the fights you're in, and Mr. Tendo, you just beg, plead, and put up no fight when the devil version of Haposai wanted your daughter." Marvin said sounding sad. "I could tell you what the universe thinks of the two of you as parents, but you won't like it."

"Although many of those in the Universe that have seen Ranma can't agree on whom Akane or Ranma should be with, they do agree that Soun and Genma make the Vogons more caring."

"Worse than… a 'Vogon?'" Soun asked shocked.

"Just what are those things anyway?" Genma said. Marvin then handed them the guide.

"Say 'Vogons.'"

"Vogons." The two friends said. Just then, an animation of a Vogon, a big, overweight, ugly looking alien, started playing.

"Although not evil, Vogons are the bureaucrats of the universe. They are strictly business and wouldn't even save their own mother unless the forms were filled out, shuffled to the front office, reshuffled back, lost on the way, found, lost again, re-found, then covered up, and eventually buried to be recycled at a later date."

"I'm… I'm worse than that?" Soun said sadly.

"I told you that you wouldn't like it, but no. You chose to ignore the one with a planet sized brain. I wouldn't be offended if it didn't keep happening." Marvin said sounding depressed.

"Humph! What does that book know anyway?" Genma said with his pride getting in the way. "I happen to know for a fact that with my upbringing my son will turn up great."

"Actually, there's a betting pool going on in my Universe on various planets that in 10 years from now, your son will wind up bald, fat, and lazy." Marvin replied in a detesting tone.

"Oh? But how if we're just a fictional TV show?" Kasumi asked with natural curiosity.

"Some planets make telescopes that peak in on alternate universes just for laughs, giggles, and bets. For some odd reason, some races feel better about themselves whenever they see people even they find dumb. That would explain reality TV."