By Ticklesivory


The darkness had been defeated.

The ten-year Sith War had finally come to an end, and although the Jedi were ultimately victorious, the effects of the long-term struggle were felt over all the galaxy.

Once numbering in thousands, the Jedi had been reduced to hundreds, the Sith searching out and eliminating any Force sensitives they could find, destroying the outlying Temples on Dantooine and Alvaris as well.

And although the previous dark presence in the Force was no longer seen, the high council of the Jedi felt the need to replenish their numbers in order to ensure the future of not only the Jedi, but the galaxy itself.

An edict therefore comes forth from the existing Temple on Coruscant, issued by the hand of Master Yoda himself.


Effective immediately, all Jedi padawan males reaching their eighteenth standard year are to participate in procreation training and practice in order to secure the survival of the Jedi and peace to the galaxy.

Signed: Masters Yoda, Windu, Gallia, Mundi, Poof, and Billaba


Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Padawan to Qui-Gon Jinn stood outside the initiate dining hall of the Coruscant Temple, staring up at the Padawan Announcement board.

For a few tens now, the rumors had spread throughout the temple, but seeing the words with his own eyes was shocking. His mouth gaped open as he re-read them.

The teenage padawan gulped loudly as his friend Garen passed by, clapping him soundly on the back, accompanied by hearty laughter.

Apparently, the joke was on Kenobi. He was the first of his yearmates to come of age, and it was no secret amongst his peers that Obi-Wan's eighteenth naming day was tomorrow.