"You're looking quite gay today."
"Nya, I am gay today, Fuji."
Fuji and Eiji were jogging their laps together, talking as they spoke. Ryoma was near them while the rest of the team was pretty spread out.
"I think you could be the gayest person on the team, Eiji."
"No. You're the gayest one of us all."
A moment of silence passed between the two.
"Momo's looking pretty gay today, nya," Eiji commented as the power player ran past the two of them.
"You know, Eiji, you're right."
"I wonder why. He and Kaidoh have been getting along pretty well lately."
Another moment of silence passed.
"Nya, Kaidoh could be gay. I mean, there has to be reason why he and Momo haven't been fighting."
"Inui's been looking pretty gay as well. Maybe there's a connection?" Fuji suggested.
"You don't think-?" Eiji trailed off. Fuji nodded. "Nya, so that's why they've been staying after practice so much lately."
"Oh? You noticed that too?"
"I was waiting for Oishi the other day and he was running late and I heard them talking."
"Why were you waiting for Oishi?"
"He was staying over at my house, nya, since his parents were going out of town all weekend."
"Ah. Did you have fun?"
"Of course. Though I had trouble getting falling asleep. Nya, Oishi's really loud," Eiji answered as they started their last lap. Once they finished this one, they could go home.
"Tezuka's the same way. I can never get him to be quiet and my sister or one of my parents will come in and just give us a very disapprovingly look. Well, my sister will just ask him to be quieter," Fuji agreed, sighing. "You would never believe just how loud he can get."
"My brothers go sleep in the living room whenever Oishi comes over."
"Yuuta's sworn that he will never come home when Tezuka is visiting," Fuji stated. "Our captain scared him."
"Nya, what happened?" Eiji wondered.
"Let's just say Tezuka was a little aggressive. I think he was sore for a week. I know I was bruised for several days."
"So that's where all those bruises came from. Nya, Tezuka is aggressive."
The two were finished and headed to the club room to get changed.
"Hey, Echizen, you okay?" Momo asked, putting a hand on the shorter boy's shoulder.
"I think I just heard something I wasn't supposed to," Ryoma said quietly, practically running away.
Eiji and Fuji came out of the clubroom a few minutes later.
"Eiji, you never did explain why you're so happy today," Fuji pointed out.
"Oh, it's because I got a perfect score on that test, nya," Eiji answered. "I thought I was gonna fail it."

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Momo, Kaidoh, and Inui were practicing and perfecting new moves. Oishi snores. Tezuka likes pillow fights.
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