Title: Black Sheep Malfoy

Author: Blackest Grim

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor will I ever own it. So don't sue me, I'm bloody poor and have nothing to give you.

Beta: crazy-lil-nae-nae

Summery: On Harry's 17th birthday he finds himself no longer looking like he once did, in fact, he doesn't even look like he is a 17-year-old Potter, but a 20-some year old black-haired, steel-eyed vampire. With his new appearance come memories that Harry Potter should not have if he is to be a savior, but who ever said that this new Harry will ever take up the name Harry Potter ever again?

Warnings: SLASH- male/male relationships. Dark-but-not-evil, Death Eater, Slytherin, and Vampire Harry. In this story Dumbledore will be the bad guy, if you did not guess that when I stated that Harry is going to be a DE I take pity on you and the readers of your stories...if you have any.

Parings: Lucifer/Severus, Lucius/Narcissa




Malfoy Tongue of the snakes

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Chapter: Hogs (02)

Lucifer looked around his medium-sized room feeling satisfied. He had found an apartment at the Three Broom Sticks. It wasn't too big, but it was just the right size for a one-night stay, and it was all he could afford without stopping by the bank. The walls were a bland green color, there was a bed in the middle of the floor against the wall in the middle of two small windows with a view of Hogwarts, a large black-oak wardrobe, and a second door leading to what he guessed is the bathroom.

He had made sure the manger hadn't seen his face under his hood, so she would take his appearance he was going to come up with later as his real one. Putting his cloak on the coat hanger beside the door he put every locking charm he knew on the door and windows, which, thanks to his Death Eater training, was a lot of work. After his safety measures, he went to the small bathroom to take a much-needed shower.

As he stepped out of the shower he couldn't help but sigh in relief. It seemed that the water went right through his wings, so he didn't need to clean them. Looking into the mirror that hung above the small, but thankfully clean, sink, he rubbed a hand on his chin, thankful that vampires didn't grow facial hair. As he moved his hand from his chin, a small goatee had formed there.

Looking at his eyes he blinked, and when he opened them again they were no longer Malfoy eyes but shining, violet jewels. Running a hand through his hair, he sighed as the black locks he was known for turned a reddened brunet, his goatee and any other hair on his body turned the color as well, "I look like an evil Weasley…"

Washing his face he turned his skin from an I've-never-been-in-the-sun pale to a sun kissed tan. Opening his mouth he made sure his fangs wouldn't be seen, and also made his lips smaller and less red. Standing back he looked over his form, he changed his 6'5" height to a shorter 5'10". He also made sure no one would see his very long, sharp claws.

"You're right dear," He looked up at the mirror as she spoke, "You do look like an evil Weasley."

He smirked at the floor, "Now all I need is to find a way to get rid of my wings…"

"What wings dear?"

He looked into the mirror in confusion, only to find that his wings were nowhere in sight, reaching back to feel them he found them gone, "They're gone!"

"Yes they are, but I think the Dark Mark on your arm is a bigger problem dear."

Lucifer's head shot up; "You aren't going to tell anyone, are you?"

The mirror seemed to smile at him, "No, I don't think I will. You have by far been the nicest person to me yet, Dark Mark or no."

Lucifer sighed, "Thanks." He knew that it was impossible for a mirror to lie, that's why they scarcely ever speak, unless the mirror is a rude mirror. Rubbing his mark he made sure that no one would ever be able to see it or detect it by any means, especially Dumbledore and Moody.

"That's better dear."

Lucifer nodded his head in silent agreement before taking a towel from the rack to dry off. Then, wrapping it around his waist, he left the bathroom and transformed some more of his old cloths to a nice pair of black silk pajamas. He made a mental note before slipping into bed that he needed to go shopping for clothes and stop at the bank in the morning.

With that last thought he fell asleep with very vivid dreams of him and his lovely raven, a smile coming across his face.

/next morning/

Click, click!

