The sight that the three saw was quite tragic. Sasuke was paler than normal. His breathing was heavy, even with the help of the oxygen mask. Sweat was collected up on his forehead, and he was shivering, even when he was under many blankets.

" you think Sasuke is going to be okay?" Sakura asked worriedly.

"Yes, I think he will, the doctors are doing all that they can to help, I'm sure he'll be fine," Kakashi said while ruffling Sakura's hair. Sakura gave a little smile. 'I sure hope your right Kakashi,' she thought to herself. They all sat there for a few hours and soon Sasuke's onyx eyes opened. The scanned the rom and noticed all three of them there.

"SASUKE! YOU'RE AWAKE!" Sakura exclaimed loudly.

"Please...stop head hurts..." Sasuke rasped. Sakura nodded as she backed away slowly, her lips tightly pressed together.

"How are you feeling Sasuke?" Kakashi asked planting his hand on Sasuke's forehead. He was still burning up, but, the fever was down a bit.

"Like head throat stomach hurts...and I can't feel my arms or legs..." he said. Kakashi gave a small nod in acknowledgment.

"Don't worry, you'll be okay soon enough," Kakashi said.

"I hope so sensei..I hope so.." Sasuke said as he drifted off to sleep.

It was three more days before Sasuke was able to return. Kakashi had come to pick him up from the hospital and take him home. He filled out the needed documents and grabbed all the medication as Sasuke waited for him in a chair nearby. He then walked to him.

"Come on Sasuke, we can go home now," Kakashi said smiling, even though it wasn't visible through his mask. Sasuke nodded and got up. He still stumbled on his feet, and coughed a few times, maybe th occasional nausea would overcome him at times, but to Kakashi he seemed better, although he didn't know Sasuke was only putting on an act.

The next day, it was the usual training in the forest clearing. Sasuke was acting like his normal 'I'm better then everyone' attitude. Kakashi was keeping a special eye on Sasuke though. He had a gut feeling that not everything was alright. Sasuke was still staggering and got dizzy as well, but he kept reassuring everything was okay, and he would be fine, but Kakashi didn't believe him one bit. Sasuke was ordered to only do light training like Shuriken targeting and such, and he listened. So right now he was just throwing Shuriken at a tree. After a few hours of his training yet again, he became dizzy falling to his knees panting heavily. Kakashi then rushed over to his side.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah...just..fine," Sasuke said, but then he passed out. Kakashi gave him a worried glance and then picked him up bridal style.

"I'm taking Sasuke home, keep practicing okay," Kakashi ordered to Naruto and Sakura . They nodded and Kakashi took sasuke home like planned.