Fire Dweller.

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Summery: Mulder & Scully are off to Hawaii after hearing of a volcano-born creature, but are its intentions good or bad? Please R&R.

"Please remind me again why I allowed you to talk me into this?" Scully said through her fire-proof suit as she followed Mulder up to the mouth of Mt Kohala in Hawaii. "Admit it; you were curiousabout exactlywhat could make a volcanoappear to become activeafter over twelve thousand years of dormancy." Mulder replied in that expressionless way that he did when he knew that he was right. Scully remained reluctantly quiet, she hated the moments when she couldn't argue with him.

"Apparently, the locals have reported seeing something flying out of this very volcano." Mulder said as he summated the rumbling mountain & looked down into the mouth. "Excuse me?" Scully replied, her hands on her hips. "Mulder, no carbon-based life form could survive down there." "Why not? We've seen it before, haven't we?" "That was a fluke, an abnormality of nature!" Scully argued. "So, why can't the same be true here?" He replied,Scully opened her mouth to retort when the ground beneath them began to tremble violently. They begantheir decentas fast as they could without tripping, they gotten about one hundred yards from the mouth when something exploded out of it in a shower of lava & ash.