Lucifer groaned.

Click, click!

The vampire turned over in his bed, 'Damn bird, go away.'

Click, click!

With a furious hiss, Lucifer threw the covers aside and rose from his bed. As he stomped his way to the window, he cursed at the damn bird. Damn bird…

As he slammed the window open, a ruffled tawny brown owl flew into the room and fluttered to the bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Lucifer turned around and took the letter from the 'damn bird'.

The owl bit angrily at his hand, making Lucifer hiss at it. It shut up and settled for glaring at the vampire with big gold eye. Holding up the letter so that he could read it, he yawned tiredly. What he read woke him up, really fast:

'Mr. Lucifer D. Malfoy

Room Number 13

Three Broomsticks'

"How?" He flipped it over to find it sealed with the Hogwarts crest, "How did they find out?"

Ripping it open he read the contents:

'Dear Mr. Malfoy,

Hello Lucifer, it as been a while since you tried me on in your first year hasn't it? I am the Hogwarts Shorting Hat. It is my job to find the teachers for Hogwarts. I have chosen you to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, as it has been your best subject of late Harry. Yes I know who you are in both of your lives; I read your mind when you tried me on in your second year.

I also know what you are and who your mate is, but most of all I know what has happened to you. Because of this I will not tell Albus of who you really are, as he has been on my last nerve for that past few months.

You will be known as Napoleon, for your father, Matthew White. You went to a privet school in America and graduated with the best scores in your class, like you did at Hogwarts. You are 28, we want this to be convincing. It is your choice on who you tell I will not stop you. If you need help just send a letter to me, Albus can not interfere with my affairs or he will no longer be Headmaster, I choose that too.

I should tell you now that the Order has thousands of search parties out looking for Albus' golden little Pawn as Severus put it. Be at Hogwarts at August 25 to prepare for the start of school.


The Hogwarts Shorting Hat'

Lucifer fell down into the bed next to the owl, making it squawk and flutter to the bedpost. He ignored its angry hoot and started to laugh as he reread the last paragraph, 'Oh, isn't it going to be fun to tell Sev that the boy he has hated for six years is really his dominate mate!'

With a wave of his hand a paper and pen appeared in his other hand and he wrote his reply:

'Dear Hogs,

I am going to call you that from now on, 'kay? Thank you so much for setting all that up for me. You just saved a lot of my time. I will send letters to you under the pen name 'Midnight Wing' so that no one will find out about me if our letters are intercepted. See you August 25.


Midnight Wing'

He reread it before handing it to the owl, which flew off like it didn't want to spend another moment there. With a sigh Lucifer got dressed. He still needed to go shopping.

/Hogwarts, August 25/

Napoleon White looked up at the great doors before him. With one last sigh, he opened the door to the Great Hall, 'Time to face the music.'

When he entered he noticed that all the teachers had gathered there for the start of the school meeting, as Hogs called it in one of his later letters. He spotted his mate in the farthest and darkest corner from the large group of people in the middle of the floor, 'Just like him.'

Keeping his mask up he looked around for Dumbledore, spotting him near the center of the group, with a barely contained groan he made his way to the Headmaster, trying to touch as little people as possible. As he stepped up next to him Lucifer tapped him on the shoulder, 'I'm scrubbing my hand until it bleeds later.'

The slightly taller man, even to the vampire's true form, turned around to look down at him in confusion, "Do I know you young man?"

Lucifer frowned, "Um, no. I'm the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Leon White."

Lucifer froze as the Great Hall, which had been so loud you couldn't really hear yourself talk suddenly became so quiet that you could hear a quill drop, which Lucifer thought he might have.

Albus smiled at him and offered a hand, which Lucifer hesitantly took, "Don't worry about them young man, your position has a legend of being cursed."

There was a shout of, "It is!" Lucifer mirrored the thought in his head, knowing for a fact his master had indeed cursed the position when Dumbledore had forbade him from working in it.

