Naruto: Children of the Ninja

By Hikari Dohjutsu

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Full Summary- The Ninja we have all grown to love have become adults with children of their own. It has been 20 years since the betrayal of Sasuke Uchiha. He is still yet to return. Suddenly a boy appears claiming to be Sasuke Uchiha Jr.! He has no idea who is mother is. The boy appears in time to make it to genin rank. Naruto leaves the Village in the final attempt to retrieve Sasuke. But the ninja world is reaching the brink of war as an Empire rises from the North quickly overpowering all who dare to oppose them. The Empress seems to have a relationship with Konoha. It's up to the 2nd generation to stop this menace.

I warn you this is a loooooong story. First of all in my story the Akatsuki was disbanded destroyed by the great shinobi nations but resulting in many deaths including Jiraiya and Sai with only Itachi and a young Earth-nin escaping. As soon as Sasuke became strong enough he slaughtered the whole of sound including Orochimaru. He than vanished and hasn't been seen since. There is a reason for all of the pairings! Even if you are not a fan please bear with me you will see there is a method to the madness! Just take a close look at the main characters and as the story progresses you will see! The story progress a little slowly but gets very interesting when you move on! It has humor, romance, action, and angst. Please enjoy the story!

Naruto: Children of the Ninja

By Hikari Dohjutsu


Disclaimer: Let me make this very clear. I do not own Naruto! But I do own Haruka and Haku Uzumaki the o.c's. and the plot of this story

The moon shined incandescently in the inky black sky, completely unaware of the furious battle taking place beneath it.

Kiba Inuzuka was completely surrounded in a sea of Itachi Uchiha's shadow clones. Hinata was fending off what was supposed to be the original by their base. "Akamaru you okay?" Kiba asked his longtime companion as he continued to fight off the powerful replicas. "Yeah," Akamaru mumbled back, gaining the ability of speech a while back.

Both were completely unaware that Hinata was really fighting off a replica.

Itachi Uchiha silently and expertly combined his Amaterasu with his kunai, and threw it at Kiba's back.

Hinata, who had her Byakugan activated, just barely saw the kunai flying , almost gracefully, through the air. She didn't have time to think, her legs just started moving. It seemed as though time was passing in slow motion.

She couldn't let Kiba die, he was her friend and her teammate.

There was a resounding explosion in the forest.

Shino turned to face Shizune. Shizune had accompanied the team as an extra medical nin along with Hinata, Shino, and Kiba.

Shino and Shizune had left Hinata and Kiba so that they could scout the surrounding enemy territory.

Both ninja nodded and headed through the maze of pine, towards the direction of their base camp.

Kiba looked behind him to see Hinata had taken a serious blow from the real Itachi Uchiha.

And she had done it to save him. If she was hurt, he would never be able to forgive himself.

"HINATA!" Kiba cried out.

Itachi looked down at the woman at his feet and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Kiba, who had completely forgotten about Itachi, picked her up and place her atop Akamaru.

"Is she going to be alright?' Akamaru asked in his gruff way.

Kiba looked down at her still form and shook his head. "I don't know" Kiba muttered, his voice cracking as he looked down at her pale face.

"Kiba!" Said person turned around to find Shino and Shizune running toward him.

Shizune with her medical nin instincts, quickly knelt down next to Hinata. Shino however turned to Kiba.

"What happened?" Shino questioned quietly.

"Itachi Uchiha attacked us," Kiba clenched his fist in anger.

Shino's eyebrows were raised below his hood. "Didn't he die in the destruction of the Akatsuki?"

Kiba shook his head no, "He was one of the two who survived,"

"This can only mean trouble," Shino muttered more to himself.

Kiba turned to Shizune, "Can you help her Shizune?" Kiba asked an edge of hope to his voice.

Shizune shook her head no, and the night suddenly seemed a lot colder.

"Well what's going to happen to her?!" Kiba yelled.

Shizune looked down, "The Amaterasu is known as the fire that is so hot it will burn for three days, somehow he attached the affect to the kunai so now she is burning on the inside,"

"Is there something anyone can do for her?" Shino asked, Kiba was the silent one this time.

"There isn't enough time," Hinata stirred below them.

"No," Kiba yelled fiercely, as he looked down at his teammate, "We won't let you die here!"

"Kiba, it's okay," Hinata smiled gently, "I love you guys, I really do," Hinata coughed, "You guys have always been there for me and I'm glad I've done something for you," Hinata lifted her head a bit, "Tell Naruto I love him, and tell him to watch over the kids,"

she eyed her three friends intently, "Not a single one of you should blame yourselves, if you do I'll come back to haunt you," She laughed lightly, expressing some of the humor she had learned from Naruto, "It's not your fault, this is our way of life, I repeat it is not your fault," She lied her head against Akamaru's soft white fur, "Funny, right before I die I get rid of my stuttering problem,"

Not a single one of her comrades cracked a smile, tears were streaming down Shizune's face. "Take care of Haruka and Haku, "she coughed out again, "And take care of yourselves, tell Naruto I love him," she reminded them. Then the lilac glow left her eyes, and her eyelids fell shut. Akamaru howled, a mourning howl, at the moon. Kiba, Shino, and Shizune dropped their heads in respect. Hinata Uzumaki was dead.

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