Title: Black Sheep Malfoy

Author: Blackest Grim

Rating: M

Beta: crazy-lil-nae-nae

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor will I ever own it. So don't sue me, I'm bloody poor and have nothing to give you.

Summery: On Harry's 17th birthday he finds himself no longer looking like he once did, in fact, he doesn't even look like he is a 17-year-old Potter, but a 20-some year old black-haired, steel-eyed vampire. With his new appearance come memories that Harry Potter should not have if he is to be a savior, but who ever said that this new Harry will ever take up the name Harry Potter ever again?

Warnings: SLASH- male/male relationships. Dark-but-not-evil, Death Eater, Slytherin, and Vampire Harry. In this story Dumbledore will be the bad guy, if you did not guess that when I stated that Harry is going to be a DE I take pity on you and the readers of your stories...if you have any.

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Tongue of the snakes

A/n: This is written out of boredom with the fact that I have not had my computer for two weeks now (I'm on my laptop). Do not expect for this to be updated regularly as I'm going to be writing my other stories already posted as I now have access to them. But I will update this if it gets enough attention.

Chapter: Prologue (00)

The cool breeze dancing through the air brought little relief to the blistering temperature outside Privet Drive. The summer had been one of the hottest on record. During the day, it was rare to see children playing in a park, or in a yard. They, instead, chose to spend their time napping inside under a cool air conditioner when they weren't fighting for space in the local pool.

Lawns that were once beautiful and green and flowerbeds that were once teeming with all colors imaginable were now shaded a universal color of sickly brown. Women no longer donned their hats and smocks to tend the garden. Men no longer spent evenings visiting with family and friends around the grill. Insects buzzed on screen doors and windows through the evening and night. Their buzz was a bothersome distraction to a young man that lay in bed in the smallest bedroom of Number 4 Privet drive.

/We start/

As we begin this story we find a young man with unruly, jet-black hair and emerald-green eyes staring at the neon glow of the clock on his bedside table. You may wonder why he is focused on the device with such intensity. The reason happens to be quite simple. It is 11:57, three minutes until midnight, on his seventeenth birthday.

Again you may wonder why the age of 17 warrants such an action. You may think that there is nothing special about his turning 17. It is just another year, but for the fact that it is one year before he turns 18, and therefore becomes legally an adult.

I'll tell you that you are wrong.

You see, this young man is not ordinary. He is far from it, in fact. He was never normal, even among his own kind. You see, this young man is a wizard. Not just any wizard, but the Boy-who-lived, the chosen one. He is Harry Potter, savoir of the Wizarding world.

Still, you may wonder why Harry, even if he is a wizard, would be staring at a clock at 11:57 in to middle of the night. You see, in the Wizarding world, 17 in a very special birthday. It is when wizards and witches are considered legally adults, and when they come into their inheritance.

What is an inheritance you ask?

Once again I will answer you. A wizard or witch gains their inheritance when the power inside them is released, either making them stronger or doing nothing at all. To some, it is when the blood of a magical creature, like a Vampire, Veela, or even a Fay, comes to life. Rarer still, it is when it awakens a bond to a life mate.


"One minute to go..." Harry whispers to himself.

30 seconds…

20 seconds…

10 seconds…





5 seconds to go…





The once silent night is interrupted by a scream of pure pain. Harry Potter's pain.


A/n: The next chapters aren't going to be narrated like that, just to tell you.

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