The crazy headmaster didn't seem to hear them, as he continued with out flutter, "I'm sure that you will be welcomed greatly my boy, go around and talk." With that he turned around to finish a conversation with Minerva. The talking started up again.

No one seemed to want to talk to him. He tried being friendly with the members of the Order, he had to keep up with his mask, after all. He was a little put out that so many of them were now caught in the manipulative fools web. That meant that they were all fools as well as enemies.

Glaring at the floor he went to Severus' corner, at least he had a good reason to be in the Order, and drew up a chair, literally thanks to his new wand, and sat down not five feet from the younger vampire. Lucifer ignored the death glare he was getting from his mate and continued to glare at the floor.

Finally, it seemed that Severus couldn't stand it any more, so he spoke, hatred evident in every syllable, "Of all places to sit, why did you come over here White?"

With out looking at him Lucifer decided that he needed his mate too much to hide his true self from him any longer, "That's no way to speak to me, my Raven Beauty."

He heard Severus take in a breath of air, "Lucifer?"

Lucifer looked over his shoulder, and let his true eye color be seen, "Who else would be calling you that, love?"

Severus glared at him, "How dear you impersonate my- such a great man," the Potions Master looked ready to kill him.

Lucifer looked sadly at his mate, having caught the slip of tongue, "I thought you would at least feel our bond, love," he sighed and turned back to study his new colleges, "I did…"

Severus looked from the group of people gathered back to the person he was starting to believe was his mate, "Let's go to my rooms, I'd rather not talk about this here, White."

Lucifer smiled happily at him 'At least he is going to give me a chance to show to him who I really am', "Of course!"

/In front of Sev's chambers/

Severus looked at the man beside him, he looked like an evil version of a Weasley, a scary thought there, and yet, he smelled, felt, and spoke like his lover. With one last look he whispered the password and entered with Lucifer right behind him.

He motioned towards the couch in front of the warm fireplace. Lucifer got the point and sat down quietly. Severus excused himself for a moment, and the older vampire took this moment to take all of the spells that hid his true appearance off.

A few seconds later he heard a gasp, followed by the sound of thick glass hitting the floor and shattering The sent of fire whiskey and shock mixed with fear. He turned around to find his mate standing there, as if he just saw a ghost, as the muggles say.

He stood up and rushed towards him, "Sev? Are you ok?"

Severus did not answer him. Instead, he took a step towards him and lifted one pale hand, as if to touch Lucifer's face. Said vampire leaned forward, knowing that his mate needed the reassurance of him really being there, "Sev?"

Severus ran a hand down his mate's face, "You're really here, aren't you?"

Lucifer covered the hand on his face with one of his own, "Yes Sev, I'm really here, and I'm not going to leave you any time soon."

That was when the most hated Potions Master of Hogwarts and right hand man to the leader of the Inner Circle of the Dark Order leapt into his mate's arms, taking off all glammers as he went, and cried into his love's chest, "I thought you had died…"

Lucifer Malfoy, top Death Eater in the assassin circle, held him tighter than he ever did before, not wanting his mate to disappear. After a while of just standing there, enjoying each other's presence Lucifer held his mate back, looking him over, growing more aroused with every inch he studied.

Gone was the look of the old bat that taught and scared the living daylights out of his students, in was the 24-year-old looking man Lucifer was in love with. His hair fell at his waist in the blackest of black curls. His eyes didn't change, no, not at all. Black gems stared lovingly up at him, covered in think ebony lashes that stood out on his beautiful, pale skin.

Lucifer studied his smaller mate's body, small and lithe, but still very muscular from years of Death Eater training. Lucifer was glad that his mate had only a cute, medium sized nose, and not the hook-like on he wore in front of anyone but him. The last thing he stared at was blood red lips.

Leaning down he took those red lips into a passionate kiss, pulling Severus back towards